The Power of Documenting your Life Story

The Power of Documenting your Life Story


The first time I learned about documentation was when I started a 90-day workout program called p90x.

At first, I thought the program was a scam.


But a friend said I should try it out.

He bought the program and said I could participate with him for free.


The program recommended that we take progress pictures.

So… I began to take pictures.


Not going to lie.

I looked ugly as shit with my shirt off.

Was bloated looking & had no definition.


I took the pictures anyway.


6 weeks pass on by and I still look fat.

I was furious.


This program had us jumping up and down and I was not seeing any progress?



As a few more weeks went by, that’s when I began seeing something:

  • Transformation.

The more I saw the transformation, the more I was invested in the program.


Once 8 weeks turned into 12 weeks…

The pictures crystalized into a stunning evolution.

I couldn’t believe it!

P90x worked.


That moment showed me the importance of documenting your life story.

It can be public.

Or it can be private.

How you do it is up to you.


Why This is the Golden Era of Documenting your Progress


The p90x story was from 2012.

That’s when smartphones were getting more advanced.

But it still wasn’t as advanced as it is today.


When I was taking those pictures, the lighting was awful and it was in my bathroom.

Glamorous, I know.


Nowadays, information technology has seen a major metamorphosis.

It’s a night and day difference from 2012.


It’s much easier to have the setup on your phone to document your progress.

Whether it’s in video form.

Or whether it’s in writing form.


If you follow me on Twitter, I have a simple philosophy for content creation:

Give advice to my younger self.


Not only do we have great information technology to document our progress.

We also have social media that is easy to set up to aid in documentation.

And not only that…but by documenting your progress, it becomes easy to inspire others along the way.


The Forgetful Brain


documenting your life story


Let’s say you’re one of those guys who is already working on a habit.

You’re doing some sort of workout program to change your physique.

You of all people should experiment with documentation.


Here’s the funny thing about the brain:

It tends to underestimate progress or flat out forget it!!


If I did not have the original picture of myself looking like a fat tub of shit, then I would have completely undermined when I became ripped.

The forgetful brain would have been like:

‘I’m sure you looked like that in the beginning. Maybe you made a little change, but not much.’


The brain thinks like this because of a built-in negativity bias.

The negativity bias tends to undermine progress for survival reasons.

Documenting transformation allows you to remain aware of the facts, not skewed memories of the past.


Creating a Tribe 1 Step at a Time


I initially started the ArmaniTalks Twitter page for fun.

I restarted the Toastmaster’s program and wanted to document my insights on public speaking.


Little did I know, people from around the planet wanted to learn more about public speaking.

They were sliding in my DMs and asking for book recommendations.

Back then, I didn’t even know about public speaking book recommendations!

If they were to ask me nowadays, I’d refer them to my public speaking guide, Speaking Wizard, of course!!


By documenting my life story at the time with public speaking, others naturally got curious.

Once they got curious, they contacted me.

And once they contacted me, they asked how to work with me.


This is an attraction marketing based approach.


With content, you can follow a similar philosophy no matter which platform you’re on.

Whether it’s YouTube.


Blogging etc.


Content flows out when you are documenting rather than pretending to be someone you’re not.

Which is a translation for:

  • Aim to master the skillset that you are creating content on.


Private / Public Method


I never shared my progress pictures of p90x with anyone.

I posted my final picture on Instagram and that was about it.

You can follow me on Instagram here.


With body transformation, I took the private route.


On the other hand, when trying to improve my impromptu speaking, my strategy is different.

If you follow me on YouTube, then you’ll see that I am often talking about topics without any preparation.

No edits, cut scenes, or anything like that.

It is simply me aiming to master the skillset of impromptu speaking and recording 1 video at a time.


With impromptu speaking, I took the public route.


Your route will depend upon you.

Maybe you want to start private and one day go public.


I know people who do not feel comfortable publishing YouTube videos to an audience.

So, what they do is they create a private YouTube channel.

And they track their progress from there.


Journal for Documenting your Life Story


One great way to document your life story is by journaling.

Through journaling, you turn your mind into words.

And freeze those words in time.


It helps to read your past journal entries to see how far you have come.


I don’t know about you, but a lot of journals in the market seem great for writing.

But are not optimized for reading back old entries.

Too rigid!!


It’s time to change that.

How dope would it be if a journal looked and felt like a book?


Well, you’re in luck!

I released a journal that looks and feels like a book which is optimized for you to document your life story!

The journal is called:


In Story Mode, you will be given:

  • 365 blank lined pages.
  • Crisp paper for a seamless writing experience.
  • A durable cover with a beautiful design.
  • Plus, a book-like feel for an awesome reading experience!


– ArmaniTalks ????️????

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