5 STUNNING Traits of a Lifelong Learner

5 STUNNING Traits of a Lifelong Learner


I’m not too fond of the IQ exam.

I’ve heard it’s supposedly a phenomenal tool for measuring intellect.


I looked through a few of the exams.

And the questions seem pointless.


4 triangles.

Spot the next triangle.


This is how formal education works.

A lot of these mental exercises which exert effort, but display minimal direction.

IQ exam enthusiasts often believe that intelligence is fixed.


I don’t have that belief.

I believe if I wanted to learn rocket science, then I could.


After hearing my bold assertion, the formal education primed mind will be like:

‘What, no…What is your IQ score mister?’

They put their faith in a man-made exam.


The most important trait for learning is desire.

The desire to know more.


In this article, you’ll see if you’re in the presence of a lifelong learner.

Who knows… you may be a lifelong learner yourself.

That’s why you always felt misunderstood.

These are some traits to expect.


Trait #1: They Are Smart & Dumb



A lifelong learner is very intelligent.

But dumb at the same time.


The reason why is because they are always spotting new connections.

The more they learn, the more they see that they have much more to learn.


They don’t compare themselves to people.

They compare themselves to the context of the universe.


If you find yourself getting prideful, say these 2 statements:

  • I’m just getting started.
  • I know nothing, yet.

You’ll feel a tingling sensation in your body that gives you a peek into your potential.


Trait #2: They Don’t Create Barriers with Legends


When you think :

  • Leonardo Davinci
  • Benjamin Franklin

What do you think?

‘I think polymaths.’

Do ever see yourself getting to their level?

‘Me? Of course not!’


That’s the mindset of a lot of people.

They imagine smart people in their minds.

Then they create a mental gap between themselves and the smart people.


The lifelong learner rarely compares themselves to other people.

Because knowledge is creative.

With creativity, there is no competition.


But let’s say they were feeling competitive that day.

They will be like:

‘If Loony Leonardo and Big Belly Benjamin were capable of becoming geniuses, why not me?’


This question shows balls.


If you find yourself creating mental gaps with other geniuses, then ask:

  • If them, why not me?

The mind will feel bold.


Trait #3: Understands the Role of Book Smarts


I would never say that books are not useful.

Street smarts without book smarts is suboptimal.

Both are needed.


However, books without experience often leads to acting pompous.

Do you know someone like that?

They don’t do much…

But are scholars who like to talk a lot.


Scholars aren’t bad people.

Pompous scholars are.


The books come to life when there is something being worked on.


For example,  let’s say you are going to Toastmasters.

Learning public speaking.

Working on bouncing back from a recent choke job.

Polishing up your talk.




Then you read my book, Speaking Wizard (random plug).

Now the theory will come to life.


But if you just buy 5 different public speaking books without the intention of doing any form of speaking, then the books lose power.


Lifelong learners don’t vilify books.

Lifelong learners vilify those who don’t use books to their full potential.


Trait #4: Can Learn From Anyone or Anything


I recall I had to babysit this little kid when I went to New York a while back.

This kid was a crybaby.


He was like:

‘Hey, can I play with your Gameboy?’


I said, no.


He asked me a bunch of times to play my Gameboy.

After the 20th time, I snapped.

I yelled, no!


This little kid began crying.

He was going to tell on me.


I tried giving him my Gameboy, but it wouldn’t do.


So I said:

‘Hey kid, look. If you get me a Coke from the fridge in the next 13 seconds, then I will let you hold my Gameboy.’


The little kid’s eyes lit up realizing that he was being offered a challenge with a time limit.

He suddenly stopped crying.

He got me my Coke.

I gave him the Gameboy.


This little kid showed me that humans love challenges with an allotted time.

From that, I learned more about gamifying and creating levels.


This is the basics of the Level Up Mentality.

  • Create a gargantuan goal and create levels to ease yourself into momentum.

All learned from a child.


Just imagine.


Trait #5: Constant Reinvention


Lifelong learners are constantly reinventing themselves

If you are the same person today as 2 years ago, then that’s a damn shame.


The more information and experiences that we get, the more we morph at a being level.

So, it’s difficult to classify a lifelong learner.

They are gifted with so many things!


Just imagine DaVinci:

  • A painter.
  • An engineer.
  • An anatomist.
  • Studied birds.

It’s hard to pin him down to 1 label.


A lifelong learner is not only a generalist.

They are a specialist too.


A common misconception is that you can only be one or the other.

Porque no los dos?

‘English please!’

Why not both….


Becoming a Lifelong Learner and Autodidact


Avoid letting the IQ exam turn you into a fixed-minded tityboy.

Better to put faith in CQ instead.

Curiosity quotient.


If you want to know something, then you definitely can.

Curiosity is desire for the mind.

For a lifelong learner, desire pulls them into a variety of topics.


Nowadays, we have the internet.

Staying ignorant is simply a choice.


If you enjoyed this article and want to learn more about self-education, be sure to check out my book:

  • Modern Day Polymath: How to Learn Better, Study Effectively, Master Skills, Build Habits & Become Smarter


In this book, you will learn how to:

  • Use the internet effectively.
  • Study through the funnel and flywheel technique.
  • Communicate your understanding through the creation of valuable content.
  • Take notes effectively.
  • Boost memorization skills.
  • Build a complex system to bring books to life.

Along with a lot of other topics!

Grab the Modern-Day Polymath here:



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