Speak Your Mind


The core of communication skills comes down to one thing.

If you could understand that, then you will become a better communicator over time.

‘What is it Armani??’

Can you handle such simplicity?

‘Yes yes, I can!! Tell me.’


Communication skills comes down to turning your mind visible via words.


‘What?? Yea right!’

I had a feeling you couldn’t handle such simplicity.


Simplicity often scares people. They feel like they are ‘missing out’ on some information.

But in reality, there is a power to simplicity.

It’s all that was important all along.


We always hear the phrase ‘speak your mind.’

But it doesn’t quite sink in with us.

Speaking your mind is the ESSENCE of communication skills.


Grammar, tonality, posture are all extras.

They derive from you speaking your mind.


‘If that’s the essence of communication skills, how come more people don’t speak their mind?’



It’s time to dispel some limiting beliefs.

Rather than spending years trying to improve your speaking skills. Cut your time.

Speak your mind.

Let’s figure out how to do that.


Speak Your Mind


The Number 1 Reason You Don’t Speak your Mind


Earlier, I said that fear holds people back from speaking their mind.

But where does this fear stem from?


The fear stems from multiple situations.

But the core of it is an untamed ego.


Your ego is your sense of identity.

And it loves to analyze, feel powerful, and create narratives.

One habit of the ego is to create an enemy.


Your ego loves enemies.

It’s sad because our world has a lot of people in power who possess untamed egos.

Countries go to war because the ego created enemies out of thin air.


Behind the tendency to create enemies is another cause.

‘Which is?’



When you have a ‘it’s me against the world’ attitude, sure you can be bold a lot of times.

But ultimately, you’ll always be operating with a small or large residue of fear.


That’s when you become unaware of the present moment & become more locked into the narrative of the ego.

The narrative of the ego has you worrying about saying the wrong things.


Rather than focusing on the essence of communication, which is to speak your mind.

You start focusing a lot on the words & how to put on a persona.


Ultimately, the inability to express yourself with swag comes down to the feeling of power which ultimately leaves you feeling hopeless.

Leaving you feeling scared to be the real you.



What is Right and What is Wrong?


One of the worst parts of our society is that it places way too much focus on thinking.

‘Well, isn’t thinking like breathing?’

Not necessarily.


Imagine you are speaking to your best friend.

Are you thinking a lot?

‘Not really.’

Then what is going on?

‘I am just flowing.’



Communication skills come down to just flowing.

Being in the moment.

The ego cannot exist in the present moment.

It only exists when you are stuck in dualistic thinking.

Past/future, right/wrong, good/bad etc.


Charismatic people are often not thinking a lot.

They are in the present moment & in tune with their deeper intelligence.

‘Deeper intelligence?’

Yea. The carefree mode that you exhibit when talking to a best friend.


Thinking is just a tool.

But learning WHEN to think is the key.


‘And how do I do that?’

You get rid of the ‘it’s me against the world’ mentality.


The whole Survival of the Fittest concept by Charles Darwin made people fearful creatures.

Always making humans wonder when they will lose it all.


That sort of attitude may have worked in the past, with animals, or lower consciousness creatures…

But in the communication skills world?

  • Others aren’t your competition.
  • You are your only competition.


Declaring a friendly competition with your prior day self LOOSENS you up.

Allows you to focus internally.

When you do this, you aren’t as fearful of what others will think of you.

This is the core philosophy of the Level Up Mentality.


You quite frankly don’t give a fuck what’s the ‘right thing’ or the ‘wrong thing’ to say.

That’s because you are only focusing on evolving for yourself.


When you take the focus off the external world & put it into your internal world, you begin the journey to speaking your mind.


The Power of Speaking & Writing


The beauty of communication skills is that they are interdependent.

Meaning, each of the skills plays off of one another.


  • Being a great listener will improve your speaking.
  • Improving your speaking will improve your writing.
  • And improved writing surprisingly works wonders for your listening.


What you need to do is practice.

The world has conditioned you for FAR too long to be an egotistical creature.

Making you over think.

And making it seem like others are your competition.


Lonely, Man, Crying, Alone, Male, Person, Sad


What’s ironic is that some of the most powerful people who are out of the spotlight actually collaborate.

Whether it’s for ethical or unethical reasons is not the point.

The main takeaway is that they collaborate, pass off agendas, and then they tell the rest of the people below them to compete.


Hm… something doesn’t seem right.

But that’s a topic I’ll discuss another time.


Ultimately, you need to unlearn a lot of junk.

And the best way to do that is to discover the real YOU.


Who are you past your job title, name & ethnicity?


This question confuses a lot of people.

Which is why you need to find out for yourself.


Thru the vehicles of speech and/or writing, you will discover who you are.


Talk about topics that interest you & communicate on it.

You can do it thru multiple vehicles.



Find a space where you can just be you.

No strings attached.


Remember what I said earlier, communication skills is about turning the mind tangible via words.

That’s it.


Therefore, you need to understand HOW your mind operates when it’s not in a fearful state.

That’s the magic.


Choose any vehicle. Don’t get caught up in the small details about whether you should begin with writing or speaking.

I’ll save you some time.


Begin with whatever you can see yourself being the most consistent with for a long period of time.

You can always add more later on.


I began with writing thru a Twitter + blog & eventually evolved into a YouTube.

Pick your path and be consistent!


Communicatie with Pure Authenticity


Meeting, Exchange Of Information, Communication


Once you go on a journey to discovering who you are, you realize something.


That your internal world dictates your external world.


When you authentically submerge into unlearning fear-based beliefs & actively writing/speaking, you become more confident.

You feel looser in social interactions.


Rather than thinking away on how to say the ‘right thing.’

You just flow.


You’re in the moment.

That’s when you’re tapped to a MUCH higher energy.

An energy that the ego couldn’t even dream of.


And that’s when you start learning communication skills was much more than the surface level portion.

You learn that its a lifeline journey for self-realization.


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– ArmaniTalks 🎙️🔥

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