Internal Motivation


You ever met that one person who needed reminders to do the smallest tasks?

What’s funny is that they know how to talk a big game.


Saying how they were capable of putting in the work.

But when push comes to shove, they quit.


Time and time again, you will run into people like this in the real world.

And truthfully, you may be in this stage of your life right now.

A person who lacks internal motivation.


We all had that phase.

As children, we were sponges absorbing stimuli from the external world.

And one of the stimuli was motivation from our guardians.


But as you grow up, things change.

It’s no longer about external motivation.

It’s ALL about internal motivation.


You don’t have your guardians holding your hand for the smallest task.

Time to stand on your own 2 feet.


Today’s blog article will highlight why internal motivation is important, where you are currently going wrong & how to fix it.

Let’s begin.


The Dangers of External Motivation


If you look around, most people operate on external stimuli.

They look at the world around them and THEN make their decisions.


Discordance, Ambivalence, Ambiguity, Equivocation


If others were not around, this group would be in a state of panic.

What’s sad is that they are unaware of their current scenario.


External motivation is not always about needing motivation from others.

But often times, it comes down to:

Do external situations alter your behavior?


I have a friend who is always trying to get in shape.

And each time he begins, he is super motivated.

A lot of that motivation is internal, at first.


Time and time again, he begins his diet, to only quit.

And each time, he begins with renewed enthusiasm.


But there is a problem.

‘What is that?’

Time and time again, his behaviors get altered.


It is always something new.

Sometimes there is a sports game & his friends bring over wings.

So he binge eats.


Other times, his parents cook great food & he falls for temptation.

And other times, the latest Burger King commercial hypnotizes him.


Although he begins his journey with internal motivation, guess what?


He does not get his power from within.

Rather, he is influenced by the external.


This will have you quitting time and time again.


Internal Motivation


Motivation is defined as:

The reason or reasons one has for acting or behaving in a particular way.


Understanding the reason for why you behave the way you do is the key to internal motivation.

Much more powerful than getting your power from the external.


Because of the chaos of the real world.


As you keep getting older, you keep gaining more evidence of one life law.

And that is:

-The only constant is there is no constant.


Things change champ.

And allowing the external world to keep you on track is silly.


It’s like trying to get to a destination solely based on where the wind is blowing.

Reality check, you probably won’t get where you’re trying to go anytime soon.


Internal motivation allows you to gain your power back.

It allows you to understand that you are a doer.

Rather than someone who begins a task, but can’t seem to finish.


How to Unlock Internal Motivation


internal motivation


Wanna know a secret?

‘Yea, sure.’

Internal motivation is discovered after failing thru external motivation.



No one is magically born with internal motivation.

Rather, it is a byproduct of failure + awareness.


Look at the people who don’t seem to care much about the opinions of others.

Guarantee they used to care A LOT.

Just ask them.


But overtime, they realized that the opinions of others were placing a massive burden on their sanity.

So they just began to care less & less.

They kept building the awareness.

And now they know which opinions matter & which are noise.


Same concept with internal motivation.

After failing multiple times, you begin to notice patterns (hopefully).


Noticing patterns require a tamed ego.

That’s where a lot of people get it wrong.


When they don’t reach their goals, their untamed ego has them pointing fingers to save face.

And this prevents them from ever improving.



Same repetitive failures which eventually solidifies into a belief.


You need to be aware of HOW you are messing up.

When you are able to do that, you are able to see what doesn’t work.


That’s when you can use some judgement to realize that you are the only one responsible for your goals.

Gotta’ fall in love with what you’re chasing.


People who drive on internal motivation know the art of framing.


-They aren’t losing weight.

That feels like work.

-They are challenging themselves to improve their self image.

Losing weight will just be the vehicle to do that.

See the difference?


When you are able to see what doesn’t work, you scope thru the crap to find the diamond.

The diamond is the realization that you are your best friend.


And when you make that realization, you can be honest with yourself.

Honesty leads to proper framing of your desire.


Leverage Your Emotions


Anything worth getting requires you to properly leverage your emotions.

People who gain their motivation from the external world have their emotions controlled by circumstances.


And when your emotions are controlled, so are your thoughts.

Altered thoughts & emotions lead to altered behavior.

That doesn’t sound like a free individual to me.


The only person in charge of your feelings is you.

That’s not to say you won’t have traumatizing moments in your life.


But it is to say that no matter what happens, time will elapse, and you will keep on living life.

Have your emotions work for you.


You can’t have emotions work for you when you don’t understand them.

The key to internal motivation is understanding the good AND the bad.


No shame homie.

Like I said.

You have to be your best friend.


Once you accept the good and bad sides to you, that’s when internal motivation will seem like a bonding exercise.

That’s a life cheat code.


Internal Fire > External Clouds


Flame, Fire, Match, Beautiful, Hot, Burn, Close Up


People come and go.

But the person across the mirror stays the same.


Understand this.

No one owes you shit.

Only you are responsible for your life.


Your willpower will simply be a tangible representation of your desire.

The goal is to work for something that you truly want.


Not what others are doing.

But something that will make you feel alive.

And then frame the act correctly so you are enjoying the process.


Expect external situations to throw you off.

So when it happens, you are not remotely rattled.


The power is all coming from within.

That’s where the potential energy lies.

It’s now up to you to unlock it.


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