What Causes Writer’s Block & How to Overcome It!

What Causes Writer’s Block & How to Overcome It!


Writer’s block is caused by applying physical rules to the mental world.

Big mistake with an easy fix.


In this talk, you will learn what every creator experiences at one point or another.

They ask:

‘Is this it? Am I done with my ideas?’


Hopefully, you use this moment as a test to increase your willpower & build creativity.

Each time you overcome writer’s block, each time you become a content powerhouse.


Learning how to overcome writer’s block is not only a creative act…

It also does wonders for your confidence & helps build an abundance mindset.


But wait!!


I’m getting carried away.

Writer’s block is caused by applying physical rules to the mental world.

That seems like a bold statement.

Allow me to break it down.


Rules of the Physical & the Mind


In the physical world, space, time, and causation exist.

In the mental world, anything we desire exists.


For example, in the physical world, I cannot see a dragon.

But mentally, I can picture a dragon blowing flames.

In the mental domain, there are no rules.


what causes writer's block


One mistake that creators make is having a scarcity mindset towards ideas.

Naturally, that’s how you are programmed.


If you keep eating Frosted Flakes, then eventually it will run out, right?

‘Yep, that’s right.’

And it’s easy to superimpose that belief to ideas.


If I keep creating ideas, then I will run out like my Frosted Flakes!

Limiting belief.


That’s like asking how much a letter weighs.

You do not weigh letters.

Letters are mental tools used to communicate a message.

Avoid superimposing physical rules to the mind…


How to Overcome Writer’s Block


‘Okay, now I see why writer’s block is caused. But what do I do about it?’

You create anyways.

‘But I’m out of ideas.’

That’s what you think.


Writing when you think you are out of material is what allows the paradigm to flip.

This is when you will stop foolishly cross applying the laws of physics to the mental world.


‘What if I don’t write?’

Then you succumb to gravity, my friend.

You have fallen back into a scarcity mindset.


I get it though…


It’s difficult to create when you feel out of it.

If you’re vomiting, then I get why you want to sit this one out.


But if your main excuse is:

“I have nothing to say.”

Then write anyways, bud.


Lighting Fast


Creativity is born from the lack of planning.

Planning works great with logic.

But with creativity, it’s smart to pull the trigger and begin.


‘What’s that anchor which holds me back from writing freely?’



A part of you thinks that others are going to judge your work.

But remember, others will not see your work until you hit publish.


The material does not exist in their consciousness.

Your unpublished writing is as real to them as a dragon in the visible world.

So, this shame is an illusion.


Great writers use their bodies as a compass.

During the process of pulling the trigger and writing, the body will give STRONG sensations.

Work alongside those sensations.


Feel the sensations physically, and your mind will be guided.

Create the narrative that what you write will be burned after.

This narrative bypasses the feeling of shame.


Or create a scenario where if you don’t write a page in 30 minutes, then your laptop will explode.

Envision your arms handcuffed to the laptop until the assignment is complete.


If you can’t even do that…

Then just start a timer & write.


To be safe, divide whatever you THINK it’ll take you to write by 2.

If you gave yourself 20 minutes to write a page.

Give yourself 10 minutes instead.

The surge in the body will rise & prompt you into action.


Taking Precautions Against Writer’s Block


Thus far, we talked about how to overcome the illusion of writer’s block with action.

Now let’s talk about taking the right precautions.


Micro moves in your physical world will influence your mental world.

  • If you have a sloppy posture while creating, it will feel tough to create.
  • If you are super dehydrated while creating, it will feel tough to create.
  • And if you keep masturbating, it will feel tough to create.


Do more activities that help you feel like the spirit & fewer activities that make you feel like matter.

When you feel like the spirit, you are boundless & infinite.

Activities to feel like the spirit are to read more, practice meditation, do a fun hobby, ethically make some money, etc.


Activities to feel smaller are:

Keep jerking off, drink nonstop alcohol, eat greasy ass food, etc.


Spirit activities allow you to feel like information.

As information, you are using the mind & body as tools that allow you to create.


Leverage Play to Cure Writer’s Block


Finally, create something which is an extension of you.

This allows for congruence.


A dancer who is talking about fidget spinners will be burnt out real quick.

That’s because they are doing mundane research & work to create.

For them, it’ll always feel like they ‘have to’ research.


But a dancer who is talking about dancing will use each content piece to feel more like the spirit.

Better attitude, stronger posture, abundance mindset towards ideas, etc.

Find topics that allow you to feel whole, not topics that make you feel like a fraud.


To find these topics, look to your joys or fears.

Joy topics are material that already excites you.

Fear topics are material that scares you.


Become the Prolific Writer


This is the Golden Era of creativity.

There are opportunities to write blogs, books, tweets, and much more!

Content is the fuel of a storytelling business.


Never run out of ideas again.

Tame the mind, tame the body & tell your story with confidence & swag.


You’ll realize the more ideas you create, the more ideas you are capable of creating.

Turn the mundane into magic.


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