Should you Share your Goals With Others?

Should You Share Your Goals With Others?


There’s a lot of debate about sharing your goals with others.

One party says:

‘Yes, share away! The more you share your goals, the more you keep yourself accountable.’


There’s another group who says:

‘Nah, don’t share your goals. Keep them to yourself.’


In this article, I’m going to make a case for both sides.

But in the end, I’m going to share my personal preference.


There is no right or wrong answer to this.

It’s more about preferences.

With that being said, let’s first talk about the case for sharing your goals with others.


Why You Should Share Your Goals


There are people who need an extra push for something.

Let’s say it’s with a diet.

Or getting your butt into a public speaking club.


Intellectually, the mind wants to succeed.

However, self-sabotage shows its face.


This is when sharing your goals will help keep you accountable.

A public bet is a great way to drive yourself into action.


Humans hate to be embarrassed.


When you said:

‘Trust me, I plan to lose 15 pounds before your wedding so I can fit into my suit.’

There is pressure.


If you tell multiple people, they will all have different personalities.

Some will be soft-spoken around you.

Others are blunt.

‘Your fatass is eating another Twinkie?? I thought you said you were going to lose weight?’


Not only do they hold you accountable, but they may also give you ideas.

Once people are aware of what you want for your life, they will be able to share useful information with you.


should you share your goals with others


Why You Should Not Share Your Goals


Most people are not giving advice.

Most people are recruiting.


The recruiting mindset is:

‘I did this and here is why you should do it too.’


It takes a couple of clients for a consultant to hone their craft.

A consultant gets paid to give advice.

If everyone could give advice, they would have the results to back it up.


When sharing your goals with others, they may mean well.

However, their recruiting mentality can drastically alter your direction.

They are giving what works best for them, not necessarily what works best for you.


In addition to that, a goal is like a human.

It evolves with time.

Amazon started off selling books.

Now it sells everything.


When you tell someone your goal, it may lead you to second-guess your evolution process.

‘Hm…I told people that I was going to only sell books. Why would I add windshield wipers to my store?’


Before, you were capable of moving like a speedboat.

Now with other people to answer to, you are like a ship.


My Perspective on Sharing Goals


‘What’s your viewpoint of this, Armani? Should you share your goals or not?’

I think it’s a bit of both.

‘Ah come on, a politically correct answer!’

I know, but here’s my logic.


With short goals, I am pretty public.

I made it a goal to post daily on my newsletter around 2019.

I made an email sharing that I would be going from weekly to daily distribution.

This allowed me to put pressure on myself.


Why did I share the goal?

  1. I wanted to hold myself accountable in a public space.
  2. It was a goal that I could see being fixed forever.


With small goals, I have no problem sharing them.


But with grand goals, I like to keep them private.

I don’t like answering the question:

‘What is your life purpose?’


Bro, I just met you.

I don’t know you like that!


A secret with thy self builds confidence.

Others can know a lot about you.

But if they know everything about you, then the mystery fades.


I believe with grand goals, keep it to yourself.

Since it’s grand, it’s prone to risk.

If it’s prone to risk, it’s prone to evolve.

If you’re sharing it left and right, then I believe it loses the magic.


In summary, I believe:

  • Share fixed goals with others.
  • Keep variable goals to yourself.


Further Thoughts on the Matter


All of this is subjective. Don’t be like:

‘Okay, I too will share fixed goals and keep variable goals to myself.’


Being too logical with human expression leads to poor judgment.

Simply evaluate which stage of life you are in.


Have you been finding it difficult to be consistent with a certain task?

Then it may be best to share the goal with a few others.

Build a couple of accountability buddies.

Who knows…maybe y’all can issue a challenge to hold yourself accountable.


Are you in a new venue where you don’t know the people too well?

Then it may be best to feel them out and build rapport before sharing your goals with them.


A lot of people pretend to be your friends.

But in reality, they purposefully try to throw you off track.

They have sinister motives.


Others don’t have sinister motives.

But they give advice with the ego, not the heart.

Which is another reason to keep goals to yourself.


Should you share your goals?

That depends on the people, situation, and circumstances.


Setting Effective Goals For Your Life


Setting goals, in general, is not easy.

It requires you to be realistic and imaginative.

The true merging of the left and right brain.


Are you someone who is stuck in limbo?

You feel unsatisfied, yet you have the energy to do more.


If so, then you want to re-evaluate how you set goals.

In my book:

  • Level Up Mentality: A Guide to Re-Engineer your Mindset for Confidence

I introduce you to a framework to leverage your imagination and logic.


You’ll learn how to set a grand north star, then back it up with daily 1 percent progress.

Along with that, you’ll be given a simple strategy to be consistent for the long run.


You need to win twice before you win once.

Once in your mind and once in reality.


Learn the art of goal setting in the Level Up Mentality.






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