4 Speed Reading Techniques for Dummies

4 Speed Reading Techniques for Dummies


Speed reading often gets a bad rep.

It sparks some condescending comments too!

‘Speed reading? No thanks, I actually like to understand what I’m reading.’


Who says with speed reading, you can’t understand what you’re reading??


It all comes down to understanding the true purpose of the act.

The purpose is not to just read fast for the sake of reading fast.

The purpose is to understand what you’re reading, minimize distractions & challenge the mind.


Let’s face it…

Reading is difficult to do nowadays.

Especially with a mind that is running and a life that is busy.

A little efficiency and speed go a long way.


In this article, we’ll be discussing a few speed-reading techniques.

They will be practical no matter which field you are in.


The Purpose of Speed Reading


Imagine you are going to the gym and lifting the same exact weights each session.

There is no incentive to get stronger.


Lifting even slightly higher challenges the body.


Reading is a mental workout.

There are some books that will challenge the mind like none other.

It would help to speed up the reading process by eliminating dead movements.


Reading slow may seem like the noble thing to do.

However, it gets the mind too focused on the words.

You ever had that moment?

When you were stuck on a line…or worse, a word for a couple of minutes.

After staring for all those minutes, there was still no understanding of what the author was trying to say.


With a little speed reading, you’ll become aware of roadblocks faster so it’s easier to get yourself back on track.

Let’s get started with a few speed-reading techniques.


1. Finding the Right Books


Whenever I see a video on speed reading, they get too fancy with it.

Segment this.

Read this paragraph before that.

Hold your hand over the book like this.


Too much…


First thing is to find the right book.

‘How do I find the right book?’

The right book is something that you are curious about.


A book you’re curious about is similar to hooking up with someone you’re already attracted to.

Let’s say you are repulsed by someone’s hygiene, how they look, and their attitude.

Could you still hook up with them?


But why even bother if there is someone you’re attracted to at the same party?

Plus, they are equally attracted to you *wink wink*.


This is a book that no one should force you to read.

You’ll know it’s the right book when you are excited to see that your Amazon package has finally arrived.


speed reading techniques


2. Book Reviews, Summaries, Author Biographies


Knowing about the book will help tremendously with the speed reading process.

If your friend tells you on a busy day:

‘Hey, let’s go for a drive.’


You’ll be like:



Then he’s like, ‘seriously, let’s go for a drive.’

You’re hesitant and say:

‘I got shit to do man. No thanks!’


Then your friend says:

‘Let’s get you out of this distraction-filled room so we can study in the library. I’ll be joining you.’


The added perspective allows for the invitation to be seamlessly accepted.

Likewise, if you have added perspective of the book, it allows you to glide through it.


Some books are meant for entertainment where there are plot twists.

  • Surprises are good.

Other books are meant predominantly for information.

  • Where surprises aren’t necessary.


In these cases:

  • Reading the reviews of the book on Amazon.
  • Reading the summary of the book.
  • Or even reading the author’s biography on the back of the book.

Enhances perspective like none other.


3. Practice


The important thing is to keep the important thing the important thing.

Say that 5 times without messing up.


‘What’s the important thing for speed reading?’


‘What’s the second more important thing?’



We don’t want to be efficiently giving ourselves a headache.

Where we are halfway through the book and are like:

‘I have no clue what I’m reading.’


Comprehension is king with reading, while efficiency is queen.

Efficiency happens through melting away distractions.


Distractions with reading include:

  • Phone distractions.
  • Getting stuck on words or paragraphs.
  • Getting some knowledge and thinking about how you are going to brag to your friends about knowing it.


The speed-reading process aims to:

  1. Make yourself aware of the distractions you fall into.
  2. Minimize them.

These 2 steps only happen through practice.


4. Have a Reading Routine


If a newbie goes to the gym in the morning one day.

Then night one day.

Then afternoon one day.

The body will be like:

‘Yo, how serious is this activity for you? Because you’re all over the place!’


Versus if the newbie is going to the gym at the same time every day.

The body now raises the order of importance of going to the gym.


To bump up the order of importance for reading:

  • Have a bare minimum amount of reading time scheduled every day (15 minutes is beginner-friendly).
  • Read roughly around the same time every day.


BONUS Tip: Assume You’ll Read the Book Again


Great books are read more than once.

When you find yourself stuck and overthinking a certain paragraph, think:

‘I’ll be reading this book again.’


When you think this, the mind quits focusing on the little points and starts to focus on the bigger picture.

By understanding the bigger picture, it’s easier to understand the little points.


When you push yourself to move forward, the past few points you were confused about start making more sense.

And who knows, you will probably read the book again.


Make Reading Cool Again Thru Speed Reading Techniques


A reader knows things.

A reader does things.

‘What do they do?’



If you got something out of this article, then allow it to be the following:

  • Find the right books.
  • Have a general understanding of the book.
  • Spot inefficiencies and melt away inefficiencies.
  • Assume you’ll read the book again.
  • Keep practicing.


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