Is Watching Movies a Hobby?

Is Watching Movies a Hobby?


A hobby is a task that you do to wind down.

And a hobby is a driving force behind a calm mind.


A while back, I heard the phrase that:

A great hobby can make you money, keep you creative or improve your physique.

If it checks any of those boxes, then you my friend have a great activity.


But that’s just a phrase.

Of course, there are different ways to evaluate a hobby in the context of your life.


For the sake of this blog though, let’s use the phrase that I provided.

A good hobby amplifies creativity, physique, or your bank account.


Now with that being said… is watching movies a hobby?


That may be a polarizing question.

It will lead to 2 different responses.

And today’s blog post will discuss that.


Is Watching Movies a Hobby or a form of Procrastination?


Some groups will scoff at the notion that sitting on your butt & consuming is a hobby.

How is that keeping you in shape, adding to your bank account, or making you creative?


Wait up….


Can watching movies make you more creative?

Yes. But only if you watch with the right intent.


As a content creator, watching movies can spark inspiration.

You are able to see the END product of screenwriting, acting, film editing, and much more.


This sort of information allows you to understand how entertainment and storytelling work.

Because at the core level, movies are stories.


So if you approach movies with the right intent, then yes, it can make you more creative

In my opinion, watching movies can be a hobby.


If you own a YouTube channel, Twitter, podcast, blog etc…

You can learn a lot from this line of consumption.



Where Do We Draw the Line in Consumption?


Just like anything in this world, too much of a good thing becomes a bad thing.

Too much gym will hurt your body.

Overworking will kill your spirit.

And overeating will have you sleeping all day.


But a moderate level of the gym will strengthen your body.

A moderate level of working will make you productive.

And eating correctly will give ya energy.


Point being?

We want moderation.


If you are watching movies so much to a point that you are neglecting your other duties, then you are overdoing it.

Even if it is helping you, don’t let the other parts of your life fall apart.


A good baseline is starting off with 1 movie a week and building your way up.

Just see how your schedule works with you consuming for 1.5-2 hours (a traditional movie time).

And work your way up.


Analyze the changes in creativity, your feelings & the other elements of your routines.

Is your hobby becoming destructive or is your schedule remaining unaffected?

We want you to discover your own personal moderation.


How to Watch Movies as a Hobby


If you want to pick up movie watching as a hobby, then you need to watch with some intent.

Being on your phone the entire time will have you losing out on creativity.


Put the phone away.

That’s step 1.


‘You for real? Is that really a step?’

Haha, ya.

Mainly because we want your mind absorbing & your body feeling the emotions that the movie generates.


Which brings me to step 2.

Step 2 is to start off general & get specific if you NEED to.


What does this mean?

I had a friend who would watch a movie with a notepad and pen.

And the entire time, the dude was just taking notes.

He was turning his hobby into work.

And when you associate something with work, you eventually build a sour attitude towards it.


Instead of watching with a notepad and pen…just watch.

And observe how the scenes are making you feel.


A big part of creativity is disengaging the logical side to you & activating the feeling side.

And you activate the feeling side when you are going into an act without any expectations.


Consume the movie with what the director, actors & writers presented you with.

Sit back and consume.


As you build up your storytelling eye, you can get more specific.

You can notice cut scenes, how a plot has been built, and which actors are good & which suck.


The main takeaway is, work your way up to the specifics.


Benefits of Watching Movies as a Hobby


Watching a movie every now and then has impacted my content creation.

Especially my YouTube channel.


My YouTube channel discusses communication skills via storytelling format.

So I like to learn how different stories work.


After consuming different stories, you are able to bring NEW angles to your own work.

This is huge.


Another thing I noticed is that you begin to develop a more colorful tonality.

I don’t have any scientific reason as to why this is.

But my theory is that the cut scenes (switching from scene to scene) preps your mind not to monotonous.

To spice things up.


With the creativity part, I mentioned that you feel more inspiration in content creation.

But the effects are not only for content creation.

It can also work with social skills.


Consuming the right entertainment gives you more conversation material.

But it also allows you to be a tad bit more entertaining yourself.

A similar phenomenon as reading fiction books.


So better creativity, a colorful tonality & becoming more entertaining in social situations were a few of the benefits I noticed.

I’m sure there are plenty of other benefits as well!



Should You Pick up watching Movies as a Hobby?


Now the golden question.

Should you start watching moves as a hobby?


That completely depends on you.


If you find it entertaining and are willing to watch with some intent, then go for it.

If you have another hobby that catches your interest more, then no need.


The point being is that now you at least know that movies are not the devil when you are self-improving.

Movies are a form of art that has been created with much thought.


No need to denigrate it because some people spend their entire day in consumption mode.

Moderation is key in whatever we do in life.


If watching movies helps you, then congrats my friend.

You have just picked up a new hobby.


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