Conor McGregor’s Mindset


‘Why did you choose to talk about Conor McGregor’s mindset?’

‍Because I felt like you could learn something from him.

‘What? He’s just a fighter. Plus, didn’t he just lose his last fight?

Correct. He did just lose his last fight.


But no.

He is not just a fighter. He is a little more than that.



Conor McGregor is someone who turned his life completely around.

He is someone who went from rolling around in the gutters of Ireland to becoming the face of the number 1 fight club in the world.

The UFC.


That is no feat to scoff at.

Do you know how hard it is for people to make a name for themselves in a field?

And he did that in a field where people are trying to KNOCK his head off.

Pretty impressive if you ask me.


‘Wow, yea you may be right! Was there anything in particular that helped him get to where he is today?’

Absolutely. I will tell you exactly what that was shortly. You will learn the fuel behind Conor McGregor’s mindset.


But before I do, I want to share the tale of Conor’s rise. Seeing where he came from will truly help you appreciate his own brand of greatness.

Sit back & learn from the Mindset of the …….





Conor was born and raised in Dublin, Ireland.

To get more specific, he grew up in a very gritty & tough sector of Dublin. This sector had many goons, thugs & crooks running around.


Due to the environment, plenty of kids in his age group took the wrong path in life. But Conor? Not quite.

His dad wanted him to stay out of the streets, so he enrolled his son into boxing classes.

Brilliant idea.



Because Conor was a gifted boxer from the get-go. There was something about him that people could not quite puta finger on.

He had supreme precision, power& high intellect in the boxing ring.

Something about him was very special.


Would he have a bright future?

Who knows..


Fast forward a few years


‘So was Conor a professional boxer yet??’

Not quite.

During his early 20s, Conor was going thru a MAJOR funk.



Because his life did not turn out the way that he had hoped. In fact, his life turned out to be the exact opposite of what he had hoped.

At this point, Conor decided that he did not want to stay in school. So he decided to pursue a career as a plumber.


Even though Conor had a lot of respect for the people within his field, he had 0 desire to be a plumber.

The only reason he was doing the job was because of the money.


But you know what was sad?


The money was barely enough to get by.


Conor spent 12 hour days, going from house to house in the freezing cold weather to do a job that he had no love for.


The result?

Paycheck to paycheck living. His financial situation got so bad to a point where he had to eventually collect welfare checks to make ends meet.

Life was not going well.


Safe Haven


But there was one thing that Conor loved.

‘What was that?’



Years had gone by since his boxing days. And he was more active in the fight game than ever. Although he fought as a hobby on the side, he gave it 110%.

At this point, he added another notch to his fighting talent stack by diving into martial arts.


If you thought he was a talented boxer, just picture that times 10 for his martial arts skills.

Definitely a unique fighter, no denying that.

Fighting felt like a safe haven for him because it was his true passion.




After weeks & weeks of living a life that he had 0 desire for, he finally had enough!

He had an epiphany that could have possibly sparked the beginning of a massive life makeover.

Conor decided he was going to take the risk & pursue his dream of being a prizefighter. This seemed like a rash decision.

But oh well.


His parents were livid when they he told them about his newfound plans.

‘How livid?’

Let’s just say that it got so bad to a point where Conor & his dad came to legitimate blows.


At that point, Conor could have easily quit & gone back to his day job.

But he was not giving up so easily. Despite not having the approval of his parents, he was going to pursue his dream anyways.


Conor was going to begin his journey to become a prize-fighter.

Start of a journey

Beginning of a new journey

The beginning of his journey started off very poorly.



Because Conor lost his first 2 out of 3 fights.

And to make matters worse, a lot of his fights were being hosted in the gritty parts of his city in front of drunk, obnoxious, hostile fans.

Losing did not come easy to McGregor, but he was on a mission to succeed no matter what.


‘So what did he do?’

He did what any warrior does. Conor dusted himself off after each loss, showed emotional resilience & pushed on forward.


The journey progresses


Fight after fight, he put it all out there trying to prove that he belonged.

Was it easy? Fuck no.

But Conor McGregor’s mindset showed grit.


Bloody face, bruised eyes, sore ribs, pain while walking were just the side effects of being a fighter.

But McGregor stayed true to the process. He had unwavering confidence that he WOULD one day make it.


But staying true to the process is always a beautiful thing. It can lead you to major changes & miracles.

Conor was no different.


Soon enough, his fight experience was leading him to develop his fight IQ. He was learning from his mistakes & growing into a better fighter.

Fight after fight, he was getting better. He would take his skills to the gym, fine-tune them & re-enter battle-field.

True dedication to his craft.


And boom!


Just like that, Conor flipped the script.

Out of nowhere, he went on a 9 fight win streak. All fights were won in a very dominating fashion.


His win streak went onto become the talk of the town.

He became a local hero out of nowhere!


Potential Rise?


Months into Conor’s career, it was clear as day that he was no ordinary fighter. Dude was really was special.

But what was next? Was he going to fight in the gutters of Ireland for his entire life or did he have a bigger future?


He wondered that for many nights. Was this it? Just cap out at being a local hero?

‘Well??… was it?’



One day, Conor was going about his business and he was struck with miraculous news.


Dana White, the CEO of UFC at the time, was in Ireland for some award ceremony.

And he had gotten word about how there was this kid in Ireland that was knocking people’s heads off. Of course, Dana had to see what the hype was about.


Out of nowhere a miracle just fell into Conor’s lap.

Conor went from having just another local fight to being presented with an opportunity of a lifetime.


There was 0 way that he could mess up this fight. If he got knocked out or submitted, he would not be able to live with himself.

Would he rise to the occasion??


Fight Night: And the results are in


‘Well did he win?’





Conor won his fight and in a dominating fashion too. He won the fight in such an impressive way that Dana White immediately had to make him an offer to join the UFC as a prizefighter.


Conor was stunned by what was happening.

A few months ago, he was a plumber barely making ends meet.

But now?


He was being offered to be a professional fighter by the CEO of one of the most powerful fighting organization’s in the world?

This had to be a dream.


But NO!

This was no dream. This was a reality!

Conor agreed to the deal. And out of nowhere, he had finally gotten the opportunity that he had been seeking for his entire life.

Time for the new chapter in this fighter’s book.


Ireland meets UFC


Ultimate Fighting Championship


There was not much hype behind Conor Mcgregor, to be honest. He was seen as just another fighter in the UFC world

But Conor disproved that label really quick.


Conor was not just another fighter.

He was more than that.

He was different.


‘Different how?’




The UFC had no clue that Conor had such a high level of charisma. While a lot of the other fighters were just showing up to the press conferences giving generic answers, Conor was doing something different.

He was talking trash.

And boy was he funny.


As he continued to rise in the UFC, people could not distinguish whether he was a better fighter or a trash talker.

Conor was so brilliant with words, that he would taunt & harass his opponents before the fight. His game plan was to mentally defeat them before he physically defeated them.


Now I am not going ahead and telling you to mock and harass people.

But the psychology of it was well thought out.



Because many of the fighters described Conor as a quiet, behind the scenes.

But once the bright lights were on? He would go into trash-talking mode.


Conor knew EXACTLY what he was doing.

‘What was that?’


Two things:

1. He was selling the fights.

2. He was getting into the opponent’s head.


This is what made Conor McGregor’s mindset much different than any other fighter on the planet. His mind was not only exercised for fighting with his hands, but it was also exercised to fight with his words.

Not sure how often you watch professional fighting, but the ability to trash talk is a major skillset that fight promoter’s look-out for.


Conor’s ability to dominate in the ring & outside the ring earned him the nickname of ‘The Notorious.’


He embraced his villain status and rocked it with swag.

Shit, he was such a good villain that people liked him more than the heroes!


Top tier fighting + Top tier trash-talking = Payperview STAR


The meteoric rise of Conor McGregor began.

To the general public, Conor seemed like an overnight success.


But for him?

Nah. A lot of blood, sweat & tears (literally) brought him to this exact moment in life.



Conor Now


‘So how far did Conor go in the UFC?’

He has stacked up a very legendary resume.


Thus far, he has beaten plenty of world-ranked fighters, holds several records for pay-per-view buys, did a historic crossover boxing fight with Floyd Mayweather, was the world champion for TWO different weight classes, signed multiple endorsement deals and the list goes on.


Just recently, Conor came back from a near 2 year hiatus to fight a renowned fighter in Khabib.

‘Did he win?’


No. Conor lost the fight in a pretty dominating fashion.


Conor McGregor's Mindset


But Conor is a warrior & knows that losing battles is just a part of the fight game.

He has taken losses before & bounced back. So I would not be surprised to see him coming back again.


Conor’s McGregor’s mindset & story has inspired me a lot in my personal journey.

The fact that he was able to go from someone who was collecting welfare checks to becoming a multimillionaire prizefighter is no joke.


The meteoric rise of McGregor is one for the history books.

Let’s see how the rest of the chapters play out in his career.


What was his key?


‘So you mentioned earlier that you were going to share what made his rise possible. What was it?’

Good question, my friend. Are you ready?

‘Yes! Tell me.’


Visualization was the key to McGregor’s rise.


‘Wait really? I thought you were going to mention some fight technique that he learned.’


It was visualization.


‘How do you know that was his key?’

If you listen to McGregor’s interviews he always brings up one thing:


‘I kept seeing myself as world champion over & over. I could feel the success. It felt so real’ something along those lines.


The visualization was the spark of everything. That is what allowed him to get everything started on his journey.

Visualization was the fuel to Conor McGregor’s mindset.


‘You sure it wasn’t his fighting background? I think you are making too big of a deal about this imagination thing.’

I am not.

It is much more than imagination.


What is Visualization?


Visualization is when you use your imagination to picture different future scenarios.

‘But why visualize?’

Because you are communicating directly with your subconscious mind.


Your conscious mind is what you’re using to read this text right now. But it is your subconscious mind that dictates 95% of your reality.

The wiring of your subconscious mind is one of the crucial reasons that you are the way you are today.



‘So how can I communicate with this mythical subconscious mind?’

2 things:


Pictures & Emotions.


That is why visualization is so powerful. You are seeing the pictures of your dream future in your head. Then you are using your emotions by feeling the joy from obtaining that dream future.


Most beautiful part? Your subconscious mind has no clue that you are simply imagining it.

It thinks that you are actually going thru or have gone thru this future event.




If you rewire your subconscious mind, your conscious mind follows the lead.

Now both your minds are on your side.


Add your mind being by your side + diligent work ethic, and you have a superstar in the making.


McGregor knew that. Or he was probably bored while he was on the clock & visualized just to kill time. Who knows, but it worked.

And it is not just Conor who visualizes.


Jim Carrey, Oprah, The Rock & Kobe Bryant are just a few other people who have mentioned they visualize as well.

Life-changing stuff.


So you must do the same.

Armani Visualization Guide


So I am not going to give you the traditional way to visualize. I am going to give you my personal method of doing it.

If you are new to visualizing, the traditional way of doing it is sitting in silence & picturing your dream scenarios play out.


But that shit sounds boring tome. I need to have fun when I am doing something, or I am not interested.

My method will require you to get active.


Here is the 3 step process:


1. Write.

2. Walk + Music

3. Visualize.


Let me break down each step.


1. Write:


Now you can do this as the first or last step. I like to do this as the first step to get my brain warmed up.

‘What do I write?’

You write about your dream future.


It is hard to just visualize stuff from the get-go. You are trying to see something that has never happened. Not easy work.

So warm up your creative brain by writing in detail what you expect to see in your future. As you are writing, you are going to see those images play out in your head.


You are warming up homie.


2. Walk + Music:


Now when you have gotten warmed up, go for a walk. Walking allows you to feel more creative.

‘Okay, makes sense. But why the music?’


The music allows you to engage your emotions. Remember earlier I said you communicate with your subconscious mind thru images & emotions?


Well, hype music gets your emotions involved. This allows you to tie your emotions to the future images!


3: Visualize:


Your mind may wander off every now and then, but aim to stay focused!

Anytime you notice your mind wandering off, bring back your concentration to your future. Rewiring requires effort from your end, so be diligent.


And BOOM! That’s it.

Do this every day for at least 10-15 minutes.


Rewire the subconscious mind, change your conscious mind in the process, and your life will change forever.


Conor McGregor’s Mindset & Visualization


If you implement my strategy today, visualizing will not even feel like work.

You literally have no excuse to avoid this mental exercise.

Remember, you need your mind by your side if you truly want to manifest your dreams into reality.


Your conscious mind & subconscious mind work together to dictate your reality.

  • When your conscious & subconscious mind disagree, you feel at unease.
  • When your conscious & subconscious mind agree, you feel at ease.


So the choice is a no brainer.

Conor McGregor’s mindset & life story shows that your wildest dreams can manifest into reality.


The goal may scare you now, sure. But if you truly want it & put in the work, you WILL have it.

Obviously, be realistic though. Do not go on visualizing yourself flying or something.


But envision your best self in as much clarity as you can.

Conor proved that you could go from rags to riches when you truly dedicate your soul to your craft.


And now you will do the same.

Go on & prove why you are a future legend in the making.

Begin today & rewire your future for greatness!


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