Personal Branding Formula: Attraction Marketing

Personal Branding Formula: Attraction Marketing


I’ve always found it funny that people think you can’t be authentic with a personal brand.

There are limiting beliefs that cause people to give up even before they begin.


Say there is an individual who is a gifted chef.

And he has a strong desire to want to create a YouTube channel to share his recipes.

And you suggest that he should start a channel.


Automatically, the individual blurts out ‘well, I don’t want to pretend to be someone that I’m not.’


Now look..

If you don’t want a personal brand to share your insights, that is completely fine.


But if you have a strong desire to share your message, but you stop yourself because you think you have to put on an ‘act,’ then you want to reevaluate the scenario.


What makes you think that you have to be fake?

In reality, the best personal brands are genuine.

They are themselves & others are simply drawn to that.


Those who present to be someone who they are not, eventually get tired of putting on an act & quit.

But for longevity?

Authenticity wins.


Today, I’m going to share with you why authenticity is key.

Why authenticity is the key driver of attraction marketing.


‘Attraction marketing??’

Yes, you ever heard of the law of attraction?


Well, picture a digital version…


attraction marketing formula


What is Attraction Marketing?


Content in the digital world can be created in a multiple amounts of ways.

You can do videos.

Podcasts are popular.

Something like this blog etc.


But content is something DEEPER than videos, podcasts, and blogs alone.

‘What is it?’

It’s energy.

Content is an encapsulated version of your energy that you are about to relay throughout the internet.


Attraction marketing is when you provide content into your communication technology of choice & attract an audience with your value.


The different types of communications technology (new media) include Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat, Instagram etc.


  • Content (energy) + Communication Technology => Message is dispersed to the world.
  • From there, you attract like energy & repel opposite energy.


This is a HIGHLY simplistic summary of the concept of attraction marketing.

But hopefully, now you are understanding the game.


What Makes Attraction Marketing Different from Other Marketing?


When I was in college, my friend had become an affiliate marketer.

When I asked him how he marketed, he would often get quiet.


After a few weeks of probing, he finally invited me to join him one day at work.

I saw how his game operated.


He was the type of affiliate marketer who bought traffic from a website & would overload it with a fuck ton of pop-ups.

The goal was to get A LOT of traffic & hopefully convert a handful of them to make a profit.


He initially got quiet when I asked him about his job because he felt like he was just taking & not giving.


Typically, when we think of marketing, we think of someone sleazy.

There are many honest marketers with high integrity though.


With attraction marketing, you bring them to you vs the other way around.

And you are bringing them to you with VALUE.

This is the concept of giving first & receiving later.


Leader, Crowd, Stand Out, Group, Personnel, Staff


Don’t expect to post a bunch of nonsense and expect to attract a herd of high quality individuals.

Rather, provide value & then share.


‘Gotcha bro. But how exactly do I provide value?’

Great question…


How do You Provide Value?


In the product world, the goal is to typically find a niche & sell a product to that market.

In the personal branding world, the game is the opposite.


You don’t find a niche.

YOU are the niche.


Your genuine personality is your unique advantage.

And I’m sure your genuine personality has a lot of interests as well.


In order to provide value via attraction marketing, it’s best that you stick with your hobbies, skillsets and/or expertise.


If you choose your genuine passion, then you will be in the game for the long term.


Here’s a disclaimer:

Attraction marketing is a long term game.

  • It’s not something that you will just build overnight.
  • It’s something that you will build over time.

If you are looking for quicker data/results, I recommend you play around with paid traffic.


It took my ArmaniTalks Twitter page almost 2 years to generate 30,000 followers.

But when the followers came, they spread throughout my blog, YouTube, Podcast etc.

And the authentic tribe members stayed while the rest left.


At times, you’ll have haters who are attracted to you.

But pay them no mind.


Focus on getting the people who like you, to love you.

Rather than getting a hater who hates you, to feel iffy about you.


Which Communication Technology should you pick?


‘So what should I do bro? Should I do YouTube, podcast, or blog?’

That’s a question that only you can answer, my friend.


My best advice comes in 2 forms.

-Pick something you are already good at.

-Pick something you want to get great at.


At the end of the day, communication skills come down to writing or speaking.

The 2 skills just take up a different form.


Writing: blog, tweet, emails.

Speaking: podcast, videos.


Pictures such as graphics & visuals are popular.

I don’t know much about that lane so I don’t speak on it.

But if that is your interest, then go for it.


Ask yourself what interests YOU.

And then picture what you can do for at least 1.5 years plus.


‘1.5 years??’

Ya. As I said, the attraction marketing route is much longer than typical marketing routes.

But it’s great in my opinion because you get a chance to sharpen your skills in the communication world.


The Attraction Marketing Mindset


The final point that I would like to make is that attraction marketing is a game of mindset.

Don’t focus so much on building a personal brand.

Rather, just view it as sharing your story.


This mentality shift allows you to keep your peak creative state.

I see a lot of people who rush the game and end up selling out.

All their content is just a way to make a quick buck rather than leave a long-lasting impact.

Focus on the latter.


Also, when you are just focused on sharing your story, you are much more giving.

You are much more social.


This allows you to build relationships behind the scenes with other players in the game who you are interested in connecting with.

Rather than just asking them for a retweet.


When you build a genuine connection with others, they will happily promote you & give you shoutouts.

Your brand will grow from there.


The key is to focus on being you & encapsulate your TRUE energy into each piece of content.

That’s the energy that will one day be attracted back to you.


Pinwheel, Wind Energy, Wind Power, Enerie


The Reward is in the Process


One of the saddest things nowadays is that people are WAY too focused on getting things quickly.

They want quick money, a quick personal brand, quick connections etc.


But be the rare few find joy in the process.

The intent that you choose from the beginning influences your behavior for the middle.

And the beginning + middle play a big role in the end.


From the very beginning, ask yourself if you want to do this.

If not, all good. Go about your day.


But if you do want to build a personal brand & take up the attraction marketing formula, then ask yourself what your genuine curiosities are.

Zone in on them.


Once you identify them, pick a social media app/s and begin recording your process.

Be yourself.

Easier said than done, I know.


But the more you practice on creating content, the more the initial nerves melt away & the more your authenticity shines.


Karma homie.

The energy that you put out will one day return.

Even in the digital world.


Good luck with your journey.


– ArmaniTalks 🎙️🔥


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