6 Ways on How to Overcome Laziness

6 Ways on How to Overcome Laziness

Laziness is one of the worst feelings to feel when you want to gain something from life.

It’s the mentality of a bum.

The question though is why laziness is a thing in the first place?

When you see little kids, they have such a zest for life.

But then you see some adults with the exact opposite mentality.


If you look closer:

Laziness is not something that is normal. It is something that is highly ABNORMAL.

‘Geez Armani, thanks for putting me down.’

Not really, my friend. When you realize laziness is abnormal, you lowkey feel more empowered to do something about it.

Sort of like seeing a dirty plate. You feel hope knowing that the plate on a natural level is not dirty.

Which gives you more FIRE to clean it.

And one of the ways to learn how to overcome laziness is by noticing that you at a core level are meant to embody work ethic.

Just time to scrape of the junk!

Let’s learn the mindset of someone with a strong work ethic & then discuss 6 practical ways to make that happen.

What is Work Ethic?

You ever heard the mantra: don’t work harder, work smarter.


It’s bullshit.


Well, sort of bullshit.

The reality is that you need to work hard so you can work smart.

Meaning, working hard allows you to gather the data. From the data, you will be able to spot what is rubbish and what you need to double down on.

Once you made those findings, THEN you can work smart.

Soon as you start working smart, it does not mean that you ditch your working hard ways. Now you just work with full conviction on the tasks with the highest ROI.

You are doing a combination of working hard AND smart.

The reason I’m telling you this is because a lot of lazy people are born from overthinking.

They are chasing perfection.

They are so obsessed with the idea of working ‘smart’ in the initial stages that they keep on consuming and consuming more information.

To a point where they are TRICKING themselves into thinking that they are working.

In reality? That ain’t the case champ..

The work ethic we are going for is a blend of hard work & smart work

A combination of those 2 create beautify synergy which melts away laziness.

Get yo’ mind right!

6 Ways on How to Overcome Laziness

There are different reasons as to why you are lazy in the first place.

When you can spot these reasons, you’ll often solve the root cause, which allows you to alter your behavior.

In the following list, I want to give you a few of the TOP reasons why people are lazy & don’t take action.

Let’s begin.

1. The Goal is too Blurry

It’s hard to chase any goal when you have no clue what you are chasing.

And here’s the conundrum…

At the beginning of starting anything, you never fully know what you are chasing.

You just need to be patient & put your reps in.

The key phrase is PUT YOUR REPS IN.

The more reps that you put in for the skill set of choice, the quicker the target goes from blurry -> clarity.

  • The conscious mind always wants to move and grow.

In order to take action, your conscious mind NEEDS to overpower your subconscious laziness.

Keep taking incremental action towards the right direction.

The targets will clarify. And the clarified targets lights a fuel to your fire.

2. You THINK You Have Too Much Time

This is what plagues the masses.

They think they have too much time. Which makes you go into the ‘I’ll do it tomorrow’ mentality.

Big mistake.

You don’t have too much time.

In reality, time is something we never have too much of.

A second lost is a second never returned.

Not to sound morbid, but here it goes:

People who died young…do you think they had a clue they were going to die?

Nah. Unless it was a case of suicide, they were hit unexpectedly.

You should be grateful that you have another day to live. But don’t be so grateful that you are sitting on your ass doing nothing.

Gratitude overdone, just like anything in life, can make you content.

Be grateful, yes.

But acknowledge that tomorrow is never guaranteed. Take action and move G!

3. You’re Chasing Something you Don’t Desire

For me, I would always hate studying for class exams.

I had no clue why exams were even a thing. The real world rarely has these little tests to prove whether you can memorize a bunch of stuff or not.

Therefore, I would feel lazy when I would have to study for these exams.

With subjects that I desired learning?

I would never be lazy. I’d be the first one in studying & creating my own schedule.

In the real world, we don’t always have a choice on what we want to do. Sometimes responsibilities require us to take care of business.

Other times, we do have a choice.

It’s easy to want to do something just because others are doing it. But ask yourself, is this what YOU want?

If it’s something that you truly want, then laziness is an illusion. It just melts away.

Why? Because you are having FUN doing the task.

But when you are forcing yourself to do something because you feel like that’s what you have to do, then laziness will always creep up.

Ask yourself if what you’re doing is something you feel like you were put on this planet to do?

If the answer is no, then find the task that was meant for you.

When you find it, it will feel like your chest got hit with a sack of bricks (in a good way lol).

You’ll feel alert. And doing the task is fun, not a dread.

4. You’re Suffering from Analysis Paralysis

Procrastination will never get you started.

Perfectionism will never get you finished.

In both cases, the results are the same.

Analysis paralysis is when you are suffering from perfection.

Because if you look close, you know that there is a desire to do the task.

You want to become better.

The only problem? 

You keep waiting for the ‘perfect’ moment.

  • Maybe you’re looking for the perfect time to being.
  • You’re probably looking for the ‘perfect’ mentor to guide you.
  • Or you may be looking for that perfect blog post before you KNOW, you have all the information.

Let me save you some time.

  • There is no perfect time to begin.
  • You are the perfect mentor for you.
  • And you’ll never know all the information.

Got it?

Now begin.

Analysis paralysis no more.

5. You have a Fear of Failure & Embarrassment.

Let’s say you do begin.

What if you gave it your all, but it still wasn’t enough?

That registers as a failure in your world.

So your subconscious mind chooses to sabotage your conscious mind.

Here’s the thing…

If you go ALL in on a skill set, you never lose.

You come out with a bunch of micro-skills that you could never get from reading a book.

  • The ability to discipline yourself.
  • Knowing when to be patient.
  • Emotional intelligence.
  • Focusing.
  • Setting targets.

These are micro skills that allow you to make your entire life easier.

What is failure?



We have this blob of failure that we never clarify.

As cliche as it may sound, you only fail when you quit.

Other than that, you never lose. The micro-skills continue to build up & you change your world from inside out.

Keep goin’.

6. Loser Friends

Toxic people are not always those with a negative intent towards you.

Sometimes the most toxic people are those who love you the most.

The old school friends who have mailed it in for their self-improvement will want you to mail it in as well.

They want you to remain the same.

This group is not malicious.

Yet over time, they start to make you feel drained. Especially, if you want more out of life.

With friends like this, I don’t tell you to cut them off.

I tell you to love them from a distance.

The friend circle you have does play a big role in how you move in life.

And it’s difficult to not be lazy when laziness is all you know.

Love them from a distance by staying true to your goals first.

Not saying you can never have fun with them again.

But when you hit the goals first, having fun with them will kill 2 birds with 1 stone.

One of the harsh life lessons we learn is that toxic people often weigh down the ambitious person rather than the ambitious person inspiring the toxic people.

Overcome Laziness forever

When you become a winner who TAKES ACTION, you will find it comical how you used to be lazy.

You are back to being the clean plate who took away the dirt of limiting beliefs, emotions, and tendencies.

The main thing that I want you to take away from this post is that the way to learn how to overcome laziness is with the art of action.

Action will allow you to toughen up and become a pit bull.

You were never born lazy.

You were conditioned into that due to some ill decisions.

But the ill decisions can always be overturned.

And it will be overturned.

You’ve learned how to overcome laziness.

Now overcome it.

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