7 Tips on How to Be More Creative in the Information Age

7 Tips on How to Be More Creative


Creativity is a superpower in the world of the internet.

Those with the best ideas rise.

While the overly logical linear thinkers can fall behind.


The beauty is that we are all creative.

We have no choice in the matter.


The question is…

Are you optimizing your creativity?

Or are you becoming destructed by it?


Creativity used incorrectly causes anxiety.

It’s when you are using your imagination to plan out your failures.


Creativity used correctly creates art.


Even if you are an overly logical thinker, it’s never too late to unlock your inner artist.

Become left & right brain focused.

Become a creator in the age of information.

You have infinite leverage.

Now is the time to make the most of that leverage.


In this blog, we will discuss 7 ways to build creativity.

All practical hacks that you can get started with today.


Tip 1: Learn Deep & Extend Wide


Interleaving learning is when you are able to cross combine subjects.

This is how we learn in the age of information.


The best way to unlock this learning mode is by going DEEP in a subject.

The deeper that you go, the wider that you’ll go as a byproduct.


When I first joined Toastmasters to learn public speaking… I thought I was ONLY going to be learning public speaking.

But that wasn’t the case.


Instead, what happened was that I ended up learning about persuasion, vocal workouts, psychology, emotional intelligence, storytelling, etc.

All subjects that were a byproduct of me delving DEEP into a topic.


So one of the best ways to build creativity is by going deep & naturally filling in the gaps of understanding by learning more.

This allows you to cross combine subjects.

Which leads to cross combining ideas.


Out of world insights.


Tip 2: Obsession or Bust


One of the reasons we fail to unlock creativity is because we are scared.

Having a scared timid attitude has us playing it safe.

We become too worried about what others think.


The reality is that the brain is wired to care about other opinions.

It’s wired in us to want a positive perception of our tribe members.


This is why dabbling in subjects doesn’t break thru the fear of being judged.

However, when you become obsessed with a subject, you bulldoze thru the fear.

Bulldozing is how you active the subconscious mind.


This is an important concept to understand because obsession allows you to build thicker skin.

You become less sensitive to opinions when you are doing a task that you have a hyper-focused target on.


That’s not to say that you do not take feedback.

But that’s to say that you build a fearless attitude.


With a fearless attitude, you put yourself in a state of calm.

A state of calm that allows you to exercise your thought waves more.


The mind becomes more flexible when you harness thought waves.

Rather than wasting it on temporary opinions.

You now CHANNEL it.

Magic ensues.


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Tip 3: Find Tasks That Are More Play & Less Work


You’re better off finding tasks that you have a natural curiosity in rather than forcing yourself to love something.

The latter is doable, don’t get me wrong.

But it’s not the most optimal approach.


I can force myself to love gardening.

But it doesn’t resonate with me for the time being.

So rather than forcing myself, I’d ask the question: what does resonate?

Writing is a good start.


You just need to find a snowball of interest.

If you have that snowball already formed, then you can build an avalanche from that.

Natural curiosity is often not your choice alone.

It’s deeper.


Just like a gut instinct is primal for the body.

Curiosity is primal for the mind.

Listen to the internal world to find the snowballs for your life.


Tip 4: Integrate your Body via Physical Exercises


Creativity can be systematized.

That’s the reality.

You do not need a bottle of alcohol to unlock your inner artist.


If you want to systemize creativity, then taking care of your body is a start.

I highly recommend hatha yoga.

Hatha yoga turns your body from individual components into a unified system.


‘Why is this important for, bro?’

Because the body influences the mind & the mind influences the body.

By controlling the body via intention, we have more control of the mind.

The mind feels more like matter when we use the body as a portal.


An integrated body leads to an integrated mindset.

And this allows you to build creativity on a solid architecture.


Tip 5: Analyze Mind-Wandering


Mind-wandering can be a dangerous thing when you overdo it.

But the right dosage is a great way to build creativity.


The brain is composed of the:

Default mode network: Mind wandering state.

Task Positive Network: Focus state.


When you can activate both brain states at the same time, that’s when you learn how to be more creative.


When you are mind-wandering, observe the thoughts.


We often identify straight with our thoughts.

But not so fast.

Just observe as though you are watching a movie without judgment.

When you are able to observe your natural mind movie, you realize creativity is integrated within you.


The more you are able to watch your mind, the easier it becomes to lucid dream.

That’s when you start seeing that your mind is an experiential-based reality creating system.

This gives you more confidence to be an artist.


Tip 6: Consume Entertainment


In the self-improvement sphere, entertainment gets a bad rep.

‘You should always be productive!’


Fuck that.

Being TOO productive can make you overly stiff.

Consume entertainment.

Media is magic when you find the right content.


From fiction books, superhero movies, informative documentaries, interesting discussions, etc.

All acts of human creativity.


Some of the world’s best chefs have a simple formula.

You know what that is?


They spend a lot of time finding the best, highest quality ingredients.


They understand that in order to have a nice output, they need to have the right inputs.

So if you want to have the right output of art.

Then consume the right inputs of art.


Tip 7: Create Prolifically


Ditch the ‘quality over quantity’ mindset.

Adopt the ‘quantity leads to quality’ mindset.


In order to learn how to be more creative, you need to train yourself to create.

Otherwise, you are just an armchair quarterback.

Talking about what you ‘would have’ done.


We are scared to create prolifically because we think we will run out of ideas.

That’s a big mistake.

Ideas are abundant.


The more we create, the more we make use of cross combining ideas.

The more ideas we create, the more ideas we create.

This allows us to have a competitive advantage.


A prolific creator is unparalleled & continues to feed its brand.

That’s how you grow with the long term in mind.

Build the neural pathways of an artist.



Creation Mode is now Activated


There you have it.

7 ways on how to be more creative.


These are applicable to anyone despite profession, age, ethnicity, etc.

Anyone can leverage their imagination to serve therm.


Especially with the internet.

You have all the real estate in the world to create.

There are no boundaries.

The virtual land given to you is limitless.


If you have made it this far, then a part of you is curious about what it means to be more creative.

You will never be creative by solely using logic.

You will need action.


The artist is waiting to be unlocked.

Leverage the 7 tips & connect both hemispheres of the brain.


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