The Art of Letting Go: Learn How to Practice Detachment

The Art of Letting Go: Learn How to Practice Detachment


When you picture detachment, what do you see?

‘I see a guy who is living a very sad, morbid life.’


That’s how many people view detachment.

And to be fair, it sounds like a very nonchalant, disengaged word.


On the other hand, the truth is…

Detachment is one of the best things to practice.


Detachment is not killing off your personality.

But instead, allowing it to blossom.


Learning the art of being present is one of the best investments for your future self.

And the world thanks you when you’re doing your duty with a detachment to the results.


How can a shift in perspective occur?

How can we, too, view the beauty of detachment in our day-to-day lives?

Let’s find out.


Detaching From The Results


Detachment really comes down to 2 things:

  1. Knowing the optimal result to be expected.
  2. Focusing all on the process.


One without the other is when disaster ensues.

And that leads to sloppy work.


Why do we need both these steps?


Well, step 1 leads to clarity.

It allows you to move like a person who isn’t constantly looking over his back.

Worried that you’re going the wrong way.


But step 2 is where the art lies.

How well are you being present?


Are you like the magnifying glass that’s gathering all the rays from the sun to light the fire?

Or do you have weak rays grazing the grass?


‘Can I say something bro?’


‘The steps you mentioned seem like common sense. Detachment seems easy!’

Common sense isn’t common practice.


In the world of emotional intelligence, executing common sense is one of the hardest things you can do.


How the Masses Work…


So detachment comes down to 2 steps.

Knowing what the result should be.

Focusing all on the process.


You said it was common sense, right?


Well, here’s how most people work…


Let’s say they have to create a speech.

Better yet, let’s make you participate.

What is part 1?


‘The result I am expecting is for everyone to be impressed by me & my talk.’


Well, you’re not technically wrong.

But the way you phrased it was egotistical.


‘What should it be then?’

-I want to create a speech that gives value to the audience members.


Now you’re not making yourself the star. You’re making the audience the centerpiece.

Which allows the desire to impress to melt away.

You seem less like a nice guy, and more like a poised guy.


So as you can tell, the practice of detachment isn’t easy.

Even setting an optimal result requires some finetuning, failing & refining again.


Now for part 2, what are your process steps?

‘To practice the speech.’

What do you need to do before practicing the speech?

‘Create the speech.’

What do you need to do before creating the speech?

‘Finding the ONE big idea that I’m getting from my mind to the audience’s mind.’



For part 2, we need to clarify what the most important step/s are.

Many people have no clue what the fundamentals are.


So they focus on all the wrong things.

Making themselves more nervous.


How to Practice Detachment As A Lifestyle


I’ve talked about detachment in terms of work.

However, it’s more so a life philosophy.


The reason I bought it up thru the example of work is because…

  • Everyone has to work.

No one is exempt from that.


If you have a mind & a body, it needs to be maintained.

And if you live in a society, then your mind & body needs to be used in SOME way to provide value for others.


Most don’t view it like that though.

They are just pushing through.

Being egotistical & self-centered.


Being egotistical & self-centered is a very luxurious problem to have.

There are many people who do not have that luxury.

They have to give back.


Nature is constantly directing us to become more selfless.

Work should be the battleground of practicing detachment.


The art of not working for the results.

Rather, working to provide value.


The Fruits of Detachment


You ever heard someone say:

‘The best way to get something is acting like you don’t need it.’


I probably butchered that quote.

But it went something along those lines.


Picture someone who tries to act cool.

Picture that guy who is telling the girl that she is his dream woman, on the first date.

Very needy.

Very weak.


The fruit of detachment is confidence.

And the fruit of confidence is being gifted the present moment.


The present moment is where the narratives of the mind do not fully subside.

But instead, now you’re capable of using the narratives towards your favor.


Detachment allows the body to heat up.

That heated feeling consistently keeps you in the present..


You ever had that moment when you went thru a very tough time…

And surprisingly, your body felt more therapeutic?

The body felt more compassionate.


That’s the fruits of detachment.

Not working for the results & the rewards.

However, knowing what to expect so you can provide good work.

Then work.


This sort of mentality spills over to all other parts of your life.

You become more emotionally intelligent, a better individual on a societal basis & sharper with your skillset of choice.


Nature Rewards Detachment


Imagine a guy who quit his job & started a successful YouTube channel.

His audience loves him.


However, as more time goes on by, this particular YouTuber has been getting more anxious.

When the views on his video are not as high as it used to be, he starts throwing a temper tantrum.

His mood is off.


As more time goes on by, he starts creating his videos wondering how many likes it will get.

All his focus is on the results.

The video becomes sloppy.


Over time, his audience loses faith in the old YouTuber they fell in love with.

So they leave, one by one.


The YouTube algorithms deliver a death blow to this particular creator by giving him less impressions.

And now the creator is sadder than ever.


A dark lesson in getting attached to things outside of your control.

This is a guy who didn’t learn how to practice detachment on the come up.


Focus on what is in your control.


Keep bringing the mind back…

Over and over and over.


In that process of bringing the mind back is where genius is born.

Where character is born.

And where a work ethic of legends is born.

That’s your personality gradually blossoming…


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