5 Important Tips For a Content Creator

5 Important Tips For a Content Creator


After doing some thinking, you decided to pull the trigger.

Whether it’s Twitter, YouTube, podcast, etc.

You plan to create content.


Hopefully, a few things happened.

You have a skill (or are working on one).

You chose a platform that suits your interest.

There is a long-term mindset.


Are there any tips to be in it for the long run?


I believe so.

It doesn’t matter which platform you’re on, the following 5 tips will be practical to you.

I like to call them the basic tips for a content creator.


1. Have a Rainy-Day Fund


You never know when you may get sick.

Or tragedy strikes.


It’s easy to go on a downward spiral and be out of it for a while.

For moments like this, having a rainy-day fund of content comes in clutch.


One example is writing 10 tweets every morning after you get back from the gym.

You post 4 and have 6 in your draft section.

Those 6s begin adding up.

Over time, you’ll have an arsenal.


2. Center the Brand on the Craft


There are two sides of the coin:

  • Instant gratification.
  • Delayed gratification.


Social media is set up for instant gratification.

Where you ditch any form of fundamentals to chase the trends.

The algorithm.


Click through rates etc.


Those metrics are a way to center a brand, sure.

However, those metrics change like the wind.


On the other hand, if you center your business on your craft, then you remain sturdy like a tree.


Let’s say your brand is built around plumbing.

Well, go all in on plumbing!

Always be learning more about the craft.


This will allow you to always be 2 steps ahead of the curve.

Your content will have discoveries not found on Google.


3. Clarity > Burnout


Burnout happens when we amplify what we can’t control and undermine what we can.

Clarity happens when we do the opposite.


There are a few things that are fully in your control.

Identify those.


After consistently creating content for some time, patterns will emerge.

These are activities that you do all the time.

Spotting these activities allows you to feel a sense of control.


For me, it’s consume, create, market, and meditate.

  • I learn every day. Consume.
  • I write/speak every day. Create.
  • I publish posts every day. Market.
  • Then I sharpen the mind every day. Meditate.


Find your activities and zone in on them.

content creator tips


4. Think Themes, Not Niches


Burnout also happens when you niche down too much.

Niches work great with products.

But not always with people.


In the initial stages, a niche may be smart.

It gets you into action.


Let’s go back to the plumber example.

He started off strictly with plumbing.


But after a while, he’s like:

‘Okay, this is getting a tad bit mundane.’


That’s when it’s smart to follow curiosities.

The curiosity will lead the plumber to another compelling discovery.


‘Which is?

This guy doesn’t just fix things.

He is also capable of preventing bad stuff from happening in the first place.


For preventative measures, it’s a mental game.

Now his content can talk about sharpening observation skills.

Always be looking for problems and much more.


He expands from the niche of plumbing to expanding to another niche which is:

  • Observation skills for preventative measures.

Over time, once the other niches stack up, he’ll have a theme for his brand.


A theme is always earned.


The ArmaniTalks brand initially started off with public speaking only.

But over time, I realized a speech was given to individuals (not a crowd).

Individuals are best understood through social skills.

So boom, from public speaking niche -> social skills niche.


I expanded from there to the emotional intelligence niche -> content creation niche.

Nowadays, my theme is communication skills.


Once again… themes are earned.


5. Have a Few Long-Term Friends


Forming strategic alliances is wise.

The most important word is:

  • Strategic.


Forming alliances just for the sake of forming alliances is not smart.

That’s because a lot of people have the instant gratification mentality.

Forming a partnership with them will be destructive.


They will be giving advice that goes more for shock value and algorithm standings than providing useful value.

This may work short-term.

But even these alliances eventually fade.


I’ve been part of 1 mastermind for over 3 years now.

There are only 4 people in it.

Those guys are always consistent.

And they inspire me to be consistent.


‘Why not have more than 4 people?’

We did…


But with strategic alliances, more is not always more.

Often, more turns out to be less.


That’s because new members may come in and spread whining energy.

A little bit of whining over an extended period of time is no good.


My philosophy for a strategic alliance is:

  • Be picky with who you let in.
  • Ensure they are long-term thinkers.


Free vector graphics of Handshake


Creating Your Modern Business Card


When I started ArmaniTalks, I bought a bunch of business cards.

I was like:

‘Yes, I definitely needed the business cards. Now others will take me seriously!’


I went to event after event passing out these cards.

I was sad when no one was like:

‘Wow, these cards look so nice!’


One day, I’m leaving an event and see one of my precious cards in the trashcan.

How could they??


I became furious.

Then I realized I do the same with others who keep giving me their cards.


Nowadays, the best business card is your body of work.

The body of work consists of your:

  • Podcasts
  • Videos
  • Tweets
  • Blogs

And much more.


Share useful value for your theme of choice.

Sharpen your skillset.

Get better.

Think long-term.

Follow these content creator tips and you’ll have a resume that stands the test of time.


For more tips on brand building, be sure to check out my class:


This class will teach you:

  • How to find your skillset of choice.
  • How to build 1 true fan.
  • Strategies to be consistent.
  • Long-term thinking tips for a content creator.

With a final project in the end.

Sound good?

If so, then watch here!

– ArmaniTalks 🎙️🔥


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