Creating Transformative Art to Build Communication Skills

Creating Transformative Art to Build Communication Skills


There are different ways people process emotions.

How they process it is up to them.

Whether they process it is not up to them.


At one point on another, demons need to be faced.

Otherwise, they spill out as subconscious moves beyond our control.


An emotion is never killed.

It’s simply redirected.

So better process it one way or another!


I’m someone who considers myself a doer.

I didn’t like the idea of sitting down and talking about feelings for too long.


Was there another way?

I believe so.


This is a look into the world of transformative art.

Art that changes your nervous system & perception.

Plus, it allows others to go along for the ride.


Boy Meets World


You ever watched that show called ‘Boy Meets Word?’

‘Uh…not really.’

It’s about a boy named Cory Matthews who goes through the different stages of life.


The viewer sees him from his childhood to his college days.

Along with Cory, we also see the lives of his family & friends.

His brother was Eric Matthews.


There was one episode when Eric was dating a sweet girl.

However, somewhere in the relationship, he decided it was best if they broke up.


Once they broke up, it turned the sweet girl, sour.

She made a breakup song that painted him in a negative light.


The song ended up going viral.


She realized that her dark emotions can be used for art.

And she became addicted to that feeling.


Later in the episode, she met up with Eric again.

That’s when she wanted to find some more things about Eric that annoyed her.


Eric saw what was happening.

She was actively looking for dark emotions.


She was naturally a sweet girl.

Which required her to try to be dark.

Without the dark emotions, she couldn’t create her art.

That’s why she wanted to find something else about Eric that annoyed her!


There are tons of lessons regarding transformative art in this story.

Let me share one of them.


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Emotion = Energy = Color for Art


All great artists, musicians, writers will tell you something.

‘Which is?’

Be alarmed when you’re not feeling anything.


The sweet girl from the show realized that being pleasant all the time was not going to cut it.

However, she made a mistake.

She was looking at Eric to give her dark emotions.

Instead, she should have just looked at herself.


All emotions become NEEDED emotions when you evolve into an Artist’s Mindset.

This is a stunning realization that any doer can have.



These are great signs.


It’s an even better sign if you can channel the emotions into transformative art.

This type of art changes you & others on a being level.

Transformative art done correctly creates personal & social changes.


How to Get Started with Transformative Art


I know Steve Jobs for Apple.

But did you know he was also the CEO of Pixar for a while?

‘He was??’



He said his vision for Pixar was:

‘Putting stories into the culture.’

Those 5 words are what built the foundations of Pixar from the ground up.


Then, Pixar used computer animation technology to bring those stories to life.

That was their lane.


Your lane can be quite different.

Here are some examples of transformative art:

Creative writing.



Writing a book.


Making short films.



All these are activities allow you to express yourself.

Great artists use all parts of their emotions to create foundational work.

Once you understand the emotions, it becomes easier to recreate fictional or nonfictional characters expressing a message.


Let me give you an example…


Transformative Art in Action


You ever heard of Game of Thrones?

‘Yea, who hasn’t…’

Great, then you must know George R.R Martin.


Fool! The creator of Game of Thrones!


Anyways, the world knows him as a fiction writer.

Which is accurate.


However, what sparked his fiction writing journey was dealing with a series of heartbreaks in his 20s.

During that era of his life, he got the short end of the stick in relationships.

Which caused him emotional pain.



So, he used those emotions to create fantasy worlds.


‘I don’t follow. How is he going to use human emotions to create fantasy creatures? The 2 seem to be at odds with one another.’

Not quite.


The #1 goal of artists is to understand the dynamic range of emotions.

There is a tool to understand emotions called, the Emotional Tone Scale.

You’ll notice it here:

transformative art


During a painful moment, you experience a range of this scale.

Going through emotional roller coasters.


One moment, you’re sad.

The next moment, you’re ecstatic that you moved on.

The moment after, you’re confused as to whether you moved on or not.


During this dance, you build literacy in the dynamic range of emotions.

That’s when you use those emotions to create characters, real or fake.


Matt creates a zebra who feels ostracized from his tribe of other zebras…

Matt is using an imaginary character to express a real emotion of loneliness.


All arts express human emotions.

How they express it is up for grabs.


Incorporate Transformative Arts into Your Life


There is this misconception that artists need to be broke to be great artists.

I’m sure a broke person thought of that ridiculous mindset.


Pixar is far from broke.

Same with George R.R Martin.

They found ways to monetize their skill.

There’s power in monetizing your art while maintaining authenticity.


‘Is starting a business a form of transformative arts?’

Hell yea.


A business requires multiple parts.

You need to learn about:

  • Yourself.
  • Accounting.
  • Information technology.
  • Marketing.
  • Product development.

And much more.


Others don’t see business as a way to experience transformative arts.

But look closely…

An amazing body of work is being designed in real-time.


A bunch of moving variables leads to the final output of profit.

It’s almost identical to a painter mixing a bunch of colors to lead to the final output of a portrait.

From diversity, a shared union emerges.


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