How to Make a To Do List for DUMMIES

How to Make a To-Do List for DUMMIES


A to-do list is an underrated way to 1000x your productivity.

It gives you direction and allows you to assess if your day was successful or not.


But you know how modern productivity goes…

Individuals set up shop on the productivity train and add unneeded complexity.


They did that with meditation.

What was meant to be simple nowadays is too complex:

  • Apps, candles, scented sticks, mats and so much more.


The meditator loses focus on why they started meditating in the first place.

Tst tsk.


Too much clutter will ruin your to-do list.

It’s about focusing on the basics and glorifying the basics.

Let’s first learn why a to-do list is so helpful, and a simple way to get started.


Why To-Do Lists are Helpful


There are a few reasons to-do lists are helpful.

1 reason is that when you write something down, it becomes real.


What stays in the mind gets lost in the mind.

That’s why a lot of high performers have low confidence.

You would think they have the highest self-worth.

But they often forget their accomplishments because their accomplishments stayed in the mind.


When you write something down, it’s known as ‘externalization.’

You are taking the internal world and making it visible to the external world.

This allows the task to bump up in priority.


Once you see a structure for the day, that’s when you have clarity.

It’s sort of like going down a forest with a lamp rather than in pure darkness.


Also, another reason why a to-do list helps a ton is because it builds confidence.

When you are crossing off 1 item after the next, that’s when your subconscious mind is like:

‘Yo, I’m a doer, not just a talker.’


So, adding structure and confidence are a few benefits of a to-do list.

how to make a to do list


Have a General Theme


‘Okay, I just begin writing down random productive tasks then, right?’

No. This is a quick way to ensure that to-do lists are not integrated into your lifestyle.


The first thing that is needed is a general why.


What are you trying to improve?

This is where self-knowledge is key.


Maybe you want a holistic approach.

So, a general theme allows you to see that your day is structured into:

  • Business
  • Health
  • Family

This will allow you to spot which acts to execute and which acts to ignore.


Maybe at this age of your life, you are more tunnel-visioned.

Your days are centered around passing the MCAT.

  • So, your theme is passing a test.


A general gist of the direction is all you need to begin (no need to get too detailed).

That’s when it becomes easier to spot the correct acts for your list.


Be Simple with Wording


Next up, simple language.

Use words rather than sentences.

This may not always be possible but do your best to create words rather than sentences.


‘Why? I can be so much more detailed with sentences.’

Because to-do lists are commands for your mind:

We want to be lean.


A simple act worded in a complex way will make the act seem more difficult.

While a difficult task worded in a simple way will fool you into action.


It’s like code.

A coder wants to clean up their code so they can preserve more energy on the hardware.

If a functioning code can be created with 50 lines, then 500 lines are not needed.



  • Gym.

Rather than:

  • 50 lat pulls, 50 bicep curls, 15 squats, etc.


It seems like a small twist.

However, in the complex system of life, the tiny twists add up.


Free photos of Road


Execute, Execute, Execute


Now it’s all about execution.

Not only for a day but for a series of days.


The longer that you execute, the more you will see the:

  • Permanent
  • Dynamic


Over time, a daily routine will be presented.

There are certain tasks that always find its way to your to-do list.


However, on other days, you find yourself having dynamic tasks.

Dynamic task = New task or something that you don’t normally do.


Let’s say you are a content creator.


Then most of your day will probably be:

  • Creating.
  • Learning.
  • Editing.
  • Publishing.

Those are the permanent tasks.


But every now and then, someone hops in your DMs and asks you for an interview.

That’s a dynamic task.


The more you know your permanent tasks, the more you feel grounded in reality.

That’s when you are more shock absorbent to the dynamic tasks that are presented.


The Symbol of Crossing Things Off


‘Do I need to write my list down or can I do it digitally?’

That depends on you.


There are a lot of apps that you can download in order to do it digitally.

Same 3-step process:

  1. Set theme.
  2. Create actions in word format (rather than sentence format).
  3. Execute.


If you’re looking for a physical planner designed for to-do lists, then be sure to check out CheckList.

You’ll be given 150 checklist pages to structure your day.

Get here:


The beauty is in the process of crossing action items off.

When you did what you said you were going to do, there’s a level of confidence that is unlocked.


A to-do list is a great way to get out of a rut.


If you are going through a tough time, then set up a basic to-do list.

You can literally have just 1 item on it to spring yourself into action.

Then physically, digitally, or mentally cross off that item once you have successfully executed it.


The process of crossing off that item is a symbol.

It’s a symbol that represents that your subjective words can influence your objective reality.


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