How to Fix a Shaky Voice with Strong Body Language

How to Fix a Shaky Voice with Strong Body Language


The shaky voice can be alarming.

Especially when we normally have a nice, smooth, confident voice.


Well, if our voice for the most part is confident sounding…

What’s the reason for the change?



The context of the situation has changed.

That’s why.


The quivering voice happens when we are nervous.

We have heard ‘the eyes chico, they don’t lie.’

Well, another add on is that ‘the voice chico, it don’t lie either.’


2 common places that we get nervous is on the public speaking & social skills stage.

And that’s what causes our voice to fluster.


We already have a confident voice.

Therefore, we need to HOLD onto that voice no matter how nervous we feel.

It needs to almost feel effortless


Can we do that?

Let’s see.


Voice as Body Language


The body expresses emotions.

Your body is a strong representation of the internal world.


Which is why a large part of human connection comes down to nonverbals.

The elements which do not include words.


Hand gestures, face gestures, posture etc.

These are the physical elements of body language.


‘Do you consider voice as a part of body language?’

Yes, I do.

I call this the nonphysical element of body language.


That means you cannot physically see it.

But we know it’s there.

Sort of like scent.


We cannot physically see someone’s scent.

Yet, we know that it’s there.


Voice & scent are the invisible elements that add to body language.

A crucial understanding which will lead to our next point.


Body Language is a Holistic Process


One of the worst things in the social world is being a component thinker.

The person who fails to see the bigger picture.


Rather, our goal is to be a systems thinker.

A person who understands how the parts form a whole.

And then they proceed to process the information of the whole & zone into the components when need be.


An example is a car.

We do not individually focus on the brakes, steering wheel, mirrors, etc.

Rather, we understand that those elements combine to form something much bigger.

And that is the car.


Likewise, we need to adopt the same mentality in regards to body language.

It’s a holistic view.

Each element has an impact on another element.


Just like we would not want a car with faulty brakes.

Because we understand that one component is going to throw off the entire system, right?



Well, with this understanding, we can reverse engineer the shaky voice out of our lives.

And if we cannot eliminate the shaky voice, we can reduce it by a large margin.


By understanding that your body language is all connected.

It’s like one big spider web.


Fixing the Shaky Voice thru Body Language



‘Alright Armani, you’re sounding a bit cryptic now.’


‘Because you said the voice is a part of body language. And body language is all connected. But what am I supposed to do with that info?’

Great question!


Let me answer your question with some questions so you gain an insight…


When you have a shaky voice, how do you mentally & emotionally feel?


And what is your body like when you are anxious?

‘Well, I make myself small. My posture is bent. Chin is drooping. And I’m touching my skin a lot.’

So you’re make yourself small…


That’s what you want to STOP doing.


The reason your voice is shaky is that when you are nervous, your heart is beating faster.

And a faster heartbeat requires altered breathing patterns.


However, you are making yourself small.

Slouching like a titty boy.

Slouching leads to a 75% less effective lung movement.

Less effective lung movement leads to disrupted breathing.

-Disrupted breathing leads to a shaky voice.


Because that’s all your voice is at the core level.

The voice = Dynamic Breath.


Breath is passed thru your vocal cords, placed in the mouth & then chopped into words.

Breath becomes words.


But if your breathing is off, then your voice will be off.

As I said, body language is holistic.

Everything is connected dawg.


So you need to make your body BIG.

‘Even when I am nervous?’

Especially when you are nervous.

Chest out, chin up, back straight.


Mind influences body & body influences mind.

We cannot always control our minds.

Especially when we are nervous.

But we can always control our bodies.


So the next time you are facing a shaky voice, make your body BIG.

Envision that you are the CEO of a galaxy & on your way to pick up a 70 billion dollar check.


How To Practice Melting a Shaky Voice


The worst time to prepare for war is when the war has been declared.

That’s when it is too late to prepare.


Likewise, in terms of the shaky voice, you may be wondering how you should prepare.

You may not want to prepare when you are caught in a nerve-wracking situation.

Okay cool.


So what you should do is simulate the effects of nervousness.

Either you can recall an anxiety-filled narrative that causes you to be nervous.

Or you can actively work out your body, raising your heartbeat, & then aim to talk thru that.


When I used to prepare for a speech, the goal was to do 50 pushups & THEN begin delivering my talk.


Because my heart began racing faster & I was forced to alter my breathing patterns to speak with confidence.


Doing this exercise in the comfort of my own home made me feel relaxed.

But the physical aspects surely did simulate nerves.


In terms of soldiers preparing for war, they are doing simulations of what will represent battle day.

That’s what we can do with communication.


Either simulate an imaginary experience or a real-life physical one.


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Holding Onto a Confident Voice


Nerves are a game of you being sold on a dark narrative.

And if you let the narrative take you for a ride, then your voice will suffer.

Body language will suffer.

And a shaky voice will be the least of your worries.


However, you can control that narrative thru your body.

Realize your body is one big web.

And keep learning how to use the body.

Learn how to use your mind & body like you know how to use your smartphone.


The posture is the key to making sure your voice stays strong.

Stand up straight, raise your chin up & peel your shoulders back.


You’ll be surprised how much of an effect this has on your public speaking & social skills game.

As I said…

The voice chico, it doesn’t lie.


Control your breathing & play your voice with confidence.

A strong voice makes everyone feel more comfortable in your presence.

It almost feels effortless.


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