How to Write Better Emails for Work, Business, and Life

How to Write Better Emails for Work, Business, and Life


Emails seem so old school.

Especially in the social media era.


Even though it feels old school does not mean it is old school.


There are tons of email users who read their emails.

Just because they read some does not mean they read all.


It doesn’t matter if you are:

  • In corporate life.
  • Starting a business.
  • Starting a business while in corporate life.

Emailing is impossible to run away from in the land of content creation.


In this blog post, we are going to talk about the psychology of an email consumer, how to write an email, and be consistent in delivery.


Psychology of an Email Consumer


There are different types of communication.

Let’s zone in on 2 for the sake of contrast:

  • Public speaking and sending emails.


For public speaking, there is a speaker on stage with an audience present.

The audience members are all around each other, consuming the speaker’s message.

This is a shared activity.


On the other hand, when a person is reading their emails, they are rarely doing it in a crowd.

They are opening the email by themselves.


‘Why does it matter if they are by themselves?’

Because it will help the writer understand how many people they should talk to.

‘How many people should the writer talk to?’



That’s the golden number in communication.

  • Talk to 1 person at a time.


Embracing Informality


‘How do most people write their emails?’

They subconsciously write as if an army of people will see it.

Logically speaking, they are writing correctly because often, an army of people will see it.


Creative writing is not always logical.

It’s illogical.

Therefore, it’s difficult to target the mind at 1.


Let’s say I have a magic wand.

I wave it and the emailer is now speaking to only 1 person.

How different will their delivery be?


Well, their writing tone will be much more conversational.

It will be easier to understand them.

Which will allow the reader to relate to the email more.

Relatability leads to a higher information retention rate.


The magic wand has lost its power.

The emailer is back to talking to a crowd and being overly formal.

Now what?


Well, the email will sound generic… like an algorithm created it.

The message may be delivered (physically) but is not received (mentally).

And the emailer most likely hated sending out the email.

It was a tough experience for the writer and the reader.


How to Practice Writing Emails


Content creation is a muscle.

The more it is worked out, the better the content creator gets.

Soon, the content creator goes from:

  • Mopey to enthusiastic.
  • Bumpy to smooth.
  • And formal to informal.


Just like anything out there, writing requires practice.

View the process of how to write better emails like how an athlete trains for their sport.


An athlete moves in a way where they time themselves and have some sort of measurement for success.

With creative fields, it’s difficult to have tangible measurements.

With creative fields, it’s easier to have intangible measurements.

‘What’s the intangible measurement that I should be looking out for?’



Great writers often talk about the value of simplicity.

“How many undervalue the power of simplicity…but it is the real key to the heart” – William Wordsworth.


Simplicity is earned, while complexity is the default state.


‘Shouldn’t I be measuring my emails based on enthusiasm, the laughs it gets, or something brasher?’

No. Those are all derivatives, aka: the orange juice.

But not the real orange.


The real orange is simplicity.

Once the email has been written, read it back.

  • Is it easy to understand?
  • Is it using simple language?
  • Are key concepts being shared in this email?

If so, then the half author & half athlete is on target.


how to write better emails


Making Writing a Lifestyle


Imagine a public speaker who only gives 1 speech every 5 years.

This Saturday, he has a speech coming up.

Is he nervous?

‘Nervous? I’m sure the speaker is terrified!’


‘Because the speaker hasn’t given a speech in ages!’


Now imagine if a speaker has a podcast and a YouTube channel where he posts content on a weekly basis.

In addition, he is in a Toastmasters club where he goes to 2 meetings a month and participates.

He has a speech coming up this Saturday.

Is he nervous?

‘This speaker shouldn’t be too nervous.’

Why not?

‘Because speaking is pretty much engrained in his life.’



Likewise, if you are sending an email every now and then… then the stakes are high.

But, if you are capable of integrating a writing practice into your lifestyle, then emails become just another part of the writing umbrella.

It’s no longer viewed as a special occasion that causes tension.


‘How can I integrate writing into my life?’

It’s probably already integrated into your life; however, you just need to make yourself AWARE.

Like texting, writing letters to someone (I hear some people still do this!) or writing Facebook statuses.


Personally, I think Twitter is one of the easiest ways to effortlessly practice writing skills.

Each tweet is a micro post that builds micro muscles.

Micro muscles are the 1% improvements that lead to something massive.


Create Opportunities by Learning How to Write Better Emails


Isn’t it cool how when you are reading a book…let’s say an autobiography for example.

It’s like a dead guy is having a direct conversation with you?


Well, it’s very similar with emails.

Minus the dead part.


Don’t focus so much on the technology.

Instead, focus more on the person behind the technology.


If you are looking to further level up your writing skills, then be sure to check out the:


This book will teach you how to:

  • Build a writing practice.
  • Leverage edutainment.
  • Effectively read your writing back to maximize improvements.
  • Write better emails.

Plus: Bonus section with creative writing exercises!



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