What Is a Persuasive Speech & How to Create One

What Is a Persuasive Speech & How to Create One



A persuasive speech is when you are trying to get the audience to do something.


This type of speech is different than the lecture style.

  • With the lecture style, you are giving them an explanation of a topic.
  • With the comedy style, your goal is to make them laugh.
  • And with the anecdotal style, your goal is to tell them more about yourself.


With the persuasive speech, our goal is to get them to do something or see the world in a new way.

This speech style is powerful.

Movements are built via persuasion.


Try to Convince One Person Rather Than a Group


When a speaker typically designs a persuasive speech, they try to appeal to a group too much.

And it makes sense.

An audience is staring at them, so why not appeal to the audience?


Here’s why:

  • When you talk to a group, your words become scattered and weak.
  • When you talk to one person, your words become powerful.


Here’s the irony:

  • Once you successfully convince 1 person, you’ll end up convincing most of the group!


When creating your persuasive speech, think:

‘I don’t need everyone to agree with me. But if I am able to even change one person’s mind, then my speech was a success.’


Bring in the Facts!


No one likes a speaker who comes with their feelings and that’s it.

You want to come with some data or at least some case studies.


There was a movement in my last company where the workers really wanted to wear jeans and a shirt to the company every day rather than just a Friday.


It’s hard to get raw data on why that change should be accepted.

How do you exactly measure the desire to adopt a certain wardrobe with numbers?


In this case, look at other companies who made the change.

What are the workers’ happiness levels like?

Does happiness lead to more productivity?


Draw connections in a reasonable way.


A lot of the time, you are explaining your opinions and feelings.

But don’t let the audience know that.

Bring credibility to your opinion by coming with hard numbers and case studies.


Don’t Only Bring in the Facts!


Some speakers get into the trap of reciting facts like a boring schoolteacher.

Movements are not built on facts alone.

Sure, facts will lend credibility to your movement.


However, the feelings will take you to the promise land.


I think the most persuasive people are the ones who actually believe in their message.

I’m not a big fan of brand ambassadors who don’t use the products.


Imagine a guy who is a brand ambassador of an alcohol company but doesn’t drink.

Is he really going to believe in the alcohol brand?

I doubt it.


Something about him will always seem phony.


The workers who wanted to wear jeans and t-shirts throughout the entire week truly believed in their message.

They weren’t children in school.

So, why should they be forced to wear a uniform?


Once they had conviction for their message, the passion permeated throughout their voice.

Their tonality became beautiful and hooked others.


The Broken School System


For one of my speeches in Toastmasters, I talked about why the current school system was messed up.

The problem was there were too many quizzes, tests, and homework assignments.

This setup doesn’t lay the groundwork for a practical understanding of a field.


I suggested we get rid of quizzes, tests, and homework assignments to bring in projects.

The student is in charge of 1 big project that they must deliver at the end of the semester.


In the process of building this project, they will consume the relevant lectures and network with the right people.


For example:

Let’s say the student wants to be an engineer.

Have him build 1 functioning project at the end of the semester.


He’ll have a few months to focus single-mindedly on one goal.

Let’s say he wants to build a radio.


That year, he will have to network with other students to learn which parts to get.

He will strategically enter lectures that talk about capacitors and diodes.

He will consume the right YouTube videos to bring him closer to the goal.


Now, the intangible concepts come to LIFE.

This strategy is a better use of the teacher’s time and the student’s time.


Most university teachers hate grading papers because they were hired by the university to research, not be a professor.

If they can go back to mainly researching, and teaching lectures where the students actually want to be there, then all parties win!


My persuasive speech was to convince the audience:

  1. Our current school system sucks.
  2. We need a new school system.
  3. The new school system solution is to discard homework, quizzes, and tests for 1 functioning project due at the end of the semester.


Follow this blueprint for building a persuasive speech:

  1. Identify what is wrong.
  2. State what you envision to be right.
  3. Explain how to go from 1 to 2.


Persuade Your Wife!


Your wife wants Taco Bell while you want Chipotle.

Tonight’s your date night, so y’all have to eat at the same place.


Chipotle has been getting a lot of backlash recently.

Your wife is scared by their small portion sizes.


You’ve been craving Chipotle all week.

How do you convince your wife to give up her Taco Bell for Chipotle?


Convince one person so you can convince many.


‘Sweetheart, check your app. They gave me a coupon for a free guac. Did you get one too?’

She did.


‘Okay, let’s also pull out our phones when they make our bowl. I’ve been hearing if they see you recording, then they don’t skimp.’


Reasonable suggestion.

Your wife is intrigued.

Slowly, your persuasion is getting her to change her mind.


If you lean too much toward facts, then it’s a lecture.

If you lean too much towards emotions, then it’s entertainment.

Once you find the middle ground, you have a persuasive talk in the making.


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