How to Stop Being a Quitter

How to Stop Being a Quitter

A few years ago, I remember having a friend that was an amazing singer.

Let’s call her Layla.

You would never have expected her to be such a good singer.

‘Why not?’

Because she was so quiet!

I remember one day, a few of the engineers were pulling an all nighter for a calculus exam.

After hours & hours of studying, we decided to take a break and unwind.

Most of us had broken into small groups to talk & chill, but Layla went off into the corner.

Layla put her headphones on & was facing the wall.

Soon, we could hear Layla singing softly.

The rest of the room heard it & stopped talking.

We tuned into her voice.

Her voice was getting louder & louder.

Don’t think she even noticed she was singing in the first place.

But she was.

‘How was it?’

She was fucking amazing!!

music notes

Smooth, clean, radiant singing voice that energized everyone in the room that night.

This couldn’t have been better timing.

‘Why is that Armani?’

Because I was vice president at the time for my Fraternity & I was in charge of hosting events.

My organization had a talent show coming up & I needed one more act to fill up the roster.

Layla would be the perfect addition to this mix!!

This was too good to be true.

After our exam the next morning, I tried convincing Layla to consider performing in our show.

‘Did she agree?’

At first, no.

She was too shy to get up in front of 300 people.

And who could blame her?

But I couldn’t give up so easily.

I began texting Layla nonstop & bugging her all week to reconsider.

Day in & day out, your boy was at it.

Pretty sure I was annoying the hell out of her.

It came to a point where she finally agreed, just so I could shut up!


Mission accomplished.

Did Layla Come Thru?

*3 weeks later*

‘Well, how did the show go?’

The show went amazing!!

All the acts came prepared & were ready to perform.

And Layla killed it!

She dominated the show & captivated everyone in the crowd that night.

Round of applause please.

round of applause

‘That’s amazing dude!’

It was…… however, there was a problem.

‘A problem?’

Ya. Layla came in 2nd place for the talent show.

‘So? That’s not half bad considering this was her first ever show.’


But not for Layla.

She was stunned to see that she wasn’t first place.

So stunned that she bursted into tears & decided singing wasn’t her thing.

She was going to quit.

‘Wait, really??’

Yes, really.

Even before she truly began her singing journey, she decided to give up.


Are You a Quitter?

The shocking thing about Layla’s story is that it happens all to often.

People who quit too soon are abundant.

They quit even before they give themselves the chance to be great.

Layla would have been an amazing singer if she had stuck to her craft & kept pushing forward.

Who knows how much she would have improved.

Are you a quitter?

‘Honest truth Armani? Yea, I am.’

Well, it’s time to change that.

Greatness does not come to quitters.

You need to fix your mindset so you can finally start investing yourself.

It’s time to change your mindset regarding quitting so we can make a winner out of you!



Perfect, let us begin.

Why do People Quit?

For plenty of reasons to be honest.

But it mainly comes down to:

  1. Lack of desire
  2. Results over process based mindset
  3. Unrealistic deadlines
  4. Unattainable goals
  5. Other peoples opinions

If you can fix these quirks, then you will stop quitting!

These 5 attributes will have you giving up & being filled with regret.

Quitting leads to temporary satisfaction in exchange for long term pain.

Now that you know why you quit, let’s guide you thru what you are going to do about it!

1. Have Desire for your Goal

Desire for the task will make or break you.

A person without desire will constantly need motivation, encouragement & all that shit.

But the person with desire?

You have to kill them before they give up.

Desire serves as the bridge between your idea & manifestation.

So you need to spark desire.

‘How do I do that?’

You find your WHY.


Don’t just jump into the ‘what’ of your goal, without finding your why.

Find out why you are doing something in the first place!

Otherwise, it will feel like work.

And humans don’t respond well to things that they view as work.

Finding your why allows you to view ‘work’ as ‘play.’

This hack allows you to think Big picture & engage your emotions in the process.

If you can’t say your why in one sentence, then your all over the place.

Narrow down fam.

Once you are able to say your why in one sentence, you are ready to proceed on to the next step.

2. Focus on the Process, not Results

To be honest, I blame the school system for having us focus on the results over the process.

You were never rewarded for studying for an exam, you were rewarded for the test score.

It’s time to unfuck your mindset!

In the real world, focus on the process over the results.


Because when you focus just on the results, you rush & come off sloppy.

So I want you to have the results in the back of the mind.

Want to be the best singer ever?

Sure, go for it! That’s your result, your north star.

Have that hanging in the back of your mind, & now focus on the NOW.

For each singing session, be present & focus on improving.

Your journey will feel more fulfilling.

3. Break your Goals Down

My Uncle once told me:

Nephew, when you run into a brick wall, focus on one brick at a time rather than the whole wall.

Same with life.

There is a big goal & micro goals along the way.

If you only focus on the big goal (the wall), then you’ll feel overwhelmed.

However, if you focus on the micro goals (the bricks), then you’ll feel confident.

brick wall

Learn the art of breaking your goals down & you’ll feel silly for wanting to quit.

4. Track your results

What gets tracked, gets improved.

Funny, because most people just skip this step & wonder why they aren’t improving.

Execution is great, don’t get me wrong.

But learning from your execution is where the money is at.

Tracking allows you to work with purpose every time you begin working towards a goal.

And the more you track, the more your subconscious mind makes adjustments to bring you the results that you desire.

Track your results in any way that you can!

5. Set Deadlines

Deadlines bring in a sense of urgency into your world.

Remember this:

ALWAYS have a scarcity mindset towards time.

One second lost is one second that will never be returned.

Which is why it’s crucial for you to begin taking your time much more seriously.

Setting deadlines allows you to value your time & make the most out of every second.

Plus, you feel more accountable in the process.

6. Learn to rest, not quit

Major key!!

A lot of people that quit do so because they got burnt out from working non stop.

They think resting is a joke until their body refuses to comply with their commands.

Which is why learning to rest is crucial.

It is a skill set on it’s own.

Remember, you earn your rest.

So if you put in a solid day’s work, then go on & unwind!

And do so without any regret.

7. Fuck other people’s opinions

There are going to be several people that try to hold you back as you chase your goals.

I remember when I first started public speaking for Toastmasters, many of my friends thought it was corny.

They thought my time would be better spent getting fucked up with them every weekend.

middle finger from car


Now imagine if I let their opinions dictate my moves.

I’d be miserable & filled with regret.

Public speaking changed my life forever & I’m glad I stuck to my guns.

You need to do the same.

Other people may not approve of your level up journey, but who cares?

You don’t live your life to appease them.

Cut ties with losers & move on to my final point.

8. Surround Yourself With Winners

When you are surrounded by hungry winners, quitting is not even a thought.

Their moves & mannerisms begin to rub off on you.

You are much more focused & determined to take care of business.

The people you surround yourself with will have a huge influence on your future.

So avoid being the person wasting your time on bums & find winners to roll with.

Life Changes when you Stop Quitting

‘You believe in luck Armani?’


I believe in working at it for long enough.

Every miracle that I’ve ever had in my life was due to me working on my goals.

Luck finds people who are moving, working with purpose & showing up to work every damn day.

If you apply these tips, then quitting will become laughable to you.

You will finally understand that goal chasing is one of the most fulfilling acts out there.

You just needed to fix your mindset regarding it.

Now go, get back out there & go get whats yours.

With that being said, leave 1 comment below on the goal that you are currently chasing!

– ArmaniTalks ????️????

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