Is Being Humble Bad: Who Is a Humble Person?

Is Being Humble Bad: Who Is a Humble Person?


It’s easy to confuse the term “humble” with something that it is not.

It’s like that with most words.


A lot of people act out words.

But they don’t really know what it means.


When a word is not fully understood, it can lead to murky behaviors.

A nice guy or a pompous jerk.


Why is a humble attitude often preached as a virtue?

And on the flip side, why are some people saying that being humble is weak?


Both are right.

But the key is to understand the true definition of the word.


How I Define Being Humble


My definition of humble is:

-Viewing yourself in comparison to the universe.


That’s my definition.

And I’m pretty sure you won’t see that exact definition somewhere else.


The reason why is because that definition has been presented to me from my experiences.


‘Why in context to the universe?’

Because that’s what kills 2 birds with 1 stone.

  1. Now you understand the bigger picture.
  2. You do your duty in context to 1.


There is a bigger reason as to why I am saying universe though.

A reason that I’ll be covering shortly.


But before proceeding on…

Where do you see yourself in context to the entire universe?

How do you find yourself contributing to something bigger than you?


Where Being Humble can Go Wrong


Being too humble can be a bad thing.

And it’s a fast way to shut yourself off from the world.


Imagine you are in a networking event…

And you are hoping to find a plumber at this event.


You’re looking for a plumber because your toilet just broke.

This plumber would come in clutch.


But the only plumber in the event?

Too humble to let you know about his skillset.

He views it as bragging.


In this situation, 2 people lost.

  • The plumber lost business.
  • And you have to worry about the broken toilet after the event.


Being humble can EASILY go wrong when we compare ourselves to people.

Because when comparing ourselves to people, the mind is not thinking grand enough.


It creates an awkward moment.


This plumber was exhibiting the bad humble because he was comparing himself to the other people in the event.

For some reason, this disengaged him from promoting himself.

And his business suffered from that.


Now the question is, what is the difference between self-promotion & bragging?

Bragging is a word that all humble people despise.


However, it’s imperative that bragging & self-promotion are not being confused with one another.


Bragging vs Self Promotion


You ever met someone who bragged a lot?

‘Yea bro. My cousin can never stop talking about himself!’

Did their bragging ever lead to a point?

‘Not really.’

Correct, most bragging doesn’t.


Bragging is promotion without the intent.

And the bragger often does this with their pride leading the way.


A bragger does not set up opportunities for others to win.

Just themself.


On the flipside, self-promotion is promotion with an intent.

And the person who self promotes does it with the heart leading the way.


The self-promoter sets up an opportunity where they and the OTHER person are capable of winning.

This is a mutualistic relationship.


Let me be clear about something.

Self promotion in itself is a skill.


And not treating it like a skill will have you being perceived as bragging.

While in reality, you are trying to set up an opportunity for yourself & the other person.


A great way to ease into self-promotion is by making yourself valuable & always remaining curious of people.


No and.


  1. Make yourself valuable (thru whatever skill set, knowledge, product etc).
  2. Remain curious.

This allows self-promotion to just happen.


Others come up to you and are like ‘how are your networking skills so great?’

And you nonchalantly are like….

I just remain a lifelong student.


Dangers of Being Too Humble


Bringing awareness to being too humble is often learned the hard way.

And it’s a tough lesson to learn.

Especially when you are gifted at a craft.


Why is it so difficult??

Because people who are not as gifted as you will be promoting themselves.

They will be putting themselves out there.


Imagine for the networking event scenario..

The plumber who is VERY qualified is remaining quiet.

He is aware of the signals where you imply that your toilet broke.


But refuses to say anything.


In the neighboring conversation, an amateur plumber hears what you are going thru.

He eagerly starts promoting himself.


From the get-go, he is using a lot of lingo that seems off.

The qualified plumber can tell this new guy is an amateur.

And this amateur just wants a quick buck, doesn’t really want to help.


But still, the qualified plumber refuses to say anything.


The amateur closes your business.

Fucks up your toilet even worse.

And now you are going back & forth with this dude for a couple of weeks.


The qualified plumber has nothing to show for this.

In this case, inaction was a form of action.


Being too humble has you taking yourself out of the race.

No one wins.


On the flip side, when someone views themselves in terms of the universe…

They don’t have to ‘try to be humble.’

It just happens.


The universe is vast.

Earth is a speck of sand.

The location of our entire life is only a speck of sand?

Then what are we in terms of an individual basis?


We are individuals who are meant to contribute to the bigger picture.

Eyes on the bigger prize.


Now humility is a natural trait.

A natural trait that leads to fearlessness & supreme confidence.


Calm, Cool & Confident


Just like there is a big difference between self-promotion & bragging…

The same thing can be said for cocky & confidence.


The cocky guy cares a lot about what others think of him.

Are others approving?

If not, the cocky guy amps up their untamed energy & seems to be putting on an act.


The confident guy does not try to be liked so much.

A confident person focuses more on liking themself.


And by doing this, they are loved by others…


Bragging has you spinning in circles.

And accidentally burning bridges.


A level of humility has you creating opportunities out of thin air.

The right sense of a humble attitude is when the world wins because you are being great at your craft.


Put in the work.

And contribute your gifts to the bigger picture.


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