The Intelligence of the Heart


One of the best things about hitting rock bottom is that you begin viewing life from a new lens.

You start seeing that there is a world past your ego.


Rock bottom is different for different people.

But one common factor is emotional pain.


We were hit with a sudden level of trauma from the external world.

This shook up our reality & we ended up getting a reality check.


There are 2 options at this point.

  1. Run away from the emotional pain.
  2. Run towards the emotional pain.


Running away isn’t too difficult.

It just requires you to distract yourself via different vehicles.

Overconsumption of tv, alcohol, drugs, etc.


Running towards the pain?

That’s where it gets difficult.

It’s a bumpy ride that can come with a lot of doubts.

But if you delve into the pain, you will be rewarded a gift.


‘And what is that gift?’

Unlocking the intelligence of the heart.


Yes, your heart is smart.

And very smart at that.

The heart has a different level of intelligence that the brain can’t fathom.

When you learn to lead with your heart, you’ll often notice your brain being provided ADDED energy.


Today, you will learn what heart intelligence is & how to unlock its power.

Let’s get it.


intelligence of heart


What is Heart Intelligence?


HearthMath Institute is an organization that provides practical research and insights into the heart.

They define heart intelligence as:

The flow of awareness, understanding, and intuition we experience when the mind and emotions are brought into coherent alignment with the heart.


The 4 fundamental forces of nature include:

  1. Gravity
  2. The weak force.
  3. The strong force.
  4. Electromagnetism.


‘Okay, and?’

Well, the heart is one of the strongest generators of electromagnetic energy within our body.

Electromagnetics is the study of electric charges and magnetic forces.


And guess what?


The heart is 100x electrically + 5000x magnetically stronger than the brain.


This whole time, we have been placing the brain to be the leader, but can there be a new way of living your world?

Let’s see.


Why The Heart is Important


If you are someone who has ever felt massive emotional pain, then you notice that you felt very strong sensations in your heart.

And when you felt those strong sensations, you became grounded.

You became present.


The reason that this happened was that you were momentarily stripped of your untamed ego.

The ego became tamed.


Your ego is a dualistic entity.

It thinks in good or bad realms.


The ego operates within the realm of time.

Its the job of the ego to think in the past or future.

Very rarely does it stay in the present.


Also, the untamed ego is an illusion.

It gives you the illusion that you are separate from the world.

And the more you believe you are separate, the more you view yourself in an overly special light.

You start to believe your own hype too much.


Rock bottom has the ability to tame your ego.

Whether it was you getting fired, backstabbed, robbed, etc.

You are FORCED out of the past + future and bought into the present moment.

That’s where the heart comes in.


The heart is not a dualistic force.

It is neutral.

It lives in the present.


If you have a coin, there are 3 sides.

‘3?? I thought there were 2 sides.’

Nah, look closer.


  • Heads.
  • Tails.
  • Edge of the coin.


The ego resides on the heads & tails.

The heart resides on the edge.


This is why the heart is powerful. It sees reality for what it is, rather than the false illusion that the ego presents.

When you can LEVERAGE the heart, it becomes a magnifier for the brain.

The question is how?


Cultivating Heart Intelligence


Heart, Mind, Emotional Intelligence, Eq, Iq


If you are someone who is currently going through rock bottom, then it is the PERFECT time to build heart intelligence.

But if you aren’t going thru anything significantly bad right now, all good.

Heart intelligence can still be cultivated.


The reason heart intelligence can be built during rock bottom is because you are already feeling strong sensations in your chest.

Your potential for awareness is high.


All you need to do is FEEL the sensations.

FEEL the sensations as you go through the emotional roller coasters.

Feeling the sensations allows you to be in the present moment & turn the pain into energy.


And if you are not feeling pain, then guess what?

You can still cultivate heart intelligence.


Slow your breath down.

The more your breath slows down, the more you get out of your head & into the present moment.


My favorite is ninja breathing.

Ninja breathing is when you SILENCE your breath.

If you can hear your breath, then you are doing it wrong.


Pure silence.

It should be comfortable.

Once you have a silent AND comfortable breath, you have engaged the diaphragm.

Ninja mode: Activated.


Now bring your awareness to your heart.

It helps if you put your palm on the heart to bring added awareness.

Where you put your awareness is where you put your energy.

So this allows you to build a connection with the heart.


I recommend silencing your breath & bringing your awareness to the hearth throughout the day.

As you get started, you can just do 2 minutes a day to build a practice.


But over time, try to check in with your heart multiple times in the day.

It has a lot of benefits.

Let’s talk about a few.




Benefits of Heart Intelligence


When you build heart intelligence, you remain grounded.

You operate through the awareness of the heart & allow the energy of the heart to supply the brain.

This is a 180 shift in the current way that you’re living.


Most of us operate through the intelligence of our brains.

Which isn’t a bad thing.

But for me, I rather choose the force that is 5000x stronger.


A few benefits of heart intelligence include:


Less Anxiety


It’s hard to feel anxiety when you are living in the present moment.

You take life for what it is & roll with what you are presented.


Rather than thinking way too much, you think when you have to.

And your thinking becomes clearer.


Enhanced Creativity


Heart intelligence unlocks your creativity.

You typically have the most amount of creativity when you are focused on your internal world, not your external world.

That means you are focused on impressing yourself, not the crowd.


This allows you to harness the energy from within & operate from new thought patterns.

The heart intelligence brings you within, and the physical sensations unlock your fire.


Thicker Skin


I feel bad for those who turn to the bottle during rock bottom.

But I get it, sometimes the pain can be very strong.


However, if you use this as an opportunity to connect with the heart, you will feel supercharged all around your body.

You’ll feel like you unlocked limitless energy within & build a thick skin.


  • Thin skin = When the external world is stronger than the internal world.
  • Thick skin = When the internal world is stronger than the external world.


More Compassion


The ego is responsible for judging.


Because you see yourself as a separate force from the world.


However, when you start seeing the edge of the coin, you are able to work with the dualistic forces of the world.

This allows you to be more compassionate towards others.


Not only will you accept their strengths.

But you’ll become more tolerant of their flaws as well.

That is because you are more grounded as a person.


See Life Thru A New Lens


Glasses, Reading Glasses, Spectacles, Eye Wear, Reading


Overall, the intelligence of the heart is a powerful force.

A force that we often learn in the real world.


The school system thrives off tests & grades.

And in order to do well in tests & get high grades, we must master the art of seeing right & wrong.


In the real world, we need a strong moral compass.

But there are a lot of gray areas as well.


Anytime human emotions are involved, gray areas are bound to emerge.

Black & white thinking, unfortunately, won’t do it.

We won’t always be able to see right & wrong.


That’s where the intelligence of the heart comes in.

It will allow us to become stronger than the hectic world that we operate in.


The pain will never go away.

But eventually, we will train ourselves to find the silver lining.

The silver linings allow the strongest people to keep becoming stronger.


Unlock the intelligence of your heart.


– ArmaniTalks 🎙️🔥


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