5 Creativity Challenges for Adults

5 Creativity Challenges for Adults


I can’t empathize with someone who says they don’t have any ideas.

You have roughly 30,000 thoughts flooding your mind every day.


Are you telling me you can’t interconnect those thoughts to provide something of significance?

Nah, not buying it.


The average person doesn’t have an idea problem.

They have a creativity problem.


The mind is muscle.


The more it is worked out, the more those 30,000 thoughts are used for practical purposes.

In this article, I’ll share 5 creativity challenges to take the mind to the gym.


No reason to do all of them (unless you want to).

Instead, pick one that resonates and try it out.


Creativity Challenge #1: Notice 20 Things About an Ordinary Item


For this challenge, find an ordinary item in your household:

  • A lamp
  • Lysol bottle
  • Wallet


Then notice 20 things about it.


’20 things? I can barely notice 2 things about it.’

Yes, 20 things.

Don’t make me go up to 200 things.


This exercise builds your noticing skills.

That’s what content creation is about.

Great writers and speakers are masters at noticing things.


Pick up a wallet.

What do you notice about it?


‘It’s a rectangle.’

Sure, what else?


After 14 observations later.


You feel like you can’t notice anymore.

Keep going.


‘Can I ask questions as my observations, Armani?’



‘Okay, why do some people put their wallets in the back pocket and not in the front pocket?’

Excellent observation.


Just when you think you have noticed your last thing.

Push yourself.

That’s equivalent to doing a mental bicep curl.


Creativity Challenge #2: The 20,000 Words Challenge



For this creativity challenge, give yourself a full day to write 20,000 words.


Set it up so it’s easy.

Use a Microsoft Document.

Have a water bottle next to you.

Make sure your chair is comfortable.


We are focused on creating the content.

Fix up the spelling, grammar, and punctuation another day.


For now, get the content from the inner world to the outer world.


Optimize each second.


‘20,000 words though? But I’m not an author.’

Doesn’t matter.


‘What do I write about?’

Write about whatever.


If you have no clue what to write about, free-flow it.

Just like the last exercise, there will be times when you are stuck.


You’re like:

‘Nah, I can’t possibly write another line.’

But force yourself anyways.


20,000 words or bust.


After the exercise, the body will feel drained.

This exercise is a marathon for the mind.


But once done, you have shattered a limiting belief.

Writer’s block was an illusion all along.


Creativity Challenge #3: One-Syllable Game


Create meaningful sentences with 1 syllable words.

  • I took my dog to the park.
  • John is a dweeb.


Get warmed up with 1 sentence at a time.

After a while, challenge yourself to stack 1 syllable sentences together.


“I took my dog to the park. John did not take my dog to the park. He lied to me. He told me that he would. John is a dweeb.”


This creativity challenge simplifies the brain’s thinking processes.

A bonus effect of this game is that it melts away rambling.

You learn how to get to the point faster!


While doing this exercise, you’ll constantly find new ways to keep the sentences going without breaking the 1 syllable streak.

This creativity challenge is a great way to surprise yourself.


Creativity Challenge #4: Creative Writing Prompts Journal


For the 20,000-word challenge, you could have written about whatever.

Or you could have assigned yourself a topic.


For the creative writing prompts challenge, a topic is given from an outside source.

Go on Google and type in ‘creative writing prompts.’

There are also a lot of creative writing prompts journals on Amazon.

You can also check out my journal called, the Idea Machine.


A sample prompt is given.

Write one page on it.


‘What if I can write 10 pages on it?’

With this challenge, I recommend writing only one page.


The more ridiculous the prompt, the more potential to exercise your creativity.


Here is a sample prompt if you want to give it a try.

  • A whimsical cat wants to learn to fly. The other cats in the neighborhood tell the whimsical cat that flying is impossible. What does the whimsical cat do? Make the story inspirational.


‘I definitely can’t write only a page for a prompt like that.’

Yes, you can.

And yes, you will!


Creativity Challenge #5: Group Storytelling


This is a multiplayer game.

Create a story with a partner or group.

One line per member.

Go in a sequential fashion.


Let’s say you play with your 2 brothers.

Jacob and Johnny.


Get it started off.

‘There was a little girl who was walking in the forest.’


Your little brother, Jacob, has a habit of ruining things.

He blurts out:

‘Then a wolf eats the little girl, the end.’


It’s up to Johnny to keep the story going.

He says:

‘Until she wakes up in hell…. ‘


Now the ball is back in your court.

What does the little girl who got eaten by a wolf do all day in hell?


This exercise builds creativity, sure.

But it also builds friendships as well.


Friends that create stories together stay together.


To make this fun, record it.

You never know where the story will go.


To be safe, have a certain cut-off time.

That will prevent the group from rambling.

Make each sentence count.


creativity challenges


Creativity Challenges to Strengthen the Heart & Mind


The body is easy to work out because we can see it.

We can tell whether we gained muscle or lost fat.


But since the mind is invisible, we often get discouraged.

Overly logical people think:

‘I can’t take my mind to the gym.’



You can.


There is no ceiling to how strong the mind can become.

It’s the mind’s nature to be creative.


When it’s not creative, it just begins worrying about nonsense and dwellinging on the past.


For more practical tips to improve your creativity, be sure to check out the ArmaniTalks free daily newsletter.

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