Osho: How To Unlock Wisdom On Command

Osho: How To Unlock Wisdom On Command


Osho was a famous/controversial spiritual figure in the 70s and 80s.

There is a documentary about him on Netflix.


A couple of weeks back, I saw a channel on YouTube called OshoTalks.


The title of the channel resonated with me.

Since I have ArmaniTalks.


I listened to his videos & noticed how different he was from a lot of spiritual people I’ve seen.


He talked about how he loved luxury.

He wasn’t fond of being poor.

Osho talked about the beauty of having wealth.

It was art to him.


Then, there was a line where he talked about the heart vs the mind.

How one took power over the other while it was supposed to be the other way around.


The mind controls the heart for most people.

Heck, that’s how I lived life for many years.


When the mind controls the heart, gaining creativity at will seems difficult.

Because we become more linear with the thinking.


He continued talking about how the mind is supposed to be a faithful servant to the heart.

And only then will there be synergy created.


-Working only with the mind, eh.

-Working only with the heart, eh.

-Leading with the mind, and backing it up with the heart, eh.

-Leading with the heart, and backing it up with the mind, that was what Osho was talking about.


This is cool and all.

But how is this exactly practical?


As I have been growing up, I realized we know a lot of words.

But we don’t know the true meaning of a lot of those words.

One of the words is wisdom.


Wisdom is the portal to entering the heart in a systematic fashion.


Wisdom formula for me is:

  • Knowledge + How the knowledge ties in with experiences.


To get started, the knowledge needs to be quality knowledge.

Just because Cosmopolitan says it does not mean that it will satisfy the wisdom formula.


‘Well, where am I supposed to get knowledge like that?’

That depends on each one of us.


Most information theory normally gains knowledge through inference, perception and/or a trustworthy source.

That gets difficult.

Who is this trustworthy source?


At times, it may be someone we personally know who has lived a well-experienced life.

Other times, we can refer to ancient texts.

Whether it’s the Quran, Bible, Bhagavad Gita, etc.


You don’t have to agree with each word of the texts.

If it’s an ancient text, the goal is to understand the lessons and be able to read through the symbols.


Overall, it’s a game of trying to understand knowledge that may be outside of you.


‘Why can’t I strictly use my experiences? Why do I need to learn from others in the first place?’

This part is important.


Because the truth of the matter is that we never fully have all the information.


  • An immature person thinks they know it all.
  • A mature person knows that there can be that ONE experience which SUDDENLY shifts their idea of what life is.


You ever had that moment?

When you were hardcore on one side.

Time passed by…

Now you were hardcore on the other side??


Which one of you was correct?


Wrong question.


It’s better to not even answer that question.

I just asked those series of questions to prove that we can never fully have all the answers.

So, it’s good to always be in learning mode.


Next, this knowledge needs to be able to extract meaningful data from our experiences.

This is when logic & mind control is key.


I’ve heard:

‘I was just living my truth.’

‘Well, I feel, I feel, I feel….’

‘My heart told me to do so.’


These all sound good.

However, connecting evergreen knowledge with experiences requires a blend of humility, precise logic & an open mind.


Journaling can help.

And depending on the level of mental control, meditation can help.


Why am I saying all this?

It’s because that’s the formula for wisdom.


Once we unlock wisdom, we are capable of living in the heart and using the mind when needed.


Different people say this in different ways.

Some call it living in the present.


Eckhart Tolle talks about the Power of Now.

But it’s the same thing that Osho is saying.

When you lead with the heart, that’s when you are in a present state.


However, this needs to be a systematic process.

Otherwise, vain impulsiveness will be confused as intuition.


Vain impulsiveness benefits no one other than yourself.

While intuition on the other hand…

Has the chance to benefit many others.


When the heart leads and the mind follows, that’s when a prolific attitude is unlocked.

And surprisingly, this state is not as foreign as we may think.


Picture a pretty shocking moment that occurred to you out of nowhere.

And you could do nothing but accept it.


Maybe it was a betrayal of some sort, someone stole from you, got beat up etc.

The body heated up & the movements became slower.


The intellect was turned down.

You may have suddenly felt fearless once the anger subdued.


Because if that very bad moment occurred, what else can you exactly fear?

Think of a moment like that.


At that moment, you were living in the exact present moment.

The heating of the body is a sign of living in the present.


Osho had an interesting philosophy of life.

I like his living in the heart insight.


My only addition is that logic should never be abandoned.

The human mind is an especially important tool once we learn how to use it.


When we live in the heart too much and ditch logic, we may go to no man’s land.


On the flip side, when we build wisdom, that’s when we can live in the heart & strategically use logic like an art form.

That’s a beautiful synergy.


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