4 Effective Treatments for Social Media Addiction

4 Effective Treatments for Social Media Addiction


Social media is a powerful tool.

With great power comes great responsibility.

With great responsibility comes great pressure.


In this digital landscape, social media addiction leads to a mental disease.

‘What is that mental disease?’



The inability to control your mind at will is a sad fate.

Anxiety is on the horizon.


However, I do not believe in cutting off social media cold turkey.

My 4 treatments for social media addiction are much different than the traditional advice.

I believe we must stop viewing the tool as the master.


Does Social Media Addiction Exist?


No one can ever tell if someone is paying attention.

Only the other person knows whether they are paying attention or not.


Social media addiction is difficult to spot because it is not only happening physically.

It is something that is happening mentally.


Externally, we can see them constantly checking their phone when it beeps.

That’s visible to the eyes.


But what’s not visible is the chain of thoughts that get activated after the physical motion of checking the phone.

Once they are done looking at their phone & look back at you…

Is their mind present or are they putting on an act?


Symptoms of Social Media Addiction



There are data engineers, algorithms, & software engineers looking to keep you hooked.

The longer you are on their platform, the longer your attention can lead to some sort of monetization for them.


Your concentration levels are not their concern.

Your lack of concentration levels are their concern.


Symptoms of social media addiction include:


  1. Mood is heavily influenced by what is happening in the digital landscape.

A lot of views? You’re happy.

Little views? You’re sad.

A lot of likes? You’re happy.

Little likes? You’re sad.


  1. Thinking about social media when you are not on social media.

This is when the monkey mind is activated.

You’re at the concert you have been waiting 5 months for.

However, for the entire concert, you’re on Snapchat rather than with the singer.


  1. Loss of Focus.

This is when the mind is constantly hopping around.

Social media addiction is not the only reason for a distracted mind.

But it has played a large part in the matter.


  1. Social media negativity influences real-world behavior.

There are new ‘movements’ going on in social media all the time.

And I wouldn’t even call them a movement.

I call it propaganda disguised as a movement to spark outrage.


Are you participating in a lot of that nonsense?

Is it affecting your real life?

Then chances are you are suffering from social media addiction.


Acknowledge the Benefits of Social Media First


My philosophy is to acknowledge the BENEFITS of social media first.

Rather than quitting cold turkey, acknowledge how social media is a tool.


Quitting something cold turkey rarely works.

Often, it works temporarily and then the victim comes back worse than before.


Acknowledge the benefits of social media.


Like how you can network with so many people on the planet.


How you can stay in touch with people that you used to use phone cards for.

90s babies understand what phone cards are.


What about all those accounts that post empowering content online?

That empowering content provides tips, tricks & strategies to skyrocket your learning.

You can learn about anything!

Communication skills, finance, fitness, etc.


Also, social media makes it easier to build a business.

Back in the day, there were all these unnecessary middlemen taking away profits.

Nowadays, you can build your tribe & directly communicate with them.


This brings me to YOU.

You can create content to teach yourself & others along the way.

This is when you chronicle your journey to the top.


4 Simple Treatments for Social Media Addiction


The reason I talked about the good parts of social media first is to help you view it as a tool.

Sort of like a digital car.


When we view the car as a tool, it becomes easier to spot when we are using it incorrectly.

Is driving a car in the water smart?

‘Of course not!’


‘Because it is not being used like it was designed!’



So now that we found the proper usage of social media, let’s talk about some treatments for social media addiction.


1. Operate with Intent


Relaxing isn’t a bad thing.

It’s actually a good thing.

But relaxing when you were thinking about working is a bad thing.


That’s how a lot of social media addiction happens.

Someone was supposed to be working.

Then they take a “10-minute bathroom break” to scroll on social media.

10 minutes turns into 1.2 hours.

Distraction muscle has been exercised.


When you are working, work.

When you are relaxing, let yourself know that you are relaxing.

This exercises intent.


2. Have Periods of No Social Media Throughout the Day


There should be a certain part of the day when social media is not touched.

For me, that’s in the morning & night.

In the morning & night, I do my analog activities.

And in the middle of the day, I’ll check social media when needed.


Seeing that you can survive without social media is awesome!

It shows that just because others are scrolling all the time, doesn’t mean you have to.


3. Automate What You Can


Twitter can get addicting very fast.

Especially with the fast-paced nature of the algorithm.


Automation is outsourcing the task to the best of your abilities.

In the Twitter example, you can use a tool like Hypefury.

Which I use.


Also, you can fill up your draft box with tweets.

When I do check Twitter after my morning routine, I write 16 tweets in my draft box.

And post it throughout the day.

This allows me to enter Twitter strategically.

You can do the same with your platform.


4. Catch Yourself Mid Distraction


Awareness is king.

At times, you’ll be in the chilling zone for a while.

There will be one dope content suggestion after another.

This is when a 20-minute rest session can turn into a 2 hour one.


Make yourself aware.

Even if you don’t want to turn the social media off, turn it off.

This allows the body to become a servant.


Your body and smartphone are similar.

As long as you tell it what to do, it will do it.


treatments for social media addiction


Melt Away Social Media Addiction


Back in the day, computers were the size of living rooms.

Nowadays, it fits in your pocket.


Why waste this golden tool?

Social media used correctly allows you to freeze your thoughts, build a media empire & have high-value people come to you.

Don’t waste it on petty shit.


When 30 people are going 1 way, be wary of following them.

Most people are not thinking for themselves.

They are letting others think for them.


Use social media to break out of the mental rat race.

Go from a consumer to a prosumer.

A person who consumes, produces & makes social media their servant.


Enjoyed this post?

Then be sure to spread this empowering information on your social media of choice!


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