Artist Mindset: Being an Artist

Artist Mindset: Being an Artist


“Content creator” is the modern day’s equivalence to being an artist.

An artist of the digital age.


The truth is that a content creator is not a new term.

It’s just perceived differently with the rise of technology.


A person who draws portraits at the carnival is a content creator.

And a very good one at that.

My brother has a portrait of him hanging up in my parent’s house.

And for the longest time, I thought it was a picture, not a portrait.


In modern days, content creators are viewed as podcasters, bloggers, YouTubers, tweeters etc.

It’s some form of content.

And content is a level of information.


The information can be expressed in different ways.

Just like you give an artist a couple of colors…

And they paint something stunning out of that.


Being an artist is not a profession alone.

It is a MINDSET.


The artist’s mindset is rare in this greedy world.

An artist is often labeled as crazy.

But all Renaissance Men and Women are seen ‘out there’ by the general public.

Until one day, the general public understands the genius behind the artist.


Let’s talk about this.


What is  A Genius?


When we think of the term genius, we think of someone with a high IQ score.

But that only talks about 1/2 of the definition of genius.


In reality, the FULL definition of a genius is someone with:

Elevated intellectual OR creative abilities.


Notice the second half of that statement.



Creativity is idea connections that leads to idea generation.


Meaning you connect different ideas leading to one big idea.

And that one big idea is a renewed way of looking at the world that is solely created from YOU & your experiences.


Experiences are what is important for the artist.

And when you realize that creativity is the second half of the meaning of GENIUS, you begin to take your experiences more seriously.


You’ll often see, some of the best creations from an artist are via pain.


It’s because they were able to channel their experiences in a profound way.


When you start viewing life from this way, the paradigm begins to shift.

ALL experiences can lead you closer to being a genius.

The good.

The bad 

And the ugly.



The Main Objective of the Artist


Have you ever noticed some artists who were creating fire when they were the least known…

But once they became famous, their work got watered down?


‘I noticed that plenty of times! Why was this?’

It’s because the artist lost focus on their main priority.

‘Which was?’



As the artist began to scale, more opinions began to get factored in.

‘The audience loves this, so lets reshape your work to fit this need.’

‘The profits say this…’

‘This isn’t the cool thing to talk about now.’

Blah blah blah.


All this led the artist to become confused and lose track of what mattered the most.



Because earlier on, I said that experiences were gold to the artist.

Making sense of their experiences is how they make sense of the world.

And that interpretation is what leads to art.


Being an artist requires you to look IN when the world is trying to get you to focus OUT.

And that is a difficult task.


Our lives don’t stop.

We got bills to pay.

There are threats around us.

So how do you focus IN??


Great Question….


Tricking Yourself to be an Artist


I have a simple philosophy:

When you create, just create.


As my personal brand, ArmaniTalks scaled on Twitter, YouTube, email etc..

I started to get more advice from different people.


Although they had the best intentions, it led me to become a multibranched thinker.

I had to use too much logic to make sure that I was making the ‘right decisions.’


I didn’t have this problem when I was a small account tweeting into the wind.

I felt free.


After a few months, I ditched all the mentors & advice to return back to my craft.

And that was storytelling.


We all have a craft.

And if you want to trick yourself back to being an artist or becoming an artist in the first place, then you need to prioritize the craft.


I view storytelling as an important figure in my world.

When others see a tv show…

I see a story that multiple screenwriters, actors, cameramen, etc took to make happen.

It’s because I view the game in a different lens due to my love for storytelling.


Love leads to obsession.

And obsession gets a bad rep.



Obsession is focus’s older brother.

The bad obsessed is when you focus on something and neglect your other responsibilities.

The good obsession is when you FULLY focus on your craft & still take care of your other responsibilities.


When you create. CREATE.

Do what it is that you do.


Advice is good for other professions.

But for artists?

Your work comes from WITHIN.


If you fail, then you fail.

All good, that’s more data for your next piece.

Getting watered-down happens when you can’t stop taking advice from the external.


Becoming Highly Skilled


Michael Jordan considered himself an artist.

And he had all the right to do so.


We think an artist is someone who just paints.

But that couldn’t be further from the truth.


An artist is defined as someone who is highly skilled in an occupation.


So if you ask me, why isn’t everyone becoming an artist?

Oh, I know.

It’s because they are scared.


When you are scared, you take fewer risks.

You do what others do.

Big mistake…


Like I said earlier, being an artist is an INTERNAL game.

  1. Pick your craft & do your best in it.
  2. Become obsessed.
  3. Love will follow.


And the more love you have, the more obsessed you become at improving.

This dynamic energy of love and obsession creates an invisible force field around you that challenges your INTERNAL energy.


The energy which has you thinking that you already have all the answers.

It’s just a matter of uncovering it.



Unlocking Your Inner Artist Mindset


The internet has changed the playing field.

Before it was degrees and credentials that mattered.

And nowadays it’s creativity that matters.


Creativity allows you to approach problems from different angles.

It is creativity that is the fire to the artist.

Can’t be stopped.


If you love painting, then great!

But if you can’t paint, don’t rule yourself off from being an artist so quickly.

We all have something that we are great in or have the desire to be great in.

So be great.


Don’t make it more complicated than that.

The more you practice, the more you begin looking IN for inspiration.

That’s where inspiration was meant to be found all along.


Uncover your inner artist.

And thrive in the high paced world of information.


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– ArmaniTalks 🎙️🔥


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