Change your life forever with storytelling

Do you remember the old stories that you were told as a child? The stories that would teach you lessons while you thought you were simply being entertained?

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Well, those stories are back on the rise. Especially in today’s generation.

Storytelling is one of the most coveted skills in any part of the world. The power of a story allows you to virtually get any point across in an entertaining fashion.

Storytelling is here to stay, and who knows, it may be the number one soft skill in the coming years.

Why is a Story so Powerful?

It is simple:

A story can inform and entertain.

1. You are able to learn and have fun along the way.
2. A story engages the logical side of your brain by planting lessons & rationale in there.
3. A story engages the creative side of your brain by forcing you to use your imagination & empathy.

The result? A very powerful experience.

But the art of the story is not only told to children. Many powerful CEOs are hiring screenwriters nowadays to learn the art of storytelling. They understand that a well told story will spike the emotions of their employees in order to truly enhance a message.

You know what is unique? Anyone can learn storytelling. You just need to make it a priority.

I want to discuss how learning the art of storytelling can level you up.

Better in Social Events

Whether you are going on a date, to a party, or attending a networking event, being able to tell a good story will come in handy. A well told story will make you more memorable & enhance your likeability.

The fact of the matter is that you may not have much competition either. Most people simply wing their stories & often deliver with excessive details, a sloppy plot, or with a lack of enthusiasm.

But learning the art for yourself will allow you to immediately stand out in human interactions. This increases your opportunities to be the most memorable in the room.

Better Leaders

The art of storytelling is more important than ever for leaders. The era of boring your employees with PowerPoints sprinkled with facts, logistics and market forecasts is over.

If you truly want to survive in today’s hyper-low-concentration ecosystem, you must be able to pack a punch behind your message.

The true way to pique your employees’ interest is by telling a compelling story.

Be honest with yourself: If you were an employee, would you prefer a talk that led with a PowerPoint to deliver the message, or a talk that led with a story to deliver the message?

Chances are, that you chose the story.

Be a Better Parent

Let’s face it, many kids are not leading with logic in their day-to-day decisions. I know I sure as heck wasn’t. The main way that my parents were able to get me to listen, was by tricking me.

They explained the real world and the lessons that they learned in an entertaining story message. I was being educated without even knowing it.

What is to say that you cannot do the same?

Why would you want to give lectures to a child when you know pretty darn well that they are not paying attention?

Instead, it will be a better route to go ahead and tell a story and make the message resonate with your child. Whether you have a child now, or in the future, you need to prep your storytelling muscle.

More Creative thinking

In order to tell a solid story, you need to be creative. While designing your story, you will find yourself exercising your creativity muscle in order to design the perfect plot.

But want to know something cool?

Your newly strengthened creativity muscle will spill over to other parts of your life.

You are going to begin thinking more creatively in your day to day hours. That alone is very powerful.

Thinking creatively allows you to think big, and you know what they say about big thoughts…

Big actions.

More Content Angles

Now here is the very unique thing about storytelling. It can be delivered in written, audio or visual format. What other soft skill can you say that for?

Love writing? Good. Write some stories.
Love speaking? Good. Record some podcast stories.
Love the camera? Good. Record some YouTube stories.

You can start doing this as a hobby. Who knows, maybe a lot of other people will be intrigued by your content and you can start a brand on the side.

If you are currently already a content creator, you are in luck. Learn different storytelling angles. Approach your brand from a more creative angle and make yourself stick out from the competition.

Your loyal audience members will be impressed.

Increased Sales

No matter what it is, a powerful brand story sells. Air BnB, Apple, Nike have adopted strategies of storytelling to get their brand message across.

When your brand is selling a story, you know what happens?

You become an identity to your consumers. You are no longer just a brand trying to sell stuff to people. Instead, you are a brand that has a message, which resonates with people.

They resonate with you so much, that buying from you is a no brainer.

Think about it. People who have bought into the Apple brand story will buy anything that Apple produces. They believe in the message and the vision that Apple is trying to bring into reality, so they are super fans.

And you know what is more powerful about a branded story? It crafts your legacy. If your message can connect to hearts of the people, you will not be forgotten.

They will be with you in your journey for the long run.

Storytelling will give you the loyal fans who love what you bring into the world.

The Art of the Story is Back is Returning

This is a soft skill that will not be going anywhere anytime soon. The oldest stories in the planet were passed down from previous generations.

And the stories we tell today will be the ones that are passed onto the next generation.

In order to stick out in this noisy world, you will need to learn the skill of storytelling. This is an art form that will always have you leaving a memorable impression.

Whether it is for content creation, brand building, selling, persuading etc., storytelling is increasing in demand.

And with the rise of technology?

Storytelling will soon be delivered globally like never before. It is best to start making this art form a priority in your life. Just like any other skill, it can be learned, practiced & mastered.

Take the time to dedicate yourself to this craft. And you soon enough, your words will be the building block to your legacy.

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