Mind to Body Connection: How to Feel Whole

Mind to Body Connection: How to Feel Whole


One of the coolest and most annoying realizations is that:

  • There is a mind to body connection.


‘Why do you say it’s cool and annoying?’

It’s cool because you realize you have more control over the mind through the body.

It’s annoying because now you need to take some accountability of your body.


‘Damn, do I actually have to be in shape?’

Yes bud, you do.

But this is good news.


The good outweighs the bad by a lot.

If you want to be a confident communicator, then realize that the mind to body connection is not only real, it’s something that is within your control.

Allow me to share a story…


Hatha Yoga


When I was first introduced to hatha yoga, I thought it was the dumbest thing out there.

This is a workout for women.

But men?

Nah, I wouldn’t be caught doing that.


Until I began a workout program where yoga was in the plan.

At first, I was delighted.

This workout program was intense.


I thought:

‘Cool, I will get a break with yoga. Because yoga is easy.’


Then I did yoga.


My first time doing yoga, I was sweating a lot.

Wayyy more than any of the other workouts.


‘Forreal? What could be so hard about balancing yourself?’

It’s difficult!!

I kept failing.


Soon, I hated doing yoga because that was the workout that put the most fear in me.


‘What did you end up doing?’

I continued to do yoga anyways…


Each workout got easier.

I was able to do the warrior poses.

Then, I was able to balance on my elbows.

It felt so good doing the last workout where I just lay there like a starfish…


mind to body connection


Mind to Body Relationship


As I continued to do yoga, I noticed something very unique.

‘What was that?’

My body was becoming a unified whole.


Before, my body was just a bunch of parts in the same location.

I couldn’t spot a connection between my left leg and right arm.

But yoga turned the body from:

  • A bunch of distinct parts into an integrated system.


‘How did this practically help you in your life?’

First of all, I felt better.


To balance yourself, you NEED to control your breathing.

I didn’t notice how fucked up my breathing was until I tried balancing myself.


The more I balanced, the smoother my breath became.


Once the breath became smooth, I noticed myself mentally feeling calm.

Anyone can feel calm when they are in a calm situation.

But a few can feel calm when they are in a volatile situation.


The Dreaded Work Speech


One time at work, the entire floor got paired up into 2s.

We were supposed to work on this project and give a presentation.

I was nervous.


I was going to Toastmasters around that time and had sharpened my public speaking.

But speaking in front of people that I worked with?

Something about that felt off.


To add to this annoyance, there were 2 guys on my floor who were my age.

Juan and Tim.

They would always roast people.

Juan was a notorious gossiper and would highlight people’s flaws in public.


And to further add to this annoyance, the partner I got paired up with was morbidly obese.

I don’t say that to insult him…

He had some physical conditions.

His heavy weight prevented him from standing up for long.


A few days before the big speech, he says:

‘Good luck.’


I’m like:

‘What do you mean good luck? We are doing the talk together.’


Then he said:

‘No, you’re doing the talk, I can’t stand for long.’


Now I was really nervous!


Not only was I presenting in front of people that I worked with.

2 of them were annoying as hell.

And my own partner wouldn’t even be joining me.

What now?


The Steady Breath


Despite feeling very nervous before going on stage, I didn’t feel that nervous.

‘Huh? That doesn’t make any sense.’


Have you ever had that moment when you viewed yourself from 3rd perspective?

‘Yes, a few times. There were a few times I lost my temper and I saw myself from afar.’

Well, I felt similar (minus the angry part).


The breath was smooth.

The physical sensations of nerves were acknowledged as that…

  • Nerves alone.


Normally when we are fearful, we view the nerves as something way worse.

As if they are a life sentence.


But after spending so long balancing myself.

Going through the slippery sweating.

Touching my toes.

Falling off my elbows and trying again…


My mind was intimately familiar with the body.


The mind and body connection was really real.

Not just hocus pocus.


The smooth breath continued.

I went up to the presentation stage.

Gave my speech.

Got an appluse.

Then sat down, feeling satisfied.


Invite the Mind to Body Connection to Your Life


The main takeaway is to acknowledge that the mind and body have a strong connection with one another.

When you hear someone talking, what are you really seeing?


You are seeing them gather their thoughts.

  • Which is located in the mind.

Then turning those thoughts into processed breath.

  • Which is located in the body.


By acknowledging the mind to body connection in ordinary tasks, hopefully, you feel more inspired to take care of your physique.


How you take care of your physique is up to you.

Maybe it can be fixing your posture.

Maybe it can be going for a daily walk.

Lifting weights.

Or maybe you start yoga yourself.


The more that you invite the connection to your life, the more you feel in control.


For strategies on how to improve your body language, be sure to check out my Body Language for Dummies class on Skillshare.


This class will teach you:

  • The best way to learn body language
  • Spotting comfortable vs uncomfortable body language.
  • Exercises to improve posture.
  • Benefits of people watching.

And much more!

Go from feeling tiny to feeling HUGE.



– ArmaniTalks 🎙️🔥


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