How to Stop Being Jealous of Others

How to Stop Being Jealous of Others


Jealousy can either serve as fuel.

Or jealousy can serve as a way to self implode.


‘Why do others get jealous?’

Well, can you blame them?


We live in a society that encourages competition.

Which is great in many fields.

But not productive in many other fields.


Rather than breeding a competition mindset, it is much more effective to breed a cooperation mindset.

With the cooperation mindset, a lot of jealousy melts away.

That’s the fastest way to learn how to stop being jealous of others.


That’s not to say jealousy isn’t good though.

It can be very good.

It is a human emotion, you know.


But let’s talk a bit more about this competition mindset.


The Competiton Mindset


Competing is a gift and a curse.

In the world of sports, you get paid to compete.

So that’s a high ROI mindset.


But in the world of social skills, you don’t get paid to compete.

In reality, it’s a self-imposed narrative that’s being implied.


The desire to compete often implies that this person is a ‘winner.’

Or on a journey to be a winner.

That’s what society says.


However, the weakness of this narrative rises the more one matures.

Competing aimlessly isn’t the trait of a winner.

Awareness & emotional regulation are the key traits of a winner.


Competition mindset is fine in doses in regards to social skills.

Like a friendly bet.

But when that’s the core narrative running your operating system, it’s planting some darks seeds that will eventually grow.


What Competition Mindset Leads to


The competition mindset regarding humans leads to a lot of tiered effects.

What, you thought the mindset didn’t have effects?

Fam, everything has a cause & you know what follows the cause….


The competition mindset leads us to resent when someone else wins.

It makes us create the narrative that:

  • Someone else’s win = Our loss.


This is silly though.

For the most part, that is rarely the case.

Someone else’s win is their win…. But the ego tries to slide itself in there.

That’s when jealousy is born.


Jealousy happens on its own.

Like a little kid who sees his baby brother suddenly getting more attention.


However, jealousy is amplified when combined with a competition mindset.

That’s when a bitter attitude is slowly conditioned to the subconscious mind.


To Act or Not to Act?


Jealousy can fuel a lot of greatness.

Same with competition.


However, after a certain period, a part of someone is like:

‘Do I always need to pull down others to pull myself up?’


That’s when compassion is being unlocked.

A higher form of intelligence that can take years to tap into.


Jealousy can spark action.

Heck, a lot of businesses are started that way.


One person who hates their job may see someone else much younger, thriving in a business.

The person in the job is like ‘why can’t I do that too?’


The jealousy in this case sparks a motive for change.

I hope that this individual is not setting their entire business plan around beating the youngster lol.

But it’s hard to deny that the change that it sparked was needed.


So jealousy comes down to the question of:

Should I act or not?


The Different Kinds of Jealousy


One of the best ways to learn how to stop being jealous of others…

Is by learning all jealousy is not the same.

‘What do you mean?’

They are not the same…


Some jealousy is small.

And you’ll notice it.

It’s something that can happen on autopilot.


Let’s say you see someone driving that new Lexus.

A part of you immediately gets jealous.


But after a couple of minutes… you’re like:

‘Wait a minute, I don’t even like the Lexus.’


That’s what I call baby-burst jealousy.


On the other hand, the other form of envy is the one that sparks a core desire.

Sort of like the situation with the employee and his anger towards the youngster regarding business.


This jealousy is potent.

It can fuel us to drive massive change.

Or can cause us to act very much out of character.


And this is where different individuals are created.


How To Stop Being Jealous of Others


I’ve always found social media unique.

Not because of the content alone.

But the way some people act with the content.


Every now and then, you’ll see a very normal guy, offline, becoming a massive hater, online.

I’m not talking about a constructive critic who is pointing out areas of improvement.


I’m talking about a guy who just talks shit to vent.

Paragraphs on paragraphs.


That’s just an observation.


Jealousy can easily cause someone to become a hater.

The envy sparked the hidden desire.


And rather than this individual doing something about it…

They decide to tear the other person down.


The dark truth is that this is the case with a lot of people.

I wouldn’t be surprised if it was the majority.


And I wouldn’t be surprised if the ‘always hear both sides of the story’ quote stemmed from these types of jealous individuals.


Needless to say, this is the loser way to behave.


The other way to act towards jealousy is to immediately act.

The core desire is sparked.


You do a bit of thinking… Not too much.

Otherwise, procrastination will happen.


But then a ‘you know what… if he can do it, why can’t I?’ question will be asked.

This frames you as the go-getter.


At first, it may seem that you’re putting the other person down.

Maybe this person worked years for this goal.


But when you look closer, you’re actually bringing your potential to the forefront.

Not immediately hating.


If you lack the willpower to carry on and make something happen…

Ignoring is always an option.

But with willpower, the jealousy may have been the best thing to happen.


Encouraging Cooperation One Step at a Time


It’s funny how people of power are consistently collaborating behind the scenes.

However, they pass the narrative to those below them to compete like mad men.


This creates a fragmented community.

And when a community is fragmented, these individual nodes are much easier to control.

People of power don’t want others to know how to stop being jealous of others.


It may not be something that’s perceivable when you are that node.

But for those people high up there?

They know the game they are playing.


Don’t let your jealousy play someone else’s game.

Play your own game, playa.


Control the jealousy.

Harness it.

And allow it to propel you to new heights.


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