10 Personal Branding Tips to 10x your brand

10 Personal Branding Tips to 10x your brand


Everyone wants personal branding tips.

But the question is, how many people are willing to execute on them?



Many people want to begin a personal brand for misguided reasons.

They aren’t quite sure whether they REALLY want it.


Think about it like this.

Every New Year, there is a fat guy around the world who says that he is going to lose weight.

‘This is the year!’ they say with pride.

They are pumped with enthusiasm to begin.

So they sign up for a local gym & are consistent as fuck in the first week of January.


But as 3 months roll in, they realize that the gym wasn’t for them.

And their ego says it’s because the gym was too far away.



What was the fat man’s problem?

It was that he thought he knew what he wanted.

But he had no clue why he wanted it.


This article is going to shed insight into the personal brand.

My prediction is that personal brands are going to rise as social media becomes further ingrained in our culture.

There will be creators & there will be consumers.


I offer you personal branding tips to become a creator.

I’ve had the honor of building a business on Instagram, marketing on Facebook & am now growing a personal brand on Twitter + YouTube + Website.

At the end of the day, all the principles are the same.


Let’s go thru the mindset & tactics behind a successful personal brand.


Committing for the Long Run


I remember a few years ago, I started this extreme sports entertainment brand on Instagram.

The goal was to make the brand huge, so I could sell them compression gear.

I could sense the money rolling in.


Within a few weeks, I began to post 3 videos a week of other athletic influencers on the platform.

The other influencers were ecstatic that my page was promoting them.

And they gave me content to promote.



In 3 short weeks, the sports brand jumped up to 2000 followers!

I was becoming the WorldStar hip hop of extreme sports! Entertaining video after entertaining video.

I could taste the money rolling in.

So I began to set up the shop to start selling the gear.


However, when I set up the shop, something was wrong.


No one was buying!

There was a total of 1 sale for the next couple of weeks.

What the fuck?

How come more people aren’t purchasing?

I have 2000+ followers you know.


As more weeks piled on, I  was transforming into the fat man from New Years.

My energy was being drained, and I would make every excuse in the book to not post.


Long story short, I ended up quitting.


The lesson is that you need to commit.

Until you say, I am going ALL in on this, then guess what?

You will give up when you hit roadblocks or plateaus.


personal branding tips for perserverance


Since then, I learned my lesson & promised not to do that with my personal brand ArmaniTalks.

Once I committed to the process, I realized that I will be posting every day for the rest of my life.

Note: I post every day because it’s Twitter, but it depends on your platform. The main takeaway is to be consistent.


9 Personal Branding Tips


Now that we got thru the committing part, it’s time for the tips.

Don’t even bother reading the rest unless you can explain WHY you are doing this.

Because the rest of the article will include WHAT to do.


So here are Armani’s 9 personal branding tips.


1. Pick 1 channel


One of the biggest personal branding tips is to pick 1 channel at first and then expand.

But most people do the exact opposite.

The get all gung ho & have this wide net approach.


They make Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Snapchat, blog, podcast, etc.

‘I will be a star in no time!’ they think.

Give it a few weeks, they realize they are in over their head, and guess what?

They quit.


Instead, pick 1 channel and go all in.

Be consistent & find your voice.

You’ll build an audience there & can now funnel them to new social media pages that you open later on.


2. Do it for yourself & Help Others as a Byproduct


That’s a mouthful, but let me explain.

Many people want to begin a personal brand so they can get a lot of followers or subscribers.

But if that’s your intent, then you are setting yourself up for failure.


‘So what should I do?’

View your personal brand as an opportunity to document your growth in real-time.

Do it as a way to hold yourself accountable.

If you begin a Youtube channel, then use it as a way to work on your speaking skills & learn more about your topic.


As you keep perfecting yourself, others will find you.

Keep on leveling up & your personal brand will follow suit.


3. Leading with Your Personality


When you lead with your skill & sprinkle in your personality, you will feel stiff.


When you lead with your personality & sprinkle in your skill, you will have fun.


Real talk.

Talking about your skill all the time gets dry real quick.

I love public speaking, don’t get me wrong.

But if that’s all I talk about, then I’d be bored as fuck.


Let your personality shine.

Your skills & knowledge will speak to someone’s mind.

Your personality will speak to their heart.


It’s called a PERSONAL brand for a reason.


4. Consistency


Most of the success is just showing up.

Who would have known?


Whatever schedule you choose for yourself, stick to it.

And this may require some experimentation.


If you do YouTube, you may be the person who likes to do daily videos or 3x a week.

Who knows.

Keep experimenting.

Just don’t be the dude who goes ghost & expects to come back acting as nothing happened.


The world doesn’t stop for you.

And if you are following step 2, then you know going ghost is really letting yourself down.


5. Embracing Plateaus


I’ve seen a lot of people quit because their account wasn’t growing.

But that’s just the name of the game.


Every personal brand goes thru plateaus.

But most think it’s the end & throw in the towel.

But the resilient ones keep at it.


Soon, the resilient ones get another flurry of growth.

That’s how the game works.

You won’t grow in a linear way.

There is growth & there are plateaus.

Embrace both.




6. Start an email list.


For fuck’s sake, start an email list.

It’s funny because when I first started, my friend kept begging me to start one.

But I was like, what’s the point?

No one reads emails!

Well, that’s at least what I thought.


But 3 months in, he eventually convinced me to begin one.

A few months into emailing, I realized how wrong I was!


PLENTY of people read emails. Especially if they love your message.

Also, it’s a great way to practice your writing & thinking skills.


Your list is something that you can hold onto for life.

I’ve seen personal brands get wiped out by their social media platform because they said something controversial.

But luckily, they had an email list to fall back on to rise once again.


My 2 top recommendations are Aweber & ConvertKit.

I use Aweber.


7. Engage with your Audience


As your personal brand grows, you will begin to build a core audience.

Not everyone will be a diehard supporter.

But many will.


When you are a smaller account, respond back to your comments.

I see people who are just beginning but never reply back.

Big mistake.

You’re leaving trust on the table.

They have no clue who you are. It’s time to make a name for yourself.


When your account grows, it will be difficult to respond back to everyone, I get it.

But aim to make it a priority.


8. With Love Comes Hate


One major personal branding tip is to be thick-skinned.

If you are in it for the long run, you have no other choice.


Don’t think you are only going to have fans who rock with you all the time.

There will be many instances when haters & trolls began to pop up.


My recommendation is to ignore them.

Engaging with them is a waste of time.

They mainly want to pick a fight & giving them attention is low ROI.


9. Build Social Relationships


personal branding connections


You’d be surprised by how many people I’ve connected with since starting my personal brand.

A professional boxer, Shopify wizard, an amazing rapper and so much more.


The internet allows you to network with ANYONE from around the world.

It is by far one of the best opportunities to network.

Location does not matter.


Your relationships will also be a measurement of your longevity.

The DMs are where the relationships are strengthened.

Network with people online & try to get on a call or Skype conversation with them.


Or better, produce content together.

Doing a collaboration is a highly underrated way to solidify a bond.


10. Diversify


I started off with Twitter.

But since then, I have built my website, Youtube channel & podcast.

Your core audience will roll with you wherever you go.

And some may like writing (blogs), some like audio (podcast), some like seeing (videos).


So take some risks & expand!

This step is when you have taken the time to already build an audience.

Don’t get too gung ho from the get-go.


10 Personal Branding Tips to 10x your brand


Those were my 10 personal branding tips!

If you have skills, wisdom, insights or just want to document your journey to the top, then begin a personal brand.

It’s a very joyous feeling when you are able to create something from scratch.


You will feel a lot of doubt in the initial stages.

But keep going.

Apply these 10 tips when you feel lost.

And embrace it when you feel lost.

You may be a pioneer for your brand, who knows.


But keep going & enjoy the process.

I was stuck at 9 followers for almost a month, but that didn’t bug me at all.


Because I was simply writing about what I loved, communication skills.


Therefore, I recommend you begin today as well.

If you need help building a blueprint & learning the art of crafting your message, then apply for a free 30 minutes consultation session!

Let’s set you up on the right track so you stick for the long run.


Good luck.


– ArmaniTalks 🎙️🔥

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