How to Improve Your Voice


Your voice is sort of like a business card.

You just can’t see it.


Have you ever met that one person with a hyena laugh?

Their laugh was so bad that it pierced through your ears.

So you were extra hesitant to be funny around them.


This sort of attitude makes it hard to be yourself around someone.

A lot of social interactions are met with the intention of being able to loosen up around the other person.

And humor is a big part of that loosening up process.


A hyena laugh plummets likability.


‘So if the laugh is so bad, what about the voice?’

The voice plays an even bigger role.


Your voice is shaping the world around you, whether your are aware of it or not.

The tonality you have can make hate sound sweet & honest feedback sound like hate.


Improving your voice is powerful, but some people have a fixed mindset towards it.

They believe the voice they have is permanent.


‘Are you saying that is not the case??”

That’s exactly what I am saying.


Your voice is a muscle.

It’s time to take it to the gym so you have a powerful presence.

In this blog post, you are going to learn how to improve your voice, not just with tactics…but with belief.


How to Improve Your Voice


What Does Your Voice Represent?


Have you ever had that moment when you were talking to a friend & your voice was smooth?

But when you had to talk to a person in higher authority, your voice changed?


Your voice went from smooth to fidgety, soft tone & unsure.

And in return, it made the other person treat you like a lower authority figure.

Constantly cutting you off & strong-arming you.


This isn’t a pleasant situation to be in.


Your voice is a part of your body language.

Just because you cannot see the voice does not mean that it is not a part of your body.


How do you feel when someone’s eyes are constantly looking around when you’re speaking?

‘I feel like they aren’t paying attention.’



Nonverbal communication plays a MASSIVE role in the world of humans.

The body represents what someone is internally feeling.


When someone stands up straight, chin up, and a strong voice, we feel a sense of composure.

Why? Because that individual has a sense of composure.

Mirror neurons baby.


The flipside is also true.

When someone is fidgety, darting eyes, constantly touching their neck, we feel a strong level of unease.


Your voice is your brand.

It represents more than a vehicle for just carrying your words.


Truth be told, most humans don’t even listen to the words that much.

They mainly listen to the tonality behind them.


You want to be a force to be reckoned with though.

Let’s make you someone who is powerful with words AND has a powerful voice as well.


The Secret Power of Belief



A voice is a vehicle for a legacy.

If you want to cut through the noise & improve much quicker, then you need to fix your mindset.


‘Why don’t you give me the tactics first?’

Because the tactics don’t hold weight without the BELIEF.


You see…

When you look closer:

Your voice is a representation of how YOU view YOU.

Read the above line again.


Your voice is a strong indicator of how you perceive yourself.

And if you are struggling with confidence and low self-esteem, then it has a lot to say about your soft voice.


I was like you before. Used to sound like a mouse.

‘What changed?’

I realized I wanted to make an impact on the world.


And I couldn’t do that if no one could hear me.

When I realized that I wanted to make an impact, I realized that improving my voice wasn’t just for me…

It was also for many others.

It will play a role in my legacy.


When you have that kind of belief, you think BIG picture.

Rather than being the day by day thinker who is just looking for the latest tactics on how to improve.


Once you have the perspective of the big picture, your mindset expands.

And you have more of a composure to you.


That doesn’t mean you don’t practice the tactics that I am soon going to discuss.

But ultimately, ask yourself what kind of impact that you’re looking to leave?


Your voice is malleable.

Just like how your brain is plastic and able to fire & wire new neural pathways.


Go into the voice improving journey with a winner’s attitude.

You are thinking big picture and you KNOW that your voice will alter based on the commitment that you put in.



Strategies on How to Improve your Voice


Let’s get to the elephant in the room.

Do you have to listen to yourself on tape?


You don’t NEED to. But I highly recommend it.

And when you do listen to yourself on tape, have the right expectations.


A lot of people think that they will love what they hear back.

Nah bud.


When people hear themselves on tape for the first time, they are mortified.

They can’t believe that they sound so bad.


Even the most famous singer you know, I guarantee they hated listening to their voice the first time they ever heard it.


That’s because your voice sounds a lot different from how your ears naturally perceive it vs when you plug headphones into your ears.

There’s a difference in curvature.


All good. PUSH through it.


Go in with the right expectation. Your voice will not sound the way you hoped & you’ll continue anyways.

Got it?



Let’s start off with a few methods to improve your voice.


Method 1: Audio Journal


I’m a simple guy.

I don’t believe in making things more complicated than it needs to be.

  1. Record yourself speaking.
  2. Listen to yourself back.
  3. Repeat.

That’s it.


Often, we write out our journals.

I recommend for this section, you speak your journals into existence.


Pick any topic you want to talk about.

And record yourself.

There are a few ways to do this.



You can record a podcast format.

Get Audacity software & a USB mic. Then record & you can upload your episodes to a hosting service later on.

I provide my podcasting tools on the resources tab.



You can just speak to the recorder on your phone.

Keep your files so you can listen back to them to see how far you have come.

When learning how to improve your voice, don’t be surprised by exponential progress after being consistent.


Method 2: One Word Game



The one-word game is a game-changer on fixing a monotone or soft voice.

This one is when you speak something into existence and focus on one word at a time.


We struggle with our voice at the moment because we get jumbled up.

And when we get jumbled, something else happens.


Each word loses its energy.


You need to give each word the respect that it deserves.

And that requires you to go one word at a time.

‘What do I talk about?’

You can talk about anything.


If you are driving to work, talk about your day coming up & what you plan to accomplish.

And take all the time you need.

Focus on giving each word the respect it deserves.


Method 3: Reading a Book Out Loud


Royal people from the past used to read out loud.

Reading in our minds is a rather new phenomenon on the grand scale of things.


Reading out loud is taking your voice to the gym.

To take it a level further, you can even record yourself, so you can hear yourself back.

This allows you to kill 2 birds with one stone.

  1. You are improving your voice.
  2. And you’re reading a book.


People don’t read much nowadays.

Educate yourself fam.


Improve your Voice & Build your Brand


Fight, Fist, Mic, Microphone, Music, Rap, Struggle


Your voice is your authentic personality at scale.

Don’t try to sound like someone.

Just discover what you possess and bring it to the surface.


There’s something about communication skills that keeps on giving.

You learn how working on your communication serves as a bridge between mindset & words.


Many think that it is just about the words.

But no, my friend.

That is just the surface level.


In reality, you are rewiring yourself internally & discovering your hidden talents when you practice communication skills.


Your voice is a mix between a violin & a flute.

That means the vocal cords serve as the violin.

And the flute part is when you blow air through it.


Don’t you see?

You had the most powerful musical instrument sitting within you this whole time.

Congratulations on taking the step on learning how to play it.


Unlock the musicality of your voice.

And deliver your message to the world.


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– ArmaniTalks 🎙️🔥


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