Social Intelligence

The Power of Social Intelligence

Were you ever taught how to be social? Or did you simply figure it out after being tossed into the social world?

If you are like most people, you probably chose the latter. The plain reality is that most humans are not taught how to be social.

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This is baffling, considering we are social creatures by nature. There has to be a few frameworks to get us started, right?


For the most part, we are told to figure out how to make friends, diffuse tense situations & mingle with different personality types on our own. Many people may have figured out how to be social, sure.

But there are many people who do not have a clue on what they are doing. This may be one of the reasons why social anxiety is at an all-time high.

It is because people are not taught any basic fundamentals of human interaction.

Is Social Intelligence Really That Important?

Yes, social intelligence is really that important. You probably have heard by now the famous quote “It is not what you know, it is who you know.”

Guess what? That is very true.

Whether you consider yourself to be socially smart now or whether you think you can improve, the bottom line is that it is a very valuable skill to have in today’s modern world.

I would like to discuss a few ways that social intelligence can change your life for the best.

Diffusing Heated Situations

By now, you have had at least one heated situation. Did you have any clue on how to deal with it? Or did you simply react?

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The bottom line is that many heated situations have certain protocols that you can follow in order to avoid escalating it further.

Having the ability to diffuse conflict is a skillset that is needed for both your personal & professional life.

Face it. You will not always get what you want with your employees, boss, friends, significant other. You need to learn how to diffuse a tense situation when you are caught in one.

Forming Connections

Connections are a massive key in order to get ahead in this world.

You can be the type of person who spends months, if not years, failing on your own to discover success. Or you can simply form a social bond with a high value person who you can turn into a mentor.

Remember, time is a scarce asset and you need to use it wisely. Forming connections is a major factor for anyone that is successful in this world. They were able to shake hands with the right people and find a way to get what they wanted.

If you are socially awkward in the real world, you will not get very far.

Improved Happiness

Many people do not consider the effect that a solid social system has on their happiness levels.

But the mere fact is that we are social creatures.

A strong social support system is not only vital for our growth, but also for our happiness. Being able to not only form, but enhance social bonds with people will have a massive effect on your mood.

A strong mood leads to more productivity & a better overall life.

Adaptability to Personalities

Did you know that many people talk to introverts the same way they talk to extroverts and vice versa? But that is socially stiff, the polar opposite of socially dynamic.

Do you know how many opportunities you are missing out on by not being able to adapt to different personalities?


But let’s take it a level further. Say that you are a parent, and your child is a polar opposite personality type from yourself. It is your duty to pick up on that personality type to be able to cater your message to them.

Otherwise, your point will simply bounce off of their heads. The same goes with the person that you are dating or married to. A lot of your problems may be stemmed by the fact that you are not communicating for the correct personality type.

Being able to have a socially dynamic approach will help your message sink in to all types of ears.

Reduction in Anxiety

Have you ever taken the time to analyze your anxiety? What sort of thoughts spark that anxiety cycle? If you look deep within, you will make one major realization:

Your anxiety stems from worrying about failing at something in the future.

But you are not so much worried about failing and disappointing yourself. You are more worried about the idea of failing in front of others, and being judged for it.

That is a form of social anxiety. And in reality, social anxiety makes up a lot of your anxiety as a whole.

But here is the ironic thing. Mastering your understanding of social dynamics will allow you to understand your anxious feelings on a deeper level.

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Your newfound understanding of people and their different psychologies will help you get out of your own head.

The deeper understanding of your peers and intrapersonal dynamics will surprisingly lead you to have more self-love and compassion for your life.

Once you reach this level of nonjudgement, anxiety levels will plummet and you will feel at peace.

The Era of Social Dynamics is Here

Social dynamics is not going anywhere. Especially considering the fact that our world is more connected than ever before.

Social interaction is a must.

There are also plenty of relationships that are formed in the real world. Now, there are also plenty of social relationships that are formed on the internet and taken into the real world.

Whichever boat you choose to sail, you need to be socially dynamic in order to form connections with the right people.

Enhanced connections will lead to more social assets that you can call on for different parts of your life. An enhanced life will lead to enhanced happiness for your future.

Do not waste any more time. Begin learning today.

– ArmaniTalks 🎙️🔥

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