CHEAT CODE to Overcome Burnout From Work

CHEAT CODE to Overcome Burnout From Work


You ever had that moment where you were productive for weeks or months…

Day in and day out you showed up.

Progress was made.


However, after some time, the narrative changed.

Suddenly, you got lazy.


Intellectually, you knew that you were getting off schedule.

However, your emotional body didn’t care.


It treated itself to some rest.


Maybe this happened to you when you went off course on a diet.

You stopped posted routine content on your platforms.

Or you just happened to become a bad friend.


In these situations, you suffered from burnout.


Overcoming burnout is a systematic process.

It can be learned.


We aren’t judged solely by how many times we fall.

We are judged by how many times we get back up.


You fell, bud.

Let’s get you back up.


In this post, you will learn about the signs of burnout, how to overcome it & makes sure it doesn’t happen again!


Signs of Burnout from Work


In order to spot something, we need clues.

Different people encounter burnout differently.

However, there are some general patterns.


These patterns include:

  • Irritated attitude towards the work.
  • Inconsistency.
  • Procrastination on the small tasks.
  • Lethargy while doing the task.


If any of these sticks out, beware.

You may be having burnout from work, and not even be noticing it!


‘Wait! It’s possible to have burnout and notice it?’



Burnout comes in active and subtle forms.

Active is when you are problem aware.

Subtle is when you are problem unaware.


Subtle can be spotted when you need WAY more willpower to do tasks you once did with ease.

Excessive willpower shows that something in the machine is not optimal.

‘What is that something?’

Let me share.


Focusing on What you Can Control


Focus is a lot like fried rice.


Hear out this analogy.


Let’s say you have a sibling.

You and this sibling have a tradition of splitting a large-sized fried rice in half.

When it’s split down the middle, there is enough food for both of you guys.


However, one day, a fat house guest comes and wants some rice as well.

On this day, you guys have to split the rice into 3, not 2.


Once everyone is done eating, there is a problem…

Hunger still persists.


Simply adding in that extra variable of the fat boy threw off the entire dynamic.

The houseguest is complaining that he’s still hungry.

You and your brother are complaining that you guys are still hungry.

No one won.


This is how people who have burnout from work treat their focus.

They keep dividing and dividing to realize that they are still hungry…


Mental Cheat Code to Overcome Burnout



Do you know what critical thinking comes down to?

‘It comes down to being smart!’

No. Try again.

‘It comes down to being good at test-taking?’

Nope… Try again.

‘I’m good man, just give me the answer lol.’

Sure. It comes down to True or False statements.


Great critical thinkers make True or False statements at rapid rates to reach brilliant conclusions.

True or false are simply 2 states.

Sort of like a light switch.

On or off.


Anything digital is represented by a digit.

1 or 0.

True or false

On or off.


Now, I want to extend onto this digital thinking.

Controllable or not controllable.

These are the ONLY 2 options you have.


From here on out, label what you’re focusing on properly.

Is it controllable or uncontrollable?



You have to call 5 prospects and give a sales pitch.


The old-school version of you who was suffering from burnout was focusing on all the wrong things.

The main thing your old school self focused on was how mean the client was going to be to you.


New school you is different.

You label the situation properly.

Controllable: Call the 5 clients. Keep your energy high.

Not controllable: What the client says.


By focusing ALL your efforts on the controllable, you begin to increase your likelihood of maintaining peak enthusiasm.

This mental shift increases your chance of making the sale.


Avoid Burnout From Work


Hopefully you are understanding that burnout from work happens due to focus being off.

Chances are that your focus is being shredded.

So you’re working a lot, and little is being shown for it.


When you see little output, you’ll probably vilify rest.

‘I haven’t accomplished shit! How could I possibly take a day off?’ you think.


Fragmented Focus + Little Output + Villification of Rest = Burnout


‘How can I avoid letting this ever happen again?’

You can’t fully avoid it.


The world we live in is too complex to say anything with unequivocal confidence.

However, what we can do is lower the chances of it happening again.


Simplicity wins when aiming to minimize burnout.

  1. Find the most important tasks.
  2. Break it down to what is controllable and not controllable.
  3. Focus all on the controllable.

Have extra time left over in the day to chill.


To plan out your months and days more effectively, check out the Simplify Planner.

This is a personal organizer planner to help you block out your time efficiently so you can boost your productivity.


Work Made Simple


When it’s all said and done, burnout can happen to the best of us.

A task that bought us joy now brings us misery.


However, remember this…

Winners aren’t forged from how many times they fall.

Instead, how many times they rose once again.


It’s difficult to do anything to pure perfection.

Even machines need downtime.

Even machines have bugs.


Factor in inefficiencies to your level-up journey.

For each burnout from work you overcome, each time you know what to avoid.


Only 2 states:

  • Controllable.
  • Uncontrollable.


The mind that has beautiful focus consistently gives more life to the controllable.

Keep feeding MORE attention to the controllable.

Your actions will have POWER.


Those who keep fueling the uncontrollable suffer from burnout from work.

They fall.

And remain fallen.

Sad reality, but truth.


Moral of the story?

Eyes on what’s within your grasp.


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