7 Productivity HACKS to Maximize Each Day

7 Productivity HACKS to Maximize Each Day


I think everyone out there wants to be more productive.

This allows them to end the night with a good feeling.

The feeling of accomplishment.


Productivity is difficult to understand through theory alone.

It must be experienced.


The main thing to have is direction.

Without direction, none of the productivity hacks out there will help you.

That’s like the guy who eats a bunch of junk thinking that supplements will save them.


‘Does the direction need to be grand?’

No, it can be something small.

The direction can be:

  • I’m going to build a daily writing practice.
  • I plan to fit into my suit before my sister’s wedding.
  • I want to start that comic book company.


Once you’re in motion, it helps to look for little refinements that will take you to the next level.

Let’s see if any of these productivity hacks will help you out!


1. Don’t Check your Phone Till 1-3 Difficult Tasks are Complete


The first thing the average person does when they wake up is check their phone.

Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, etc.


Maybe they see some negative content in the morning.

Do you know what happens next?


The rest of their day feels choppy.


How you start the morning will set the tone for the rest of your day.

Don’t check your phone at all until you get 1-3 of your hardest tasks done for the day!

That will set the right tone.


2. Leverage Incentives


I used to hate rest.

Thought it meant I was doing something wrong.

Later on, I learned that rest would lead to more productivity.


The are multiple ways to do this.

For me, I work very intensely from the morning until evening.


But roughly around that 7:30 pm to 8:30 pm range, I want my mind to be off.

Knowing that I have relaxation waiting at the end of the day makes me work harder when I am working.


3. Automate Unnecessary Decisions


You ever seen those famous people who wore the same thing every day?

‘Yea, why do they do that?’


Because they don’t want to keep deciding what they are going to wear every day.

  • Decision = Automated.


And there are certain stuff anyone can automate.

For me, it’s food.

I eat the same thing every day.


I don’t want to keep thinking about what I am going to be eating, therefore, I automated this step.

Yes, I love the meal.


On a side note: I do intermittent fasting. So I don’t eat till the end of the day. I mentioned in the last point how incentives are key. Knowing that I have relaxation AND food waiting for me after my productivity period drives me to work with even more intensity.

Point being, you can stack incentives to create a new beast to work towards!


4. Leverage To-Do Lists


A to-do list is a great way to keep the important thing the important thing.

It’s even better if your to-do list is simple.


If you see big paragraphs staring at you, then chances are you will not do them.

Boil those big paragraphs down to simple worlds.


Rather than say:

  • I will go to the gym and workout X, Y, and Z followed by this stretch, followed by this meal…blah blah blah…

Just write:

  • Gym

Here is a simple to-do list to help you get started:

5. Cut off Toxic People and/or Hang with Productive People


It doesn’t matter how productive you are.

If you have a roommate who is always trying to get high and eat wings, that environment will be toxic.

Best to create your own productivity zone (which we will be breaking down shortly).


Maybe you’re at the stage of your life right now where you cannot just cut this roommate off.

So, go to a library.

Or any place where people are working.


Simply seeing others working will inspire you to not be a lazy sack of shit.

That’s the power of mirror neurons.


productivity hacks


6. Dress Up at Home


Let’s say you work from home.

Do you think someone will be more productive:

  • Wearing pajamas and working


  • Dressing up in formal clothes and working



‘Formal clothes.’



Because clothes influence psychology.


Wear shoes too and spray the cologne you normally put on before working.

  • Wearing shoes just makes you present. Idk why, it just happens…
  • And the scent of the cologne triggers the past memories of productivity.

Game time!


7. Creating a Productive Zone


This zone is strictly meant for working.

You have your laptop there.

Answer emails there.

Write your content there.


Keep that zone just for working, not for goofing around.

‘Uh….duh Armani.’

Not duh.


Some people combine their work area with their play area.

Which I don’t recommend, especially if you are struggling with productivity.


Block out this zone just for work.

Once you leave this zone, it’ll be easy to enter into relaxation mode.


Bonus Tip: Tracking Transformation


I did p90x a while back (a 90-day workout program).

At first, I didn’t like it.

Didn’t see many changes.

Looked like I was getting chubbier.


But as some time went by, I noticed that I was getting leaner.

Once I noticed I was getting leaner, I began appreciating the chubby pics.

It showed how far I had come.

Seeing how far I had come made me associate a positive feeling with productivity.


If you can find some sort of way to document your transformation, that’ll be a gamechanger.

I don’t know exactly how you will do it in your life.

That’s something you have to get creative with.

Just look to set up something that shows:

  • Where you were -> Where you are


Use The Productivity Hacks that Work for You!


The productive mind turns a:

  • 30-minute task into a 28-minute one.


While the unproductive mind turns a:

  • 30-minute task into a 3-hour one.


Create a direction for your life.

That’s the theme of the story.

And occasionally try a productivity hack to add more life to each chapter!


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