Attraction Marketing 101: Content for Marketing Plan

Attraction Marketing 101: Content for Marketing Plan


Don’t fix what is not broken.

Don’t do something in 15 steps when it can be done in 3.

These 2 sentences will be the theme of today’s blog.


Remember the 90s?

The music was so much different than it is now.

One group that was huge in the 90s was Nsync.

They made hit after hit.


However, in this era, only one of them is mainly remembered.

That’s Justin Timberlake.


When Justin Timberlake was asked what allowed him to be so consistent

He responded back with :

“I found my formula and stuck with it.”


Discovering our formula is a journey.

We can find and look at other people’s content marketing plans.

But ultimately, it will be us who creates the plan that works for us.


This post will help you understand the value of content marketing & will share some tips on creating a plan that you can do….



Why There is No Such Thing as the Perfect Content Marketing Plan


Let’s get one point out of the way.

There’s no perfect plan out there.


Some people will swear that video is number 1.

Others will die by written content only.

Some will say, both of them suck. Podcasts are the future!


All these people have fallen into dogmas.

They are heavily biased or are trying to sell you something.

Much love to them.

Everyone needs to make a living.


For your brand though?

The closest to perfect you can get for a content marketing plan is the plan you can stick with long term.


So if you are an author, then you may lean towards writing.

This may set you up to start a blog in the beginning.

Maybe you can evolve into podcasts and videos later.


For now, ask yourself this simple question:

‘What kind of content can I create for 15 years if need be without it feeling like a hassle?’


This question gets you thinking long-term in this instant gratification world.


Finding the Practical Value of Content Marketing


Etch 2 words into your mind:

  • Traffic + Offer.


These are the basic elements of an online business.

Let’s say you’re an artist.


You have a YouTube channel where you paint your newest creations.

This attracts an audience.

Then in the description box, you sell that painting in your online shop.


Traffic is the eyeballs. These are the people’s attention that you have.

You’re my traffic right now as you read this post.

Offer is the product/service that is being sold.


So this artist got traffic on YouTube.

The offer was the painting that they created.

Do you see the value?

‘Kind of, but not really.’


The value is the attraction process.


For the longest time, interruption marketing was the main form of marketing.

I used to see it all the time with commercials when I was watching TV.


However, with content marketing, you attract people to you.

When you interrupt, the traffic has the power.

When you attract, you have the power.


This is mind-blowing & should allow you to see value in content marketing.

Something that you work on today serves as digital energy, which serves as a magnet & sparks the attraction process.


The internet ranks content differently.

So have a decent understanding of your market and/or learn some basic keyword research & you’ll see why content is king.


Start off Light and Expand


To work on your content marketing plan, I recommend starting off light.

Let me tell you a bit about my journey and show you how repetition adds up.


I started my journey on Twitter.

Wrote tweets as a hobby.


That’s when one of my followers DM’d me and told me to set up an email list.

I didn’t see much value in the list.


Until on the same weekend, a well-known Twitter account got banned off the platform.

That’s when I realized I didn’t own the traffic on Twitter.

But I owned the list.


So I started tweeting & also created a daily email list.

That’s the setup I had for some time.


As more time went on, I had a collection of tweets that were very popular.

Plus, I had emails where I’d get a response like, ‘Wow, this email was exactly what I needed.’


The virality of certain tweets and seeing resonation with my emails gave me the PERFECT topics to talk about on my YouTube channel.

It’s as though the ideas had been created.

So it was now me articulating the concepts verbally on a different platform.


YouTube played a synergy with podcasts as well.

Some people couldn’t watch me all the time. They liked to listen in their cars as they drove to work.

So I practiced my storytelling skills in the podcast format as well.


Which led to what you are reading now.

The blog feature.


Do you see the main principle?

Start off light & gradually expand (if you want to expand).

Don’t just expand because others are doing it.


Seth Godin pretty much only touches blogs and books & is a wealthy man because of it.

As I said earlier, there is no perfect plan.


Just gotta start doing some introspecting on where you’re trying to go & evaluate where you are.


Creating a Content Creation Marketing Plan


What gets written gets done.

I’ve been a big fan of that.


Such a big fan that I decided to create my own planners to organize my time.

Each day consists of 4 basic principles for me.

Consume, create, market, meditate.


When you take a bite at a time of the burger, it becomes much easier to eat.

Rather than shoving the whole thing in your mouth like a pig.


So just have a BASIC plan to get started.

Maybe, just 1 video a week?

‘No, I don’t want to do video.’

Then maybe 1 tweet.

‘Hm..Twitter sounds interesting.’

Sure, find out what resonates.


Then start atomic.

In his book, Atomic Habits, James Clear talks about how small increments build up over time.

Same concept with a content creation marketing plan.


My formula is:

  • Monday, Wednesday, Friday – YouTube videos.
  • Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday – Podcasts.
  • Sunday, Wednesday, Saturday – Blogs.
  • With daily tweets and emails.


This seems like a lot to someone who is just first starting off.

However, I started atomic before I went macro.

Start off blurry and clarify along the way.


The Great Content Marketing Plan for You


Your content is an extension of you.

If you want to get close to reading someone’s mind…

Become fluent in body language or look at their Twitter.


So if content is an extension of you, then you need to know yourself to a certain degree.

Aim to do some introspection.


Which topics can you talk about effortlessly?

Which form of delivery makes you feel the most curious?

What kind of content do you consume the most?


From there, it’s a game of finding a blurry plan.

Just knowing that there is a plan of SOME sort adds tremendous clarity to the mind.


Then, it’s repetition.

You’ll get better with time.

Traffic will be created.

Now it’s a game of getting the offers lined up.


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