How to be a More Interesting Person

How to be a More Interesting Person


You want to know how to be a more interesting person?


By first asking yourself if you’re boring.


This is one of the counterintuitive ways I learned about interesting people.

They know the art of viewing themselves from 3rd perspective.


It was never personal.

Real talk.

Do you consider yourself boring?


Simply pondering on this question will present a problem.

‘What problem will it present?’

Difficulty in concentration.


One second, you start asking yourself if you’re interesting.

Then the next second, you’re wondering what you’re going to eat for lunch.

No results to show for it because the mind controls you.

Not the other way around…


Learning how to be a more interesting person will require some work.

The process of answering this question turns you into a completely different being.

I want to talk about the role of content creation in the process of blossoming your personality.


Define “Interesting”



It’s hard to be something when you don’t know the definition.

5 people in a room.

4 are wearing white shirts and 1 person is wearing a purple shirt.

Which one is the most interesting?

Answer this in 2 seconds.


If I gave you a lot of time, you’d want to consciously break it down.

However, since I’m giving you little time, I guarantee you’d choose the purple shirt.

Do you know why that is?

‘It’s because they are different.’

Correct, different. That’s what makes someone interesting.


A difference is what creates a contrast in the mind.

Without the contrast, a person just blends in with society.

Humans are wired to want to blend in because that requires no courage & minimal risk-taking.


Rules, norms and past habits are presented to you.

Now you just need to implement those moves.

Being a purple shirt in a land of white shirts is something that requires brutal honesty.

Are you different or do you consider yourself the same as the masses?


One life irony is that:

  • It is normal to be weird and weird to be normal.

However, the boring boy has taken up the opposite paradigm and wonders why he lacks an interesting personality.


Good Different vs Bad Different


I see a lot of celebrities wear a dress nowadays and call themselves, “different.”

If that’s for you, go for it.

Lowkey, I think it’s corny.

Heck, I think that’s the bad kind of different.


It seems like a “try-hard.”

A person who is like, ‘yo, look at me. You see how interesting I am?’

That’s just the intention that I get from it.


Good difference in my eyes is the byproduct of being yourself.

Being yourself is difficult because personality has layers.

So, telling someone to just ‘be yourself’ is an ambiguous command that seems like a clear one.


Let’s be more surgical with it.

It’s impossible to not be ‘good different’ if you pursue natural curiosities.


A boring person labels curiosities as good or bad.

By labeling curiosities, it’s hard to find out what comes from within and what has been manufactured with the intellect.


Never label a curiosity as good or bad if you are trying to learn how to be more interesting.

Labeling happens when we fear judgment.


I just made fun of someone for wearing a dress.

That person may be pursuing his natural curiosity.

A guy like will me exist when you are pursuing your natural curiosity.


Someone may be like, ‘I question your intentions.’

Despite it being a natural curiosity.

Live with it.


The dress-wearing man probably does not give a shit that I don’t approve.

Nor should you give a shit if someone doesn’t approve.

Your curiosities are for you.

Those curiosities turn you into a different being.

The good kind, hopefully.


How to Be a More Interesting Person thru Content Creation


The process of writing and speaking follows the T.O.L.D formula.

Which is, Thinking Out Loud.


When I first began writing, I was like, ‘whoa, did I really think that?’

Then I thought, ‘I don’t know WHY I think like that. So why did I have that belief for so long?’


It’s because a lot of beliefs are programmed.

You could be the strongest-willed person out there, but the environment will still have some role on your personality.


Through the process of content creation, it allows you to kill 2 birds with 1 stone.

  1. You learn to focus rather than letting your mind drift off to what you are going to eat later.
  2. You learn to see where you stand on certain issues.


In that process, you start to discover whether you’re a purple shirt or a white shirt.


‘Well, what?’

Are you purple or white?…


The Process of Introspecting Leads to Boldness


It’s hard to be swayed when sitting absorbed in the truth.

Think out loud, buddy.


Simply by writing freely and letting the pen, or the letters on the keyboard lead, the authentic personality is created and revealed.

It’s not a game about showing others where you lean on certain issues, but more so about seeing where you lean.


‘What if I discover that I’m boring? That I have nothing to talk about?’

That’s a great problem to have.

Because it naturally forces a growth mind.


Now you are naturally propelled to find activities to do that you never considered.

Rather than doing random activities for the sake of doing it, it’s now more a game of thinking,

‘Ah, I am doing these activities to become the purple shirt!’


These white shirts are not bad people.

It’s just that they don’t achieve that higher echelon level of greatness.


Opportunity favors the bold.

Opportunities are found by those who ask the tough questions and commit to finding the answer.


Weirdness Shows Color


If someone can predict that next thing you’ll say, then predictability has shown its face.

A predictable personality is a boring personality.


Learning how to be more interesting is a process of “looking in” more than it is a process of “looking out.”

It’s about Thinking Out Loud, finding holes in the game and filling those holes in with grace.


Write like no one is watching.

Preferably, by hand.

Through this process of writing, is where thoughts slow down…

Where realness is revealed…

Where the tough answers are found…


Turn your life into a story.

And watch yourself become more interesting.


To chronicle your life, check out the Story Mode Journal.

A blank book with 365 lined pages to write in every single day of the year.

3rd perspective yourself and see where you stand in the game of life.

– ArmaniTalks 🎙️🔥

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