Is Time Management a Skill?


Time management is the ability to prioritize & execute on your prioritizations.

Sounds like a skill to me.


It’s difficult to view time management as a skill set.

Seems like some people were always productive, while others weren’t.


That couldn’t be further from the truth.

Time management follows those who prioritize it.


Do you see some of the most effective people out there?

Somewhere in their day or month, they did some strategizing.

Nowadays, the tactics take care of themselves.


‘You mean a ghost acts out the tactics??’

No, dummy.

That means the subconscious mind executes the tactics because the conscious mind has the strategy part CRYSTAL clear.


I’m getting too ahead of myself.

Is time management a skill?

Let’s start from the beginning.


The Importance of Time Management


24 hours.

Tick tock.

And I’m not talking about the social media app.


Time is constantly passing by.

Yet, there are different attitudes in the day.


In the morning, the mind is filled with energy.

At night, the following question needs to be answered:

How are you feeling at the end of the night?


‘Honest truth man?’

Yea, the honest truth.

‘I feel doubt.’

Do you feel like you failed?

‘I don’t know if I failed. I just don’t know if I succeeded.’


Exactly, you don’t know.


That’s like me creating a random game that no one has ever heard of.

Then I invite others to compete against each other.


#1, they don’t know the rules.

#2, not knowing the rules prevents them from knowing who is winning or losing.

#3. Psyche! There is no 3.

  • #1-2 stops any progress.


For complex systems, rulesets need to be determined.

Remember technology from 10 years ago?

What about 20?


When I was in middle school, we had basic Nokia phones that had the Snake game in them.

Nowadays, phones can do as many tasks as a computer.


The rulesets which determine the evolution of technology are:


-Lowered cost.

That’s how we measure success with tech.


You need rulesets for your evolution to take place.


Starting off Macro



A story needs a theme.

The theme is amazing, isn’t it?

‘Why is the theme amazing?’

It’s because a theme is INVISIBLE.

Yet, it governs the entire story.


The subject matter is where we start off.

That’s the strategy portion of time management.


Let’s be smart.

Imagine you have never seen an elephant before.

And I take you into a tiny room and only show you the trunk of the elephant.


You think this is some big rope.

But I tell you, ‘no, this is a trunk of a LARGE animal.’

You’ll be puzzled.


Even if you take my word for it, you’ll need a LOT of willpower to keep envisioning this elephant.

It would’ve been so much smarter of me to have shown you the elephant FIRST.

The macro-level overview.


Likewise, I recommend you start creating a theme for your month.

It doesn’t have to be super detailed.


If you have no clue where to start, then you may want to do some soul searching.

Are there any bigger goals you’re chasing?

Otherwise, time management may seem like busywork rather than a necessity.


Let me go through the macro & micro components first.

Then I’ll give you a real-world example to tie all the concepts together.


Going Micro


The reason time management feels like a hassle is due to starting off with the micro first.

Bro, if I don’t even know the theme, then every sentence is going to feel difficult to interpret.


It’s like me getting a bunch of random sentences rather than the entire book.

When I get a book, I don’t FULLY know what it is about.

But at least I know the theme of the book.

Which is the general gist.


I can tell a book like Rich Dad Poor Dad is centered around finance.

Which allows the mind to suck in the sentences.

That’s also why the ‘what to expect’ section at the back of the book exists.

To give you the gist…


We want to have a theme for the mind before getting cute with the micro details.

All the Pomodoro techniques, whiteboard, timers are the micro.

These come secondary.


View them as the sentences of the beautiful story of time management.


Real-World Example: Tying the Concepts Together


‘Is time management a skill??’



Thus far, we haven’t made anything too complicated.

It’s been rather simple.

Get a macro (theme) and then build out the micro (tactics).


So let’s create the scenario of a writing entrepreneur.

He makes his living selling books.

Independent status.

He don’t need no professional publishing team!!!


This leads the independent author to take up more responsibility.

He needs to:

-Hire a cover designer, editor, proofreader.

-Grow his social media.

-Post content on his youtube/blog.

-Nurture his relationship with his email lists.


And yea, write as well.

Plenty of tasks.


Writing a book happens in systems.

The theme for April can be the creation of the book.

To create the book, more focus needs to be put on writing.




The author structures his days to finish his book.

Every day, he writes from 5 am -12 pm without missing a beat.


‘Is he doing other tasks too?’

Yes. But writing the content is the focal point now.


When we read a book, sometimes a chapter becomes mainly about one character.

That’s not saying that all the other characters die. However, those characters take a back burner.


By the end of April, he has the content done.

‘He’s a fast writer!’

Let’s say he writes short stories lol.




This is when he interviews the right designers, editors, and proofreaders.

Hiring people takes work.


He structures his days for hiring tasks:

-Create a listing on fiver.

-Scope different talent.

-Set up interviews etc.


As you can tell, his day-to-day tasks for May are much different than in April.

That’s because the theme changed.




As the book is wrapped up, he makes his listing live.

Now it’s about marketing.


He creates unique content discussing the sections of the book.

Promoting it to his email list.

Doing interviews.



You get the point.


Finding your System


Ultimately, time management is something that is personal to us.

I came to find out that simplicity works the best.


For me, it’s always been a ‘can a dummy do it?’ approach.

If the answer is yes, then I think, ‘well, I better be able to do it then. I don’t want a dummy being smarter than me!’


You may be different.


Just know that it comes down to priorities.

What is it that you are looking to take step by step progress on?


If you have 0 clue, then time management is the least of your worries.

Introspection is the game.


If you’re looking for a simple system to manage your day, check out:

Simplify: A Personal Organizer Planner to Win the Day

  • You will get an undated calendar to plan out the theme for the months in the year.
  • A daily to-do list to cross off important tasks.
  • Daily note section to make adjustments.
  • Easy to read time schedule to manage the hours!

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