Why Content is King


Concentration is king in the mental world.

Content is king in the online world.


What does being the king symbolize?

It symbolizes power.


Why is content king, then?

For many reasons.


But for the most part, it creates your platform.

It’s what makes you unique in the information age.


In the age of information, data is abundant.

It’s all over the place.


But information and data are different.

This is a crucial distinction to understand when understating the mantra ‘Content is King.’


If you are thinking of becoming a player in the online world, then this article is for you.

You will understand what information is, the power of content, and how it serves as your digital assets which ultimately builds a mansion.


Due to the beauty of the internet, we have seen the rise of the Pro-Sumer.

  • Producer.
  • Consumer.

Combine the 2 & you have the modern-day artist.


What Is Information?


We have to realize that there is a big difference between data and information.

Data is random points.

And information is the MEANING that is extracted from those random points.


Content = Information


We often confuse data as information.

And that’s why we shoot ourselves in the foot.


To be a player in the online world, you have to realize a lot of things are subjective.

Meaning that the importance of content is EXPERIENTIAL based.


For example:

If I am someone who is starting a vegan diet…

Then a blog post on a carnivore diet will not register with me.

Therefore, the blog post on the carnivore diet will serve as data.



I do not extract any meaning from that post.

Chances are I won’t even look at that blog post.


By understanding this idea of the difference between data & information, we are able to realize that our content will:

  1. Appeal to some groups.
  2. Be ignored by some groups.
  3. Be hated by some groups.


The goal is to focus on 1 & ignore 2 & 3.

Rather than try to turn 2 & 3 into 1.


The content you create will attract only a segment of people.

And repel another segment.

Therefore, your content is a magnet.

Digital Energy.


Why Content Is King



Content is king because it is your intellectual property.

With the rise of new media, we get OWNERSHIP.

Something that is important.


There is so much news out there from different artists, musicians & creators who are fighting with their labels to gain more ownership.

How sad is that?

An artist doesn’t even fully own their work.


But in the case of new media, the artist gains their power back.

Each content piece you produce becomes a DIGITAL ASSET.


As the famous Robert Kiyosaki once said in his book Rich Dad Poor Dad:

  • Assets put money in your pocket
  • Liabilities takes money out of your pocket.


In the online game, digital assets are a bit more than that.

You can strategically leverage your content to get it to put money in your pocket.

An example is: Writing a blog post recommending products. And then you put affiliate links in the products.


But what’s even more important is that you gain TRAFFIC.


Online business comes down to Traffic & Offer.

Your content is a lifelong body of proof that can gain value over time.


Your content can showcase your expertise.

In the digital space, content serves as your portfolio.


People are much more willing to trust you when they get value from you beforehand.

And those blog posts, YouTube videos, podcasts, etc are all serving as that value.


Your content becomes your marketing team online.

So build it strategically.


How Should You Build your Content?


For this section, I don’t want to give any black and white advice.

Because ultimately, your content is meant to be unique to YOU.


Content ultimately comes down to turning your internal world, external.

That’s it.


But as you are creating content, you want to ask yourself if you are creating evergreen material.

Is what you are creating going to be relevant 10 years from now?

What about 100?

What about 1000??


I’m not shitting on trendy topics.

Following trends is a great way to add some diversity to your portfolio.


But ONLY following trends means that your content is not evergreen.

You will continue to have to follow the latest trends.

Which works for some brands.


If you review technology products, then you will always need to follow some level of trends.

Because the technology market is constantly evolving.


However, with communication skills, for example, that is not a trend product.

It’s more human nature-based.

Concepts on speaking principles, emotional intelligence, the mindset insights will be relevant generation to generation.


‘What are you getting at Armani?’

This goes on to show that content is king…

But ONLY if you pursue what you are genuinely interested in.

That is the biggest takeaway.


Pick something that you can see being a hobby down the line.


A person who hates technology will view it as work to constantly stay updated with the latest trends.

But a person who loves technology will always have a head start.

Allowing them to create strong material in their field.


This person will eventually become a subject matter expert in their field.

Others will come to this subject matter expert for future predictions.

So it doesn’t matter if they cover trendy materials or not, they have turned the trend, evergreen.


In the industrial age, it’s mainly about demand.

In the information age, it’s mainly about creating your demand.


‘Content is King’ is simply the effect.

The cause is picking something you have a genuine curiosity for.


From there, you are able to build something great from the ground up.


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Adding Rooms To Your Mansion


Picture your brand as a mega-mansion that is constantly adding rooms.

And picture each room as a content piece.


That YouTube video is the new guest house.

Your new blog serves as the pool.

The podcast is a new fireplace, etc.


Each content piece you add builds this mansion and makes it increase in value.


Another great example is the universe.

Each content piece can serve as a new star, planet, moon.

Which will eventually form a galaxy.

And so on…


However you view it, realize that Content is King because it is information.

The lifeblood of the information age.

Your content serves as your marketing tool & portfolio.

From all the eyeballs you generate, you can turn them into loyal followers and/or customers down the line.


Find your story.

Find what makes you curious.

And build from that, brick by brick.


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