Telling your Story in this Noisy World

Telling your Story in this Noisy World

The modern world is noisy.

Especially in the age where it seems like focus levels are plummeting and attention is becoming a coveted source.

How do you stand out in this world?

If you’re like many people, you don’t necessarily want to stand out.

You want to be the WHOLE you.

Being the whole you has you attracting the right people into your tribe. Whether it’s offline or online.

But how?

You become the authentic you by learning to tell your story.

‘MY story? But I’m just an average person. Why would anyone want to hear what I have to say?’

That’s the thing…

You’re just an average person in your eyes…for now.

But what you consider average is what someone else considers authentic.

Learning to tell your story is the ultimate skill set to attract winners into your life.

And the more you tell your story, the more you rewire your perception towards you.

Let’s talk about what it means to be your own hero.

The Importance of Telling your Story

What is a story exactly?

It’s one of those words that are up for interpretation.

But let’s keep it simple.

A story is a series of ideas.

And typically, the story we are familiar with contain a character, conflict & lesson.

That’s it.

Now if you break that down, you are a walking story with that definition.

  • You are a series of ideas. Aka, going about your day to day, year to year activities.
  • The character is none other than yourself.
  • Conflicts? I’m sure you face A LOT of them as you mature.

But the lesson….

Ah, the lesson.

‘What about the lesson bro?’

Well, we are the character who faces conflicts. But often times, we do not seek the lesson.

That’s an unfinished story.

Imagine if you pay money to watch a movie in the theaters.

And the movie leaves you on the cliffhanger to end the movie. No part 2 or anything.


How would you feel?

‘I would feel like I got ripped off!’


Yet we are constantly leaving the story unfinished in our life.

The importance of telling our story is that we learn to finish each chapter with grace. The character never changes.

But the conflicts and lessons do.

And that is what keeps us moving forward.

The Art of Being Real

It’s harder to be real than being fake.

Sometimes, we are fake on autopilot.

Picture the way you talk to your best friend vs talking to the head of your company.

Way different.

You aren’t talking differently for malicious reasons. It’s just that different people get different sides of you.

Whether you are aware or not.

In this chaotic world, finding the real you is one of the bravest things you can do.

But you don’t just find the real you by sitting on your ass & hoping it presents itself.

You find the real you by creating the real you.

Michaelangelo used to talk about how he would see the full sculpture already existing beneath the block.

All he had to do was chisel off the extra to give rise to the sculpture.

We need to do the same.

In order to learn how to tell your story, you need to have the INTENTION to keep chiseling off the extra elements to you.

Over time, you will begin to learn who you were all along.

Ideas, concepts & your personality are always evolving.

And that’s what makes the journey of life fun.

Finding Inspiration in the Mundane

The thing is, a story has a lot to do with perception.

It’s more of an internal act on how we feel vs just an entity that’s existing out there.


Let me explain.

When we watch a horror movie, how do we feel?

‘I feel scared as shit.’

But you know the people in the movie are just actors, right? The horror is not really occurring. It’s all an act.

‘I know bro. But internally, I still FEEL scared.’

Ah, so your feeling is what is real to you.

In terms of telling your story, you need your feelings to be a compass to a certain degree.

You don’t want to overdo it to a point where facts are nonexistent to you. Then you come off like an unhinged clown.

But you want to let your feelings guide you into spotting the stories in your life.

Something as small as waiting in the traffic can turn into a story when you approach it with the right perception.

Observe the feelings of anger & how the mind/body is creating narratives for you.

Why are all these people on the road exactly when I am on the road.

Don’t these people know I have a meeting to get to?

What’s worse, the super cold weather or traffic?


The feelings are creating the conflict FOR you.

You already have the character part figured out.

Therefore, your goal is to start finding the lessons in the mundane.

That’s how you close the loops of your mini-stories and not only become a better storyteller but wiser.

In this case of traffic:

Character: You

Conflict: Rage regarding the traffic

Lesson: I can use this time to listen to a podcast that can help me inspire my business

You get the drift.

Private -> Public Transition

Telling your story often starts of something you do with yourself.

But the more you practice, the more you want to showcase your skills to others.

Some people like to stay to themselves, I get that.

But others are lowkey wondering if the world will be interested in their message.

And want to know something?


They will be interested.

Not everyone though. And you don’t want everyone to be interested.

That means you are just saying what has always been said or you’re continuing to be fake.

Authenticity often breeds polarization.

When you put yourself out there on a public domain via a blog, YouTube, Twitter etc…

Not everyone will like you. And that’s great for you. Because it makes room for the people who love you.

The ArmaniTalks brand discusses how you can build confidence through communication skills.

I know people who have 0 desire to learn about that.

They consider themselves great communicators & confident as is. Cool.

But there are other groups of people who are more than curious to learn about my specialized experiences so they can draw lessons into their experiences.

Others can do the same for you.

One of the best times to tell your story is when you’re skill-building.

I’ve seen so many people start an online business as a hobby & document the whole thing.

Once they grew, others were inspired because they felt like they were a part of the story since the very beginning.

You can always learn to tell your story to others to educate, inspire, and entertain.

That’s the power of words.

Telling Your Story & Building Slowly

People who are telling their stories are more than happy to build slowly and effectively.

They understand this game of life is a process of creation & introspection.

When you learn to tell your story, you realize you’re always learning!

But at least now, you’re no longer just chasing attention for the sake of chasing attention.

Being fake.

In the Level Up World, being fake is one thing.

But not doing anything about it?

That’s a cardinal sin!

Tell your story for yourself first.

And that’s when the world will start to bend to your renewed perception.

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– ArmaniTalks 🎙️🔥

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