Quit Finger Pointing! How to Take Accountability for your Actions

Quit Finger Pointing! How to Take Accountability for your Actions


One of the most empowering words out there is:

  • Accountability


At first glance, this word sparks terror.

Especially when we were a fuck up in the past.

Or worse, a fuck up now.


The mainstream media sets up the narrative to blame others.

They create a bunch of characters to pass the blame off to.


At first, it feels good blaming others.

However, as more time passes, the finger pointer feels worse off.


It’s because the mind was meant to point fingers at another.

But the heart was meant for accountability.


When we learn how to take accountability, that’s when we level up to another realm.

This skill set can be unlocked at any stage of life.


how to take accountability


Why a Lack of Accountability Creates Blinds Spots


As a practicing engineer for many years, I viewed life through a logical lens.

When the logic was right, I felt right.

When the logic was wrong, I felt wrong.


I took my attitude towards machines and cross-applied it to people.

This led me to become angry at others when they didn’t act logically.


The reason that this caused a problem was because humans are not logical creatures at a fundamental level.

When factoring in human history, logic is a rather new feature.


Rather than take accountability for not knowing how to read humans better, I created the narrative:

‘People aren’t logical like me. It’s because they don’t have the same problem-solving skills as me.’


Just like that, the blame was passed off to others for years.



I burned a lot of relationships.

Got angrier faster.

And created more blind spots for myself.


There was a day when I had a coworker being too logical with me.

This was after I got in a car accident.

And I snapped at him.

In that moment of blind rage, I realized that logic was not the correct lens to always view humans from.


Why Is Accountability Important?


The reason accountability is important is because it creates more confidence in one’s self.

It may feel good to blame others at first.

But that’s like putting a band-aid on an amputated arm.

It seems to slightly solve the problem.

To only create a disaster for the future.


When we take accountability for everything, that’s when the intelligence in the heart awakens.


‘If accountability makes others feel powerful, how come the mainstream media doesn’t promote it more?’

Because that’s not the mainstream media’s goal.

‘Then what is?’

Their goal is to make the masses feel helpless.


That’s why there is an abundance of negative news.

It’s for ratings, to fragment society & control those fragments with ease.


When you learn how to take accountability, you feel more limitless.

Despite the losses, you somehow move forward.


How to Take Accountability


The first step in learning how to take accountability is using the right language.

You can tell someone’s level of accountability based on the language they use.

Do they use possessive language when talking about their setbacks?

If so, great.


When I used to get angry at others for not being as logical as me, I’d say words like:

  • These other guys are so poor at thinking.
  • They lack logic.
  • How come I’m the only one who uses their head?


The only time I used possessive language (sentence 3) I’m talking myself up.

For accountability to start, it’s a game of putting the blame on ourselves for the setbacks.

The correct language should have been:

  • How come I get angry so fast?


Once I use the right language and ask a question, that’s when the brain starts looking for answers.

That’s when insights become 2nd nature.


Balancing Accountability with Gratitude


Taking credit for the setbacks is accountability.

Taking credit for the wins is gratitude.

Both are needed.


If all you are doing is blaming yourself for the setbacks, then you’ll lose confidence.

‘Do people really do this?’



That’s how guilt occurs.

If you don’t watch out, then mainstream society will find a way to make you take accountability for someone else’s failures!

And a dummy will fall for that when they have no gratitude practice.


There are dualities in life.

Good and bad.

Therefore, by capitalizing on both, you can become accountable for everything.


Check out Opulence: A Daily Gratitude List Journal to practice your gratitude skills.


Taking Accountability for Your Actions


You may notice you feel more liberated.

‘I do feel liberated when I take accountability, why?’

It’s because of the decision tree.


The decision tree is the number of options available to the mind.

An expanded decision tree leads to more purposeful movement and creativity.


When you act like a victim, that’s when you take away your options.

The decision tree reduces.


Picture a finger pointer.

They are not lying when they say they don’t have many opportunities.


From their paradigm, their mind simply cannot perceive an opportunity even it was staring right at them.

It’s because their decision tree is reduced.


On the other hand, every time you take accountability, the decision tree expands.

More and more.


The more painful the emotion, the more potential energy you have to channel those emotions within & expand the decision tree even further!

That’s feeling temporary pain for lifelong pleasure.


Level Up Your Life and Become Accountable


Accountability is one of the chapters in my book:

Level Up Mentality: A Guide to Re-Engineer your Mindset for Confidence


Just taking accountability is okay.

But what’s even better is when you are pursuing a grand vision that has you progressing forward and taking responsibility for your actions along the way.


Too many people view life as one big mountain top.

That may drive initial movement.

However, it’s a recipe for disaster in the long run.


Once you hit the peak, then what?

You come down…


Instead, it’s better to view life as an eternal highway.

One where you are driving forward every single day towards a grand vision.

This leads to limitless improvement, incredible learning & accountability with a purpose.


Learn more in the Level Up Mentality book:





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