How to Roast Someone Without Creating an Enemy

How to Roast Someone Without Creating an Enemy


Roasting is the art of making fun of someone.


I would even get more detailed:

  • Roasting is the art of making fun of someone without creating an enemy.


The latter definition allows you to move with more tact.


If you are making fun of someone and hurting their feelings, I don’t view that as roasting.

I view that as making fun of someone.


Roasting is an art because it’s a dance between being mean-spirited and kind.

In that dance, humor is born, and camaraderie deepens.


There’s an art to roasting.

You want to work your way up…


First, Think Like a Comedian


In college, I was voted the Roastmaster in my fraternity.

I won this prestigious award for creating funny doppelgangers.


The fraternity brothers all had a GroupMe where we would stay connected.

I would create doppelgangers of them and post them on GroupMe.


There was a kid in my fraternity who looked like Harry Potter.

So, I posted a picture of him on a split screen next to Harry.


Other times, I noticed a subtle similarity between a fraternity brother and a cartoon character.

Once again, I created a split screen.


It became so funny that brothers would post an embarrassing picture of another brother and tag me with:

‘Armani! Do your magic.’


Creating doppelgangers taught me about light humor.


I recommend you warm up your roasting muscles by creating doppelgangers.

If you are a part of a group chat, pick one person, and create a doppelganger of them.

The doppelganger should not be too mean.


If a person is struggling with body issues, you don’t want to post a picture of them next to a random obese person with no context.

But if it’s a goofy celebrity that looks like your buddy, then that’s fair game.


You Never Know Who You’ll Offend


A long time ago, I went to a pregame before a party.

The pregame was hosted by a guy who I was cool with, and his 2 roommates.

I never met his roommates before.


The boys and I were chilling in the living room for a while.

Eventually, one of the host’s roommates came out of his room.

This guy was wearing yellow pants and a white shirt.


On autopilot, I said:

‘This dude looks like a peeled banana!’


The entire room began laughing.


Everyone began laughing except the guy who got roasted.

He retaliated.

He started making fun of my nose, my voice, and anything else he could think of.


I thought:

‘Dude, I’m just roasting you. I’m not making fun of you.’


But that’s not how he perceived it.

The lesson I learned that day was just because you view it as a joke doesn’t mean the other person does.


I learned that you should only roast someone once you have a rapport with them.

I didn’t have enough rapport with that guy to make fun of his wardrobe.


Later, I found out his identity was tied to his clothes.

He took his fashion seriously.


Once you know someone well, you’ll learn what their trigger points are.

Some people are like:

‘You can make fun of anything about me, just don’t bring my kids in it.’


If you bring their kids in it, they will snap, no matter how witty your joke is.

Their identity is tied to their kids.


Only roast people who you have rapport with and stay away from their trigger points.


Avoid Being Too Detailed & Jump in During Momentum


A lot of roasts make no sense.

It’s honestly about the delivery.


One time, me and a few of the boys were chilling.

Suddenly, we began roasting one of the guys named Jim.


Jim was a fat kid.

It would have been easy to make fun of his weight.

So, we avoided that.

Plus, his weight was one of his trigger spots.


Instead of making fun of his weight, we made fun of his mannerisms.

‘This dude drives like a bus driver who is late for work!’


The way that my buddy delivered that roast made the whole car laugh.


When the crowd is already laughing, that’s when you want to jump in.

They are warmed up for you.


And you don’t want to get too technical.

If you’re being too literal like:

‘Yea, he does look like a bus driver who is late for work. Thus far, I have seen him look at his watch 4 times. Him looking at his watch that many times proves to me that he’s late!’


Others will look at you like:

‘What the heck is wrong with this guy?’


A better add-on will be:

‘This dude looks like he’s driving fast to go to a parent-teacher conference and get rejected by the moms!


This joke can easily be torn apart for factual inaccuracies.

But that doesn’t matter.

It’s so silly that it’ll make others laugh.


Plus, when the roast is clearly of a silly imaginary scenario, the target is less likely to get offended.


Roasting vs Making Fun of Someone


I had this fraternity brother who was such a serious guy.

He would not take kindly to jokes.


One time, someone roasted him for always coughing while talking.

He snapped back with:

‘At least my girlfriend is not a slut like yours!’


The guy whose girlfriend was insulted was pissed.

He said:

‘You always take it too far bro.’

Then left.


When you take it too far, you’re not roasting.

You’re just being mean.


Making fun of someone’s wife, their kids, or their income is not the way to do it.

  • Make fun of imaginary scenarios that feel real.
  • Make fun of things that they don’t identify with that much.
  • Joke around once y’all have rapport.


Most importantly, keep it lighthearted.


That’s why I recommend you start off with creating doppelgangers.

Doppelgangers get you thinking funny.

Once you think funny, you become funny.


For more insights into comedy and humor, check out the LOL book.





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