Self Improvement Thru Public Speaking

Self Improvement Thru Public Speaking


When you picture a public speaker, what do you see?

‘I see someone who is always talking to people, being social & out there.’

Is that all you see?

‘For the most part, yea.’


That’s the common notion many people have regarding public speakers.

That they are always out there surrounded by masses of people.


‘Are you saying that’s not the case?’

It can be the case, sometimes.

But all speakers do not fit that boat.


Believe it or not..

A lot of speakers are reserved and like to keep to themselves.

The main time they are surrounded by others is when they are on the stage.

Other than that, they are normally with their close friends or solo.


Truth be told, public speaking is more than speaking in front of an audience.

That’s just a fraction of it.


Most of it comes down to forming a stronger bond with yourself.

Getting to know the good AND bad sides to you.


Which is why public speaking is one of the best acts for self-improvement out there.

Today’s blog article will shed the truth about public speaking and how you can use it to become a better version of yourself.



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The Truth About Public Speaking


Picture you are told to give a speech next week.

You have 7 days to prepare.

Here’s how your schedule would look like:


On the first day or 2, you’ll be brainstorming on different topics.

The next few days will include connecting the valid topics.

Got it?



Okay, time to practice the speech.

That will take a few days.

Then, polish it up & make it cleaner.

Another few days.


Finally, the week passes by & speech day is here.

Your speech lasts for 10 minutes in front of the audience.

And boom.

You are done.


Did you notice something?

Most of the speech preparation process was done SOLO.


Talking in front of the audience was only a short part of it.

Not the main entree.


When you lack public speaking experience, you feel it’s the opposite.

You feel as though you are speaking in front of the audience the whole time.


But nah.

The lack of experience is leading you to make misguided conclusions.

Most of the public speaking process is done by yourself.


The Truth About Speech Anxiety


The main reason a lot of people have speech anxiety in the first place is that they focus more on the audience, than themselves.


Rather than using the days of preparation to get to know themselves better…

They focus on the audience.


Will the audience like me?

How should I talk so the audience approves?

What if they are bored??

Gee whiz!


Giving the speech to the audience is simply the front end.

But ALL the brainstorming, practicing, polishing is in the back end.


When you focus on the front end, you have anxiety.


When you focus on the back end, you have fun.


It really is that simple.

The ironic thing is that the more you focus on the back end, the better your front end will be!

So use public speaking to get to know yourself better.


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Why Public Speaking is a Self Improvement Tool


Very few of us have hobbies.

And even fewer of us have creative hobbies.


Our minds are all over the place.

And unfortunately, humans aren’t the best at controlling our imaginations.


Which is why you NEED to give you mind a creative hobby to make positive use of your imagination.

That’s where public speaking comes in.


Public speaking puts you in a creator’s mindset.

It forces you to design a speech from scratch & be the center of the show.


I know earlier I told you not to just focus on the audience.

But knowing that an audience will be watching your creation does make you more mindful of the task.


You aren’t being lackadaisical or half-assing it.

The audience gives you a great level of pressure to make you mindful of the speech preparation process.


During the preparation process, you will be alone with yourself.

Silence is where humans get to know themselves the best.


We came to this planet alone. We will leave this planet alone.

Don’t be afraid of being alone.

Embrace it.


That’s when your most creative thoughts happen.


Incorporating Public Speaking into Your Life


No need to make it super difficult.

I recommend 2 things:

  1. Join a Toastmasters.
  2. Start a YouTube channel (public or private).


1. Join a Toastmasters.


Toastmasters is a great club filled with other like minds who are looking to develop their speaking skills.

The community is very supportive and everyone helps the other person get better.


You will have the opportunity to work on your:



Typically, Toastmasters has 1 meeting a week, so it’s doable.

The club price depends on the location of the world that you are in. Toastmasters is a global club.

You can click here to find a Toastmasters near you.


2. Start a YouTube Channel


Even though you do not have an audience, speaking in front of the camera polishes up your speaking.

You become much more mindful of your facial expression, tones, message, etc.


I recommend recording a few videos and consistently uploading it onto your channel.

You can talk about whatever interests you.


The more that you force yourself to talk, connect ideas & deliver, the more prepared you will feel when called to give a speech.


A combination of Toastmasters & YouTube will help you incorporate public speaking into your life.

You’ll develop a much stronger bond with yourself.


Self-improvement at its finest.


Public Speaking = Mind Workout


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If going to the gym is a workout for the body..

Then public speaking is the workout for the mind.


That’s how I’ve always viewed it.

Public speaking gives you the perfect opportunity to manage your emotions, leverage your creativity & practice your consistency.


You change as a person after each speech.

This is not an understatement

Just need to try it to find out.


As 2020 begins, pick up good habits & drop the bad ones.

And there are very few habits which will provide a high ROI like public speaking will in your life.


Improve your way with words.

And change your reality.


– ArmaniTalks 🎙️🔥


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