Acquaintance vs Friend: What’s the Difference?

Acquaintance vs Friend: What’s the Difference?

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Social Law:

1. Keep your friend circle small.

-This allows for stronger bonds & fewer snakes.

2. Keep your acquaintance circle large.

-This allows for more versatility & networking opportunities.


‘Seems like the law is backwards?’


It’s in the correct way.

Mistaking it as being backwards will cause a lot of tension.


Are you aware of the difference between a friend and an acquaintance?

‘Sort of.’

Let’s turn ‘sort of’ into a ‘yes.’

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Talk to someone’s child side to build a friend.

Talk to someone’s adult side to build an acquaintance.


Both are required for a network.

It’s not about the quantity, yet.

It’s about being able to label, first.


What do you picture when I say, popular?

‘Someone who has a lot of friends.


Popular is someone who has loyal friends.


Loyalty is difficult to find.

And loyalty takes time to spot.

It can be spotted while going thru the ups AND downs with someone.


That’s a big part of what separates a friend from an acquaintance.

With a friend, you most likely went thru the ups AND downs with them.

With an acquaintance, that’s not always the case.


After the up AND down process, it was easier to decide if the person was loyal or not.

If not, then the friendship probably dissipated.

If yes, then the friendship solidified.


Let’s say you have 100$ right now…

If you try to split it among 20 people, then each will get 5$.

If you try to split it among 5 people, then each will get 20$.


That’s like your energy.

Trying to split your energy with everyone causes people to get a fake version of you.

And you to get a fake version of them.


People with a lot of ‘friends’ often get backstabbed the most.

Mainly because they:

-Trusted too soon.
-Have to scope thru too many people to find the snake.


Now let’s talk about acquaintances…

This label often gets a bad reputation.


If you go to someone and tell them you view them as an acquaintance, they may get offended.

I get excited.


Because acquaintances keep a network versatile.


A solid acquaintance is born from a win-win relationship.

Both of you are providing value for each other in some way.

But unlike a friend, this group does not need as much energy.


A simple text once a month to see how everything is going is MORE than enough with an acquaintance.

The numbers may vary depending on the bond.

This is called a ‘touch point.’


The reason an acquaintance is powerful is because they can introduce you to a brand new network.

With your friends, you most likely know a lot of the same people.

Not always, but that’s often the case.


Let’s say Jim needs a job.

He doesn’t want to wait months for his resume to be read.

So he contacts a guy who knows a guy.


Jim knows that Johnny works in his dream company.

Johnny is not a higher-up in the company.

But Johnny knows Ricky, who happens to be a recruiter.

Jim is connected with Ricky thru Johnny.

This is called ‘node hopping.’


acquaintance vs friend


The core of a network are the friends.

View that as the nucleus.

The power of a network are the acquaintances.

Less is more for the nucleus.

More is more for power.


Before I wrap up, one reason you are lonely is because you are unable to distinguish an acquaintance from a friend.

You keep dwelling on who you don’t have, and ignore who you do have.


This dwelling causes you to wonder why you haven’t been thru the ups AND downs with acquaintances.

But remember what I said earlier.

Ups AND downs are for friends!

See if you have at least 2-3 friends.

And family counts too.


That’s a social 101 lesson.

If you learned a thing or two, then be sure to check out my book:


In this book, you will learn how to:

-Add more acquaintances to your network.

-Spot quality friends.

-Grow in power through conversation skills.

-Listen better.

And much more!


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