1% Improvement Mindset: How Tiny Leads to Gargantuan

1% Improvement Mindset: How Tiny Leads to Gargantuan


Do you know what doesn’t get stressed enough nowadays?

Tiny 1% improvements.

It’s because it’s so mundane.


Look closer.

There is a ton of beauty in the mundane.

The tiny is what lays the seeds for the gargantuan.


Confidence doesn’t have to be an overnight change.

It’s the small incremental changes that lead to a new you.


Don’t be fooled by 1%.

Just because the number seems small doesn’t mean it is small.

This paradigm flip allows you to think bigger, feel more capable, and be more consistent.


Why People Fail with Productivity


Here’s the lifecycle of the average bubba:

  1. They want to change.
  2. Then they hear content that resonates with the change they want.
  3. Motivation is felt.
  4. In the beginning, motivation leads to movement.
  5. The movement is not leading to immediate change.
  6. Due to not seeing immediate change, the bubba quits.


This lifecycle of a bubba can be found in any field.

  • A person longing to build a dream body.
  • Someone looking to build a business.
  • Improve speaking skills etc.


We live in a nonlinear world.


In the initial stages, massive changes are not always guaranteed.

Heck, you are executing a lot of effort and not seeing much improvement.


But the beauty of nonlinear work is that over time…

Little effort leads to exponential gains.

I call that the bright side of the nonlinear world.


This is where a former bodybuilder is like:

‘I don’t work out that much anymore. I have so much muscle that I can coast.’

^ That’s the later stages.

But to reach that state, they had to put in a lot of work.

How can we be consistent enough to see the bright sides of nonlinear effects?


1% Progress a Day



With 1% changes, you don’t shock the subconscious mind.

The subconscious mind is like a little kid.

It wants to change, but it doesn’t like abrupt twists.


In the beginning, the 1% changes are perfect for easing the subconscious mind into a new mode of being.


What’s a 1% change you can make in your day?

To know that answer, it’s best to understand what you’re trying to improve.


Let’s say you’re trying to become a better writer.

Rather than writing a book all at once…

Try writing a tweet.

We are focusing on the micro rather than the macro.


Let’s say you aren’t focusing on building a specific skill but are trying to improve your lifestyle as a whole.

Then rather than trying to throw a party after not socializing for months…

Call a friend and have a conversation for at least 5 minutes.


The subconscious mind will feel scared of throwing a party.

But the subconscious mind feels good calling a friend.

Calling a friend can lead to something more (like throwing a party).

Which brings me to my next point.


Is 1% Improvement Fixed?


The 1% mentality gets your foot in the door.

Once you have your foot in the door, you can expand from there.


‘Can you give me an example, Armani?’

Yes, this article.


I didn’t want to write this article today.

I had a bad headache.

Then I was like:

‘Hey, just create the title and see where it takes you.’


Once I got the title, my brain started firing off ideas.

That’s when I was like:

‘At least write a paragraph.’

Once I wrote the paragraph, I wanted to write another one.

And another one…


The brain has this thing called the law of closure.

Which means that the brain LOVES to close gaps.


If I just wrote 1 paragraph and went to take a nap, my brain would be like:

‘Go on, finish that blog!! It’s really going to bother me if you don’t!’


So, I used the law of closure to my advantage.

With the 1% improvement mindset, you’re capable of getting your foot into the door.

This allows you to get a tour of the ENTIRE mansion.


1% improvement


1% Mindset Allows For Adaptability


A few years ago, I got really sick.

I was supposed to post a video on YouTube that day.

But my voice was completely fucked up.

So, I uploaded an older video and began lying on my couch watching TV.


That’s when my brain was like:

‘How am I going to possibly improve 1% today?’


As I was watching TV, I noticed something:


How about I use this watching TV session as a way to research what other YouTubers do to create their videos?

When I changed my perspective, I wasn’t just watching TV in a mopey way.

Now I was watching TV and gathering insights.


Call that a 1% improvement.


Maybe when you’re sick, you can’t make a whopping 16% change to your weightlifting session.

But you can at least make a 1% change to something else.


With that mode of thinking, productivity just happens.

Productivity is no longer this thing that requires an insane level of willpower to do.


Turn Snowballs into Avalanches


A person who is consistently writing tweets will eventually have ideas to write emails.

The emails will give ideas to write blogs.

The blogs will give ideas to write a book.

This is a look into the tiny adding up.


The 1% mentality can be applied to any field.

Whether it’s in your work life.

Your personal life.

Or your extraterrestrial life.


1% improvements lead to colossal changes.

And it’s the 1% changes that allow the easily rattled subconscious mind to not be rattled.


Book to Improve Self-Improvement


The 1% mindset is one of the topics bought up in the Level Up Mentality book.

The Level Up Mentality is a practical way to add self-improvement into your life.


This book is written from the perspective of artistic engineering.

You get the art through poetry and real-world stories to engage emotions.

You get the engineering through practical frameworks that allow you to last for the long run.


The Level Up Mentality covers cool topics like:

  • Building a north star.
  • Creating an alter ego.
  • 1% improvement.
  • Chronicling your journey.

and much more!

Grab a copy here:



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