Building Your Digital Charisma

Building Your Digital Charisma

Yes, you read that correctly:

The age of Digital Charisma is here.

(And yes, I am going to be patenting that phrase).

You have heard the word charisma many times in your life before.

Charisma is seen as the attractive personality.

A personality that allows you to be magnetic in social interactions.

This sort of personality trait is HUGE in forming connections & building solid relationships.

The world opens up a sea of doors for the charismatic person.

You ever heard the quote: it’s not what you say, but HOW you say it.

It’s true.

And the charismatic person has the ability to say the HOW with such fluidity that it has the power to radiate the dimmest of rooms.

Digital Charisma

But today, we are going to take the charismatic superstar to a new level.

We are going to talk about DIGITAL Charisma.

An innovative concept that will soon begin to flood the planet.

So read very closely so you can learn to add this new aged attractive personality to your social repertoire.

Let us begin.

The Importance of a Digital Presence

Let’s be real.

Social media is not going away.

Even if certain social media platforms fail, the rise of the internet will ensure that another one takes its place.

Now, I’ll be honest.

Social media is responsible for a lot of the negative effects in today’s society.

It has resulted in a highlight reel life where many people are seeing the best portions of someone else’s life and comparing themselves to that person.

It has led many people to become more socially awkward in real life.

And it has plummeted attention spans.

But to be honest, ANYTHING that generates a ton of attention has good AND bad traits.

Of course with social media scaling at the insurmountable rates that it has been, there will be some negative side effects.

But now its time to transition to the positives.

A few include:

  • An ability to have GLOBAL influence.
  • The ability to learn from some of the brightest minds on the planet.
  • Plus, the walls have been broken down & you have the POWER to connect with anyone from any country.

social media channel

I was baffled when I first got on Twitter & saw myself seamlessly networking with people from France, England, Nigeria like they were my next door neighbors.

The reason that having a digital influence is so big is that it doubles your impact.

If you are someone who has a great message, service or product, then it is your DUTY to get it into the hands, heads & minds of as many people possible.

You will build a legacy along the way.

Just a quick disclaimer because unfortunately, some people like to see life in absolute terms.

I am not saying that you should focus ALL your efforts in building a digital presence & neglect real world connections.

I am simply telling you to add the digital grind to your real world repertoire.

That’s it.

Allow the 2 to complement each other & 10x yourself.

Platforms to Leverage to Build Digital Charisma

The platforms you choose will really depend on the message that you are delivering.

Let’s use myself as an example & you can get some ideas on how to apply the concepts to your personal life.

My brand centers around developing communication skills.

I use Twitter to build & attract my tribe. Overall, it is a great platform for me to find my voice & add nuance to my ideas.

Next, I have a website which hosts my blogs & podcasts where I can add expand on those ideas.

And finally, I have an YouTube to build a video presence.

Ultimately, all the connections I make from my Twitter, website, YouTube are followed up with further thru email and Skype.

Skype is a modern day weapon & you need to leverage it asap if you want to build your digital charisma.


A social bond is not strengthened until the person has seen your eyes & voice. Skype allows you to do that.

This is my personal blueprint.

Identify your message & then pick your platforms.

I recommend starting off with JUST 1-2 platforms & then expanding on from there.

Some platform suggestions include: Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc.



Executing Digital Charisma

Now it’s the moment of truth.

How do you exactly execute digital charisma?

The answer will seem ridiculously simple.

But remember. Simplicity always wins.


In order to build charisma you need to lead with value relative to your market.

Your market is the tribe that you form from sharing your authentic ideas.

What’s funny is that if you were sharing your authentic ideas from the get go, then leading with value happens as a byproduct of you just being yourself.

Keep providing those ideas, insights & tips daily, consistently and with quality content.

Avoid falling for gimmicks or tactics. A lot of people want to take shortcuts to the process.

So they start drama, join toxic groups, & post gossip to build more attention.

Nah. Fuck that. Avoid.

Just give the value that you have always been giving your market.

Your charisma will radiate like FIRE.


As you are leading with value, I want you to keep on expanding.

It’s your brand & your digital presence. So no need to ever be stiff & afraid of risks.

When I first stared, I only talked about public speaking.

But eventually, I expanded to my other passions which included storytelling, creativity, emotional intelligence & social dynamics.

Always keep experimenting & stretching your boundaries.

The charismatic soul is always able to show courage & move forward in innovative ways.

And last but not least, show enthusiasm.

Doesn’t matter if your words are written, heard thru audio or seen thru video. Show some energy.

The enthusiastic trait is a common trait in charismatic individuals.

They just love what they do .

And they will do it even if they didn’t have the followers, money or influence.

With a combination of leading with value, experimentation & enthusiasm, you become a digital charismatic superstar.

Attract >> Chase Mentality

The beauty about digital charisma is that it showcases the world your true authentic self.

You don’t put on a charade for the desire to be like.

But rather, you let the world see your real self.

Authenticity x Value -> Attraction

You will soon see yourself attracting a lot of connections that you would have never known about before.

When you share unique ideas with the world, unique people end up finding you.

That the beauty of it all.

You are not limited to geographic locations.

Instead, you are able to connect with people in different locations during different times.

But understand that the attraction process will not happen overnight.

It will happen over time.

Just sit back, focus on you, produce & the right people will enter your world.


Get Started Today

If you are a private person, then begin behind an anonymous account & show your face one day if you want.

Your face is not the important part. Your message is.

Make it an initiative to build a digital presence.

Be charismatic.

Showcase an attractive personality on a global level.

Allow your ideas to spread like WILDFIRE.

People throughout history would have killed for this opportunity.

After reading this article, I hope you are not going to be the clown hopping on twitter bitching about politics all day.

But rather, the person who begins laying down the bricks for their upcoming legacy.

Use your social media, don’t be used by it.

Get started my friend.

Greatness awaits.

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– ArmaniTalks 🎙️🔥


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